Rachel & Jake {wedding story}

I met with Rachel nearly 18 months before their big day to talk about the day she would marry Jake.  With a blissful look of excitement in her eyes, you could tell that she couldn’t wait to marry the man of her dreams.  So when that day finally arrived 18 months later, not even a tornado warning and heavy downpour could ruin this day.  Rachel and Jake are best friends to their core.  After meeting in 2007, Jake moved to Florida a couple years later, and both had a realization that one another would be “the one that got away”.  Luckily as fate would have it, Jake came back into Rachel’s life and at that point neither was letting the other get away again.  And on New Years Eve 2012 he made sure she’d be his forever when he proposed in Kansas City surrounded by friends.  With the twists and turns of life bringing them through hard times, separation, and back together – nothing could contain the amount of joy this day would hold.  Enjoy Rachel & Jake’s wedding day!

As Rachel was getting ready the sound of thunder exploded and the skies let out a torrential rain.  Certainly disappointed, but she calmly blew it off and the smile radiated from her the rest of the day.  rj_alton_tensixteen_004

Jake definitely wins you over right away.   He’s got a great laugh and a great personality.   He’s a perfect match for Rachel!


I mean seriously – how cute is this girl?!?

When weather doesn’t cooperate, you just make beautiful photos indoors!!  Love that the rain forced us to get creative and get some great shots of this incredibly gorgeous church!  St. Mary’s Catholic church in Alton IL never dissapoints!


And as luck would have it, the skies calmed down for 20 minutes, so we grabbed as many photos as we could!!


Mother Nature wasn’t done however, and unleashed a major storm on the area.  Upon arriving to the reception, we were immediately forced into a hallway as a tornado had been spotted in the area.  After about 5 minutes of standing in a hallway with strangers, we decided to sneak into the reception and take advantage of an empty room to photograph.  If a tornado would have blown through, Rachel and Jake would have at least gotten to see how beautiful their reception was!!


The tornado warning was lifted and the night went on without a hitch.  More laughter, and happy tears filled the evening and the love was visible no matter where these two went!


More about Rachel & Jake’s Day!

CEREMONY LOCATION: St. Mary’s church in Alton IL
FLORIST: Peggy Jansen
MAKE-UP:Mackenzie Isringhausen
DRESS DESIGNER: Alfred Angelo and altered to make a short dress my grandma Cadmus 🙂 (See the short dress in the video below!!)
CAKE: Dukes Bakery
DJ/BAND: Alex Wolsey
Special thanks to Rachel’s aunts–who helped organize and my day since my mother wasn’t able to be there. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them!

FAVORITE PART OF THE WEDDING DAY: The anticipation being over–and being able to marry the love of my life with my friends and family

ONE THING YOU WOULD CHANGE: Besides having my mother there, probably the #1 answer–weather!!

ADVICE TO FUTURE BRIDES AND GROOMS!: Relax and don’t sweat the small stuff… No one will notice if all 150 of your ribbons are tied exactly the same! lol

To see more of Rachel & Jake’s gorgeous day, make sure you check out the adorable video below!!!  Cheers!!

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