Jennifer & Corey {Wedding Day}

Jennifer & Corey got married in Clinton County IL on a beautiful (and hot) Saturday in June.  Some of you reading this have no idea where Clinton County is, some of you have heard of it – but don’t know much about it, and some of you call it home.  We’ve been to Clinton County […]

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Michelle - I think you summed up CC very nicely. Good job 🙂

Uncle Tom - Nice pictures! Shame no pictures of 3 uncles with their “new” coats.

Jennifer - I absolutely LOVE the pictures and video!! You did an amazing job and exceeded all of my expectations!! Can’t wait to get together for the rest!!

Nikki Emgi - I swear Karin we love you in Clinton County…you should just get a second home here:) The pictures are beautiful as ever!!

Fall Engagement Sessions

It’s time to book fall engagement sessions!!  It feels like we just got done with spring engagement sessions!!  Time always manages to slip through my fingers every year, but several people have been requesting the dates for this year so THANK YOU for keeping me aware that it’s time.  Maybe it’s all this heat that […]

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Kristen Seka - An engagement session will give Joe and I the opportunity to flirt with the camera as a “newly” engaged couple. The best memories will be captured through the lens of the camera and we will always be reminded of how totally in love we are with each other.

Ashley Gwin - I loved our fall engagement pictures SO much! Wish we could do it again! haha 🙂

Jennifer Cowgill - An engagment session is important to us for the connection between my fiance and I and our photographers. To get to know them, their style, and maybe the style we may have never knew we had : ) Most importantly, gives us time to relax, destress, be goofy, flirt, and just PLAY!!!!!

Janelle Kuhn - Our engagement session is the perfect way to officially start off our new home decor. BYE BYE 4×6 college pictures and HELLO beautiful, tasteful, fun, and pure sexy Starry Eyed Photos! Not to mention who doesn’t love to flirt with the love of their life, especially when its caught on camera.

Melanie Johnes - Like they say, “A picture is worth a THOUSAND words”. We’re SO excited to do our engagement session and capture our Love for each other on film. We’ll always treasure these photos because each time we look at them we’ll remember how AMAZING it felt to be newly engaged =)

Jessica Pickett - We are so STOKED for our engagement session because we get to be our flirty, fun-loving selves and have every moment of it trapped in time Starry Eyed Style – modern, edgy, and TOTALLY REAL!!! We are SO EXCITED to have you capture our love story!!!

Melissa Wobbe - Our engagement session is the best way to show our future generations how truly, madly, deeply and passionately in love we were with one another. Not to mention capturing us acting silly, flirty and carefree and having the time of our lives enjoying this crazy thing called love.

Billboard Material

A photo we took about a year ago is on a billboard and if I said we weren’t pumped – it’d be a big ‘ol lie.  Because – yeah, we’re geeks.  Smack dab in East St.Louis is where the billboard has residence.  You can view it when traveling east bound on 55/40 coming from downtown […]

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John Gaughan - J. Gaughan Photography - Congratulations! That is really awesome. So very cool…you must be so proud. Good job, and great shot!

clary - I drive 55 regularly and will keep my eyes out the next time. So exciting!!

Dawn - that’s because you’re the bomb!!!

Janelle Kuhn - Was driving home from the Sugarland concert last night and saw the billboard. It looks even better in real life!! Awesome job guys.

Joanna - I seen this billboard and thought “hey I think that is one of Karin’s pictures!!!” So congrats!!! That is very exciting!!

Susie & Matt {Wedding Day}

Susie & Matt may be the most laid back bride and groom we’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.  Their wedding day was about 1 thing – getting married.  That doesn’t mean they scrimped on the details or didn’t have an amazing event – they just didn’t STRESS over any of it.  Their day was […]

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Amanda Zika - Favorite wedding of yours ever! And I am so stealing that arch shot with them kissing for my wedding this weekend 😉 Don’t hate me for it! LOL! I will just put the DTP twist on it!

Angela - Awesome photos! I cannot wait for my wedding next weekend and to see the awesome photos!

Laura Ranger - Just BEAUTIFUL!

Pamela Q - that flower girl shot is AWESOME.