Paige & Ryan {Wedding Day}

Paige, you were stunning on your wedding day.  You looked timeless, beautiful, and most of all – happy.  Which is the most beautiful someone can look!

Ryan – how awkward is it that your neighbor/one of your hunting buddies took such handsome photos of you on your wedding day?  


I love seeing a church fill up so much that they have to find extra seats for people.  What a true testiment to a couples character when so many people come out into the heat of summer to sit in a packed church to watch true love.  It’s really remarkable if you think about it! 

After giving her a few pointers for what to consider when looking for a good spot, Paige scouted the location for photos in between the ceremony and reception.  Because most people don’t know what a photographer likes to see for photos, this doesn’t always go off without a hitch.  What looks nice to the eye just doesn’t always cooperate with what looks nice to a lens.  But when we pulled up to her spot Roger and I were thrilled because it had all the things we like to see and even complimented their style all in one!  Paige… thank you for being awesome.

These girls were ridiculously hot.

and the boys weren’t so bad either!

Hamilton’s in Jacksonville IL has alot of charm, so we knew the reception would be nice.  But wowza… we had no idea the details would knock our socks off!


The limbo isn’t something typically done at receptions.  At a roller rink or a Carnival cruise, sure.  But at an event where ladies have on dresses “let’s limbo” hasn’t been thrown out there.  So how this got started one can’t be sure, but wow did it make things interesting…  

and dangerous!

Thank you Theresa for making this sign happen, and thank you Paige and Ryan for allowing us to drag you away from your limbo party!  This photo opp. was WAY worth it!!

Paige and Ryan – there is a quote that says “All love that has not friendship for it’s base, is like a mansion built upon the sand.”  With all the things in life that will occupy your time and put stress on you, your marriage will stand strong because of a foundation built on friendship.  Besides the strength in each other, you have your amazing friends and families to add support – providing all that you need for a lifetime of happiness.  We can’t wait to watch your future and all your dreams come true!

Make sure to watch Paige and Ryan’s slideshow to see more of their AWESOME day!!





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Morrisa - Stunning photos! Paige looked so beautiful, and Ryan was so handsome. You captured it wonderfully!


Paige Dambacher - Roger & Karin- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. I absolutely LOVE these photos…. I could not even imagine our day being captured this well! They are AWESOME and so are YOU BOTH!!

Amanda Zika - Dang girl! You are on fire every year but 2011 does you very, very well. Each wedding is better then the next and I don’t know how that is possible. Fabulous job!

Christine - You two are fabulous!

Gorgeous couple + gorgeous wedding + Karin and Roger = The most amazing wedding images they get to enjoy for a lifetime!!

Theresa Dambacher - WOW! you have truly helped us remember with awesome photos of that blessed day.Beautiful in everyway-my new daughter-in-law,bridal party,family,friends and especially you two-thanks for making this happen.

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