Reader’s Choice Awards: Albums

Welcome to the first of our Reader’s Choice Contests!!  We likey a little contest every now and then, don’t you?  Well – we’ll be running a few over the next few weeks, so be prepared for a good time!  I expect you to bring your A game. So our first contest involves albums.  January-March is […]

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amanda zika - This is so hard! I was drawn to the first one. I will have to think this one out!

darlene goodman - Jennifer–Your pictures are amazing. I am totally in awe of how beautiful you are. I see remember you as that little girl sitting on my lap at the bowling alley! Much love and happiness always! May your life be filled with great joy. Now, how do I vote!!

Dawn Devall - I love them all!!! Do I win something for being a well-rounded liker?
I want to be in Destin Florida NOW!

colleen Deguire - Ashley and Nathan – beautiful pictures.

daonne - Without hesitation…I select Ashley & Nathan’s wedding albumn.

Barbara O'Brien - My choice is for AShley and Nathan. What lovely, romantic forever kind of love pictures!

Samantha Roach - Well…Ashley & Nathan of course 🙂

Jenny Harrison - I choose Ashley and Nathan :0)

Lance Litteken - Good luck beven and jennifer

Lorraine Luehmann - I vote for Ashley & Nathan!

Leslie - Lyndsey & Derek

Tamika - Lyndsey & Derek!l5gt

Samantha & Brian {Wedding Day}

It was a bitter cold, rainy Saturday.  Christmas was right around the corner.  There is something about a wedding that close to Christmas that has an extra element of excitement, warmth and love.  We bundled up and headed out – umbrellas in tow – for Samantha and Brian’s big day.  Enjoy! Samantha had her brother […]

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Amanda Zika - Can I just say that I love each and every photo sooooo much. She is one gorgeous bride and I love a December wedding. So unique from the norm. Fabulous job!

Melissa - You guys did an amazing job capturing my cousins wedding day. Every picure is amazing and beautiful

Heather Rega - Stunning! I love them all!

Dawn Devall - Pure AWESOMENESS!!!!! I love EACH AND EVERY ONE!!!!! Such a beautiful couple:) and of course I’m partial to the MArines:P

Dawn Devall - Pure%20AWESOMENESS!!!!!%20I%20love%20EACH%20AND%20EVERY%20ONE!!!!!%20Such%20a%20beautiful%20couple%3A)%20and%20of%20course%20I’m%20partial%20to%20the%20MArines%3AP


Dear 2010, Whew.  I’d have to admit you sort of kicked our butts.  33 weddings across Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, and Mexico.  Engagement sessions all over the metro area.  Videos, photos, slideshows, bridal shows.  And a personal life that we didn’t see much of.  You brought us the greyest winter we’ve ever seen, a […]

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Ashley Gwin - LOVE it! And LOVE you two! 🙂

Pam Bywater - the other side of the camera…..very cool!

Laura Ranger - You too are just too CUTE!!!

Laura Ranger - okay…I don’t know one two from the other too. 🙂

Jamie Lane - I love that we finally get to see some pictures of the two of you! It’s nice to see a little behind the scenes action. Roger – I love the shots where you have compacted yourself to a small ball on the ground. And, the mullet wigs! You two are hilariously fun!

Dawn Devall - Love it!!! I can always count on coming to your blog and getting a laugh!! I love you guys! You’re awesome!!!

TBran - Loved it!

Lindsey & Aaron {Wedding Day}

We pulled into the driveway and as I got out of the car I heard someone yelling.  Howling if you will.  It was Lindsey opening the door for me – pumped that I was there.  And just when I felt like a total rock star, Roger cam in and she did the same thing.  Lindsey […]

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Brett - Beautiful!!! Karin you and Roger did an amazing job (as always) and Lindsay and Aaron you both look beautiful!!!! Congrats again to you two!!!!

Lindsey - Karin adn roger I cant Thank You enough. These pictures are outsatanding im speechless. You and your cameras are very magical. Yes you both rock my world.

Jamie D - WOW!! Another phenom job Roger and Karin!! I can’t wait to see all of the pictures 🙂

amanda zika - Wow! How in the world did I miss this fabulous wedding on your blog? I love it! So creative and every image is an image that could be blown up huge! Love, love, love it!

Favorite Things {Watch out Oprah}

Last year I did a blog post entitled THANKFUL which I listed some things that made me thankful.  I fully intended to do the same this year, but have been too busy to be still and be thankful.  I say it every year – next year I will make more time for myself and family […]

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Ashley Gwin - I can honestly say that our favorite “things” from this year were our wedding slideshow & pictures. We are thankful to call you our photographers and friends. 🙂

TBran - Loved this! Start to finish.

amanda zika - How did I miss this one too! Love it! I need a favorite things list. This is awesome!