Kari & David {engaged}

September 7th 2002, she noticed him sitting by the bonfire after homecoming. She initiated a conversation and that very moment changed the rest of their lives.
It started as friends and eventually, he asked her out. They went on a double date to a movie, only… he didn’t pay. It was strike one. Strike 2 would come later in the car when she realized David sings loudly and horribly when he drives. She looked out the window trying her best not to laugh as he belted out song after song. By good fortune – strike 3 never materialized.

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Jennifer - YAAAYYYY I’ve checked 5 times on my way to work this morning (yes, while driving!) to see if these were posted! Karin and Roger you guys did wonderful!!! What a hott couple!! I love ALL of them!! Can’t wait to see the ones with Chuy! I love you guys, you look GREAT!!!

Deanna Meffert - I always love viewing your pictures and stories – thanks to Whitney and Seth Roberts introduction to you! Great Job!!

Ashley Quisumbing - YAY! Love them so much!! Kari and David are gorgeous couple and your photos prove it. 😉 I can’t stop looking at them and can’t wait to see the rest!! Love you guys!!!

Brittany Stoecker - This story reminds me so much of me and my husband and how we met and we dated for 9 years before getting married. They are a beautiful couple and will have many happy years together. Jeff and I are going on year #2 and going strong…god bless to the happy couple and happy wedding planning! Enjoy every minute it fly’s by very fast. The one thing this couple has that I wish I had is Karin and Roger photographing their special day! Congrats to Kari and David!!

Chantel Sutberry - This session makes me want to get engaged even though I’ve been married for 10 years!!!! BEAUTIFUL images!! I know this couple has got to be THRILLED!!!!

Nicole & Zane {Engaged}

They rode the bus together growing up, but the circles they ran in never crossed. She finally took a second look at number 48 while he was out on the football field. She made sure they officially met one another and as fate would have it, #48 gave her a ride home that very night. They were both nervous, so much so he froze when it was time to try to kiss her. She though it was sweet and he was being a gentleman, so she agreed to another date.

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Nicole & Eric {Engaged}

She was working at the Knotty Pine and he was a regular customer. That is, a regular customer on the days she was working only. She watched him from the kitchen and would hide and giggle any time he saw her staring at him. She thought he was cute, but didn’t know he thought the same.

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Nicole Hilmes - Your pictures turned out so nice Nicole!!! You guys are such a cute couple! Great Job Karin and Roger 🙂

Pat Poettker - Great pictures!! You guys make an awesome couple!!

Brandi Marshall - Hey great pics guys. U two look amazing together. The sixteenth we get ours done and i can not wait. Congrats guys. My favorite is the one of u guys walking down the trail. I just love those kinds of pics. I have always wanted a pic done like that of us. And my second was the one of u guys kissing and nicole has her foot up, that was too cute. Well enjoy ur lives together. U make a good looking couple. Congrats again.

amie boente - Nicole – your pics turned out so good! you guys seem very happy together! cute story…I like how the site tells the story to go along with the pictures!

Jessica & Jimmy {Wedding Day}

It was the most popular wedding date of 2011 – 9/10/11. Jessica and Jimmy had been planning it for over a year and hadn’t thought about anything else for months. The days leading up to the wedding Jessica barely slept. She tends to be a bit type A, and gets pretty stressed when she’s trying to make things perfect. Jimmy is the ying to her yang, calming her and steadying her when life gets to be too much. Jessica took on more of the elements of planning than most brides, creating the bouquets, boutonnieres, invitations, programs, and decorations all herself. To say she was overwhelmed would be an understatement. But this was the day she’d be marrying the man of her dreams, and you simply don’t take that lightly! So when the day arrived, there was nothing left to do except make her dreams come true. Enjoy Jessica and Jimmy’s wedding day!

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Jessica - Karin & Roger – I have been “patiently” waiting the last month to see these pictures…all I can say is….they were worth EVERY SECOND OF THE WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are AMAZING!! I couldn’t be happier with the pictures!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for capturing every detail of our day!!!! You both definitely rocked it!!!!

Jayme - Wow. That’s the only word I can get out. These are so stunningly beautiful! You truly captured the happiness and excitement of the day!

Kerri & Colin {Wedding Day}

He’ll be the first to admit she’s his soulmate. She’ll be the first to admit they are perfect for one another. She makes him feel important, needed, and that he’s complete. He makes her feel cared for, adored, and like a princess. She’d dreamed of the day where she would find this amazing man to care for her and they would be married outdoors and dance the night away under the stars. And the day was finally here. Enjoy Kerri & Colin’s wedding.

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Donnell Probst - Love, love, love in so many ways! What a lucky couple to have you there shooting their big day!!!! :))))

Ali Lee - Seriously great work guys! The colors really pop, and you captured some wonderful moments. Love it!!! 😉

Amanda Zika - Seriously an amazing wedding! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!