Preston – 1 year

I hadn’t seen Preston in almost a year, but as he greeted me at the door – I knew he remembered the connection we once had.  He played coy – holding on to his mom’s leg, but he was just toying with me I knew.  Because I was keenly aware, that when his mom left the room – he’d be flirting with me again – just like the last time.  What can I say – one year olds dig me.

Since we are no longer specializing in children and family photography, (Preston’s mom had a gift certificate from way back when folks – don’t go thinkin we changed our minds! 🙂 ) I’m not sure when Preston and I will run into one another again.  But I know if we do – he’ll remember the hour we spent together that cold dreary Sunday and he’ll think to himself – “there is my … Oh look, a butterfly.”

Enjoy Preston W.!!



Big Sisters!!


This is why I should not be photographing kids – I’m going to let them have whatever they want in order to have them sit or smile for photos.  That’s a pencil Preston has.  See.  I cannot be trusted.  Your kid wants candy?  Forget it – I’m giving him some.  A pony?  I’m telling him I know Santa personally and it will be on his sleigh.  Bribery works people.  And I’m not afraid to use it.  You’ve been warned.


I love kids and their emotions.  These were all in a matter of seconds.


Preston – I will miss my little buddy.  Keep me in mind for senior pics hot stuff!  XOXO

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Ashley Bywater - You guys have a true talent for photographing kids! I know, I know…you’re not doing it anymore. I just wanted to tell ya. 😉

Dawn Devall - Good Job Karin!! Emmy, he’s a doll:

Amanda Zika - He is a doll!!!!! YOu have a talent for family photos and kids 🙂

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