Reader’s Choice Awards {Engagement}

Hello lovers out there!  It’s Valentine’s Day!  The day of love.  Let’s celebrate!

As we mentioned in our last Reader’s Choice Award contest – the winter is a time where we regroup and reorganize.  Next on the list of new items for us is a new custom designed Guest Book.  A guest book showcases photos of the couples engagement session leaving room for Guests to write personal messages to the bride and groom.  It’s an 8×8 coffee table album and it is WAY cooler to leave out than a regular old guest book – which I’m pretty sure gets thrown in a closet somewhere never to resurface.  Since we need a new sample – we need a recent engagement session to grace the pages!  We had so many wonderful sessions this fall that it’s too hard to choose.  Will you help us?

Here’s the deal…

We will give a photo and a link to each session on Facebook.  If you aren’t already a fan (duh – YOU are missing out!) you’ll need to LIKE Starry-eyed’s Facebook page first.  From there you will simply LIKE the album you think should win and therefor be used as our sample guest book.  The REALLY cool part?  The couple with the most likes will receive a copy as well – giving them their very own custom guest book!!  That’s a $300 value!!  Awwww snap!  That’s one heck of a prize!

Now that you know the logistics… get to LIKE-ing!  The contest will end on Thursday at 8pm!!  (And since some people found the links to the last contest confusing – the name of the couple is the link and it is located directly above the couple’s photo.)

Ashley & Ben

Christa & Josh

Janelle & Andy

Jennifer & Nate

Jenny & Brice

Jessica & Jimmy

Kristen & Joey

Lindsey & Greg

Mary & Chris

Mandy & Charlie

Melissa & Derek

Meredith & AJ

Paige & Ryan

Tori & Jeff

Whitney & Seth

Jill & Kyle

Good luck to all of the sweet couples!  You all deserve to win!  (But only one can, so pimp yourselves out!)

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Lindsey Lucas - I’m not afraid to beg!!! Greg and I are already WAY behind and we could REALLY use this. I’m in my 8th year of college (I’m in grad. school to be a vet) and we’re really hurting with all of our school loans and trying to fix up the house!!! We’d REALLY appreciate ANY votes we could get….I’m also not afraid to bribe with cookies and yummy treats. HaHa 😉


Jessica Zobrist - If I could get on facebook, I’d vote Jenny & Brice! Go Jenny!

Allison Lackey - Vote for Mer and AJ! The sweetest people, and the best looking couple ever!

Jill - We feel a little lonely down here at the bottom of the blog 🙂 Please show us some voting love! We’d really appreciate it! Thanks!!

Jill & Kyle

Mandy - Charlie and I would really appreciate any votes that we get! Our photos were amazing, and I wish you all could see every one of them! Trust me, they are fantastic and you would “LIKE” them all too! Thank you so much, Karin and Roger for choosing us to be part of this! 🙂

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