Rainy & Nick {Wedding Day}

It’s a very hard thing to do.  The pressure you put on yourself is immense.  Because you want everything to be perfect.  You don’t want to miss one single instant.  You know the behind the scenes effort this time, and you know the love story as if it were your own.  So you ponder over how you’ll capture it, how you’ll share it, how you’ll tell the story well enough to justify it all.  And then you get to the day where you have to put it all down in writing and share what you’ve captured with the world.  And you stare at a blank screen because there are too many words to organize them into one continuous thought.  Too much you want to share, too much you want to say.  This has been my life since I realized Roger and I would be photographing Rainy & Nick’s wedding.

There will be so much I’ll leave out.  So many moments that I can’t share because there is no way to narrow it down.  But if you know Rainy & Nick – and if you rang in the New Year with them, surrounded with the love, and happiness, and tears – then you know that there is no way I can tell this story in a simple blog post.  There is no way I can tell this story period.  It’s something you would have to experience.  Something you have to witness.  I wish I could put it into words – but this time it’s too big.

We hope you can feel the moments that were captured – find joy in the happiness on everyone’s face – and see the strength of love not just with this couple, but with their families and their friends that surround them.

Enjoy Rainy & Nick’s Wedding Day

Drop dead gorgeous earrings, silver Toms, flowers by Becky Huffman, a dress that was TO DIE FOR – in the first 10 minutes… um yeah – it’s gonna be an awesome day.

Not to mention hair by the best stylist and make up by the incredible Monika Ruzicka… it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Or this…Rainy – you’re beautiful on a random Tuesday, after you’ve ran 10 miles – hair in a ponytail – no make up.  But on your wedding day?  Holy Jesus you could make the Earth stand still with your beauty.  And Nick – I think it’s pretty obvious how handsome you are.  You’d have to be dumb or blind not to see it.  But you’re also charming, and just plain likable.  It takes 2 seconds to figure out why Rainy fell for you – even without the glowsticks and super fly dance moves.

New Years Eve + Friday wedding = no choice other than a First Glance.  And even though it isn’t always the first choice for a bride and groom, it’s almost always one of the most emotional parts of the day.
This is how I would define beautiful…Remember on New Years Eve how there was terrential down pours and even some tornadoes?  Yep – Mother Nature was kicking ass and taking names that day!  And she made me REALLY glad to see 2010 go because I was about ready to thow down with her this year – Jersey Shore style.  Anyway – EVERY SINGLE TIME we got out of the bus to take photos it rained.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.  Pretty appropriate for a bride named Rainy I suppose.  (Nick – why couldn’t your name been Sonny?)Picture perfect wedding party.and the cutest little family in the entire world!  If you remember Rainy & Nick’s engagement session you know the story of these 3 and just how special Hannah is.
Thank goodness that for 15 mintues on the way to the reception the rain actually stopped!  Because seriously – if we could only show you 2 photos from the entire day, these would be them!  (PS – I for one am glad we’re not limited to 2 photos.)
The decor at the reception carried out by the Mother of the Bride and friends and family was over the top, amazing, jaw dropping, fantastic.  Every nook and cranny there was something that would knock your socks off.  Martha Stewart… don’t quit your day job!
And this would be the portion of the night where every tear that I have within me was shed.  I was crying 30 minutes later.  I was crying while editing these.  I’m crying now.  Hannah made the sweetest, most heartfelt toast I have ever heard in my life.  I assure you there was not a dry eye in the place.If everything else wasn’t thought of already – they had a “Hangover Bar” equipped with all the necessary items to make your New Years Day a little less painful.  How genius is that?HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rainy and Nick – it was a complete honor to be chosen to capture your day.  You have no idea what that meant to us to not only be there – but to be a part of it.  We were lucky enough to be your photographers – but are most blessed to call you friends.  We admire you, we are proud of you, and we look forward to watching you grow old together and show Hannah the truest example of what love is.


There is tons more to share, so please check out Rainy & Nick’s slideshow!  (It took forever just to narrow it down for the slideshow, so you’ll probably want to come back next week to see their web hosting too!)  ENJOY!

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Kelly Hoelting - OH MY GOSH!!! I am crying my eyes out!!! Karin & Rog you have once again out done yourselves!!! I mean I didn’t think that it could get better than my pics from my wedding (haha), but these are just amazing!! I am speechless!! What a beautiful bride and groom, I was so blessed to stand up for my Rainy and Nick!!! Love you guys!!

megan hayden - TWO LITTLE HOTTIES is all i gotta say…..Karen and Rog-yes once again, the amazing duo did a fabulous job! So glad I was a part of this spectacular day and stand up for the two of them. It was an amazing night and everyone had so much fun….HELLOOO that is why we are already trying to recreate if next NYE! I love you both and cant wait to see the rest!

Sherree Lynn Schneider - OMG, I’m nearly speechless (which I never thought was possible for me) after viewing this wedding. It’s a wedding little girls dream of. Your comment about Hannah’s toast, made me cry too, and it was made worse when I looked at the photos and saw Hannah and then everyone else crying. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the personal decorations that they did. That was the most awesome idea to have a “remedy” bar for the next morning…they just thought of it all. It was worth the wait to see this wedding you’ve been commenting about for so long. This wedding you guys photographed calls for a special word..a combination of how great it is…I think I will call it FABTASTIC! 🙂

Tasha Siegel - OMG….these are AMAZING. I knew they would be great but these pictures took my breath away. Definitely worth the wait!!! Karin and Roger you two are the BEST!!! Rainy and Nick – I feel so honored to have stood up in your wedding and to have been a part of such an amazing night. The love you two share is so special and I think we all felt it that night 🙂 I love you guys and Hannah and can’t wait to make many more memories together! Love Always

Aimee Mills - AMAZING!

Amanda Zika - Holy Moly! I don’t even know what to say – which we know is not often. But wow, these pictures are gorgeous. I am in LOVE with the sparkler picture. And I didn’t even have to hear the speech to shed a tear. Love it!

admin - Sherree Lynn… LOVING me some FABTASTIC photos! You are too sweet and SO funny! XOXO!

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