Rachel & Sam {wedding day}

Rachel & Sam were married on a gorgeous – albeit steamy – Sunday during Labor Day weekend.  Living in Chicago, we didn’t have many opportunities to meet the couple in person or get to know them throughout their engagement.  However, we got to know them AND their family and friends on one of the most important days of their lives and that is a privilege that most don’t have the opportunity to do!!!  Rachel is shy and a bit quiet, but absolutely gorgeous and Sam is more outgoing and the one who takes care of the details yet when it comes to Rachel he’s more soft and listens to every single word she says.  Their dynamic is sweet and so respectful, and we were so thrilled to get to capture that and their love this very special day!  Enjoy Rachel & Sam’s wedding!!Such a beauty!!Being a groom like boss!!  Way to work it out Sam!!a sweet first look…Pretty
Rachel & Sam’s wedding was the first Jewish wedding that we have photographed.  Not knowing what to expect, we were blown away by the intimate feel and the moments of a Jewish ceremony that are deeply rooted in tradition.  Everything about the ceremony is explained throughout, and instead of just going through the motions everything is so heartfelt and truly based on deep love.  We absolutely loved everything about this ceremony!!

For those of you like us that haven’t had the pleasure of attending a Jewish ceremony, there is an intimate time before the ceremony where the bride and groom are surrounded by close family and friends and the sign the ketubah.  It is considered an honor to witness this, and it certainly was!

A beautiful moment after the signing of the bride waiting for the ceremony to start.During the ceremony, after walking down the aisle the bride circles the groom 7 times.  Such a sweet expression while Rachel was doing this not only on her face – but everyone else’s as well.Breaking of the glass tradition – after which everyone shouts “Mazel tov!!!”  (I loved that part!!)As a pretty big fan of carbs, I could not get over the challah on every table.  These breads were braided and displayed beautifully.One of Roger’s favorite moments was the Horah – the chair dance which guests lift the bride and groom up in the air while seated in a chair and guests ecstatically dance around them in circles.  This was such a wonderful part as every single guest was involved and celebrating.  I don’t know what that must feel like as the bride and groom, but I imagine it to be extremely happy as everyone is there celebrating you!!  (perhaps a bit terrifying as well that you may be dropped, but at least you’d go down happy!)

Rachel & Sam – thank you SO much for trusting us to capture your day and including us in your family celebration.  I cannot imagine a more perfect day for the two of you and we are so impressed with your family and friends’ outpouring of love and support.  As a young couple embarking on your future together you are so fortunate to be surrounding with this passion and support.  We know your lives will be happy and filled with so many wonderful memories, and we are so thankful to been a part of this one!!!

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Sam Kallison - I just wanted to thank you both for these great pictures. They turned out better than I ever could have imagined! You made our day special and we now have the most beautiful pictures that we can share with our family and friends for years to come.

Jill Landau - These pictures are absolutely beautiful!

Adam Kosh - Very nice pictures. Anyone that can make Sam look average height must be a magician.

Lisa G. - Beautiful job! The purples really pop here. I love the black and white photo of bride and groom kissing. Also, my shocked face as the chairs are lifted. Priceless capture.

Lise Bernstein - You captured the range of emotions throughout Rachel & Sam’s wedding day! Such a mix of feelings–joy, pride, tears, spiritual, happiness and love.

Lalitha Sitaraman - Love the use of black and white!

Jane Kosloff - Amazing photos! What a beautiful day!

Amy Anichini - Love these pictures! I feel like I’m reliving the wedding over and over. Sam, the picture of you being a boss is PRICELESS.

Lee - Great photos which capture the joy of the day!

Rachel Bernstein - Karin and Roger – Thank you for the beautiful, amazing photos! What a great gift to get to relive our wedding day on our one month anniversary through these pictures that so perfectly capture our day. The black and white picture of us in the courtyard outside is one of my favorites, but really it’s so hard to choose. You two were wonderful to work with. Thank you so much!

Emily Bernstein - I think my favorite is Rachel looking out the window, or the two of you kissing in front of the hotel…hard to choose, they are all beautiful! Such a great day!! 🙂

Scott - Nice action shots of Sam during hava nagila.

Randee Kallison - Amazing photos. Captured the day of emotions and love. Everything was beautiful!

Michael Kallison - You have captured wonderful moments during my brother’s and new sister-in-law’s special day. It was a special and yet bittersweet day without our parents; however, your pictures and kind words along with family and friends made it a very special time for my brother. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures.

Miriam - Wonderful pictures!

Alicia - Congrats Rachel!! You look amazing! These photos were really well done!

sharon - love these! gorgeous pics of a wonderful night!!

Lily - I love every one of these pictures! So much fun to relive such an amazing day!

Silvio & Rose Marie Anichini - Thanks for the memories…and for your heartfelt comments on Sam and Rachel’s beautiful day. We were honored to be there.

Gary Goldstein - Great Pictures!

Jackie Milano - The pictures came out absolutely beautiful! The photographers did a nice job.

chris Meccia - Great pictures!

Joe Portera - Great use of colors. Love the pics!

Penny - Love love love the black & white photo’s! Beautiful bride.

Larry - Just magical!

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