funky weather

I feel like I’ve had a little blog neglect this week.  We’ve been working on some big projects this week which will lead to some big announcements next week.  Yep – we’re exciting.  I feel like with all the big finales of T.V. shows that perhaps you’ve been busy too, so let’s really get together […]

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Amanda Zika - Okay seriously! You must teach me OCF. These are sooooo cool. I am obsessed with that rainbow pic. Luvs it 🙂

wish upon a wedding

A great new organization has come to the St.louis area.  Wish Upon a Wedding is the World’s first nonprofit wedding wish granting organization, providing weddings at destinations across the United States for individuals facing life-threatening illness.  It is a chance for couples to enjoy a very special day, without any thoughts of existing health issues, while surrounded […]

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Amanda Zika - I have never seen a more beautiful, classy and flawless bride. Nikki you are a class act and always in my prayers. It was a pleasure being part of your wedding day 🙂 Love, Amanda


At our wedding this weekend, the maid of honor was running around doing maid of honor type duties and she turned to me and said “Let me know if I get in your way.  I read your blog and I don’t want to make you mad and have you blog about me!”  It was from […]

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Amanda Zika - We are SMOKIN! I Luvs this picture too 🙂

Melissa McLaughlin - Ha ha! Too funny – maybe my MOH just wanted to get blogged about for real and was worried she’d be left out!?!? All kidding aside I think your original blog was very very valid! Any time a bride and groom picks a part of their wedding day so much time and effort goes into picking out exactly what it is they want and whom they believe can best provide that. Some factors our more important than others and that changes from couple to couple BUT for me photography was first and foremost one of the most important factors which is why we hired YOU and not our guests! And while I love my niece who is cute but kinda wound up at times and while it is cute that at 9 she fancies herself a real photographer (NON STOP PICS AND ALWAYS MAKING HER OWN PHOTO ALBUM FOR ALL FAMILY MEMBERS) I almost killed her when I looked oevr during the mother-son dance and she was racing all around the perimeter of the dance floor in front of you and Roger snapping away. I literally almost died and told my dad to grab her before I did! 🙂 Don’t worry Karin – we know that you are in no way crabby or mean!

Assistants who offer no assistance

There is a troublesome issue that has Roger and I a little perplexed.  We call them our “extra assistants” or “GWACs” (Guests With A Camera).  And I’ll tell you – we don’t speak fondly of them.  Maybe it’s all this rain, or the fact I’ve had a little case of insomnia lately, but while editing […]

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Sabrina Torti - Proposing Dreams - You know me girl, I’ll tell them to knock it off!!

Amanda Zika - Girl! You hit it right on the nail. Thank you so much for posting this. Truly, people need to realize the nuisance they are when they do something like this. It can ruin someone’s wedding. Did you see the photo I had where the lady, take it, after I told her I was going to get the shot of the bride and groom exiting, takes her camera and walks right in front of me. What the heck? Love you 🙂

Tracey - I once had a family member get in the face of the bride and groom during their first dance. I let her have her glory then kindly asked her to move. After a few minutes she refused to move then I asked her if she wouldn’t mind reimbursing the couple for the missed pictures of their first dance because of this. I knew she would understand after our come to Jesus conversation. I’m glad you brought this topic up. Thank you Karen. Everybody can have their turn but after the pro gets theirs first.

Karin - Good to know we aren’t alone Tracey! You said it perfectly!! I am perfectly considerate to those who are considerate to me!! And Amanda – thank God you were there to witness the madness! At least it gives us something to complain about I guess!!

Beth - Love this post…I could add to your list…like when the kids in the bridal party crash the first dance…and their parents allow it….sigh…

Karin - Beth – I almost added that exact vent to this post, but i figured I’d better hold back before people thought I was REALLY crabby. Trust me when I say I have a entire “mental letter” to parents who let their kid run wild at weddings and pretend they don’t notice. Too funny!!

Dawn Devall - I’m laughing, because there is always one! And trust me, I’m a camera happy person, but it’s common courtesy to look around you and make sure you aren’t in the way. But I am nervous too, does this mean I’m not going to have anyone shooting directly over my shoulder anymore? Great, more pressure:) Or the one that always shouts, “Now over here guys!” when they don’t realize there is more than one camera going off! Really Karin, WWJD?

Ruth Gierer - My sister-in-law is so that person!!! Oh my gosh!!! Thank you for writing this…she drives me crazy at every major family function with her inappropriate and unwelcome use of her personal camera! Thank you for speaking the truth!!!

Jessica Plocher - I have a confession. I used to be one of these people. But now will I not only sit back and try to stay out of the way of the pro, I will completely stop. You’ve changed me!

Sherree Schneider - Damn Karin…you ruined it for me…I had not only ONE…but TWO camera’s ready to go for the next wedding. LMAO You should have mentioned something about the kids. At my wedding, Randy’s 4 year old grandaughter thought it was fun to walk all over the train of my dress while we were at the alter. Everyone kept trying to get her off of it…well everyone except her mother who I guess thought it was okay (I should have returned the favor when she married Randy’s son a year later). We have shots that were taken from upstairs looking down that have her standing on the middle of my train. I couldn’t feel her because the train was to long. We also have several of the “who do I look at” family group photo’s, where everyone was looking in different directions. I’m glad you blogged what you did, sadly only a small portion of people will see it. You should have written to the paper under one of those “Sound-Off” columns from readers.

Angela & Matt {engaged}

It all started with a wink, and they have to thank.  Matt winked (aka said “your hot, let’s talk) to Angela, and a 3 month emailing/getting to know one another process commenced.  After deciding they wanted to take the next step, they met up on Washington Ave. in St.Louis.  When they finally concluded they […]

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Erin Risk - These look great!!!


Angela - Karin and Roger-These turned out great! I can’t wait to see them all! I love the piggy back one and the kissing with the flower and dark sky. Dark sky but no rain thank goodness!

Candy - Love them! You look beautiful, Angela!

Louie Wilson - Great photos Angela and Matthew. You look so happy, and that makes us happy!
Louie and Don Wilson

Peggy Corkery - Angela, You both look so happy. Great pictures! See ya soon

Pat Corkery - Great pictures – looking forward to shower and wedding – you guys are a great couple

Diane Wilkerson - I got a big chuckle when I saw the last picture of Angela and Matt! Enjoyed seeing the other pictures too.

Christy Buesch - Hi%20Angela%20and%20Matt%2C

Christy Buesch - Hi Angela and Matt,
I love the pictures. They are wonderful. Congratulations! Seeyou soon.
Take Care and God Bless.