Stacy & Nate {Wedding Day}

There can be weddings that just feel like any ol’ day. Not a ton of excitement or fanfare, just going through the motions. But sometimes, there are wedding days like Stacy & Nate’s. Where the minute you open the door to the church your hairs stand on end with excitement, and there is an excitement that fills every room. I can remember going to weddings when I was young and feeling the impact of how momentous the occasion was. Through youthful eyes every wedding is a fairytale come true. On this day, waiting for Stacy to walk down the aisle – it was as if seeing a wedding through those same youthful eyes again. The day, the couple, the families and friends were all perfectly as they should be – filled with joy, love, and excitement. A true life fairytale. A day that dreams are made of. Enjoy Stacy & Nate’s wedding day!!


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Kelly Denham - Well, you’ve done it again!! Is it any wonder that our family hunts you down for life’s most special moments? πŸ™‚ Amazing work. I laughed and cried through the blog and the slideshow and will probably view them 10 more times before bed tonight. Thank you for your hard work and for capturing my sister’s day so perfectly. Can’t wait to see you both again!

Stacy Fuhler - WOW!!!! I expected nothing but amazing and got exactly that πŸ™‚ From the pictures to the slideshow, everything was captured perfectly. Thank you two so much for giving me and Nate such wonderful pictures that we can have forever to remember the happiest day of our lives! I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…you guys are AMAZING!!!

Crystal Gebke - BEAUTIFUL!! What a wonderful day! The pictures captured the day perfectly.

Andi Spihlman - The pictures are beautiful! Many well wishes to Stacy and Nate! You two make a great couple and I know you will be happy for many more years to come πŸ™‚

Scott Gebke - Those are some awesome pics!

Stephanie Rakers - I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!! You guys do amazing work and you always are doing something new and different. The slideshow brings tears and laughter everytime I watch it (and I watch it alot) πŸ™‚ Stacy and Nate had a beautiful day and you captured it so perfectly! Great job!!

Karen Gebke - GREAT pictures!! You will have a hard time picking them out. So many perfect ones! The wedding was absolutely beautiful! Congrats again!

Amanda Hondel - Congrats you two!! Amazing pictures as usual! Just love these photographers πŸ™‚

Nate Fuhler - The pictures all look great. You guys did a great job. Thanks so much for all you guys have done!

Cathy Jacober - Karen and Roger,

The pictures of Stacy and Nate are awesome. I am so glad we found you for Stephanie and Brad’s wedding Now so many friends and family have amazing pictures!.

Ashley T - I don’t think I’ve ever seen highschool love birds who are still SO in love this may years later, as Stacy & Nate. I could not be happier for the 2 of them….and their happiness completely shines in these pictures. As usual, great job Karin & Roger!! Happily ever after to Stacy & Nate!!

Jackie - … words cannot express how joyous this day was! It was filled with genuine love, laughter and celebration of two people truly in love. One event that stood out was when they exchanged gifts, but not see each other, before the ceremony… and you can’t beat Nate’s reaction when he sees his bride for the first time. The expressions are amazing and you captured their emotions SO well!Absolutely beautiful! Their love and your photography is truly inspiring! : )

Amanda & Mike {Wedding Day}

Amanda and Mike had planned a unique, beautiful outdoor wedding of their dreams. So you would think that the gray skies and rain would have brought their spirits down, but there were smiles on their faces and an excitement in the air. They’d been looking forward to this day for a long time, and working towards a goal that no rain or gray skies could spoil. Surrounded with their family and close friends, Amanda and Mike made the trek from Carlinville IL to the Villa Marie Winery in Maryville for the beautiful ceremony that would change their lives.


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Amanda Smith - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the slideshow!!! Thanks so much for capturing such beautiful images. You rock!

Amanda Zika - Ahh! Thanks for the shout out. You are too sweet. And it is always my pleasure to help you guys out. You guys are the most amazing photographers ever. And Amanda and Mike are the sweetest couple! I loved all of the details. It was truly a magical day!!! Thanks for making me part of it πŸ™‚

Lacey - Captured the day perfectly!! Ahhhhh-mazing!!

Rachel Stubbs - The pictures are awesome! So happy for my sister and new brother-in-law.

Megan - Everything looks so perfect!!!!! The slideshow is spectacular!!!

Dawn DeVries - Amanda you were absolutely stunning!!!! I love the creativity and happiness oozing from these pictures, this is an investment you will cherish for years to come!

Jackie Davis - Absolutely stunning!!

Sharon - Love, Love the pictures. Caught the day for sure.

Jamie Gillespie - WOW!! All of these pics are FABULOUS!! And the slideshow makes me smile everytime I watch it πŸ™‚ Amazing work!

Thom - Pics turned out really good, Amanda. Compare Mike’s hairline to these pics in a year. I hope it doesn’t change like mine has!

Lori Lambeth - The pictures are stunning! Amanda was so beautiful.

Molly - The pictures are beautiful!!

Stephanie Webb - Gorgeous couple and wedding!! Love ya, Amanda!

Ashley Counts - Absolutely gorgeous!!! Awesome job on the pictures and slideshow! Amanda you look so stunning!

Della - Looks like an amazing day! You are gorgeous Amanda! Congratulations and best wishes! Loved all the pictures.

Debbie Valloni - These pictures truly captured an amazing event…..BEAUTIFUL!

Melissa - These are amazing! I can’t wait to see all of them!

Brianna White - Love all your pictures, so beautiful!!!

kara ribble - Absolutely beautiful!!

Trista Freeman - Amanda-you were BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats!!!

Cecilia - The wedding pictures are amazing and Amanda was beautiful !!!

Lisa Branson - You did a phenomenal job!! Such a gorgeous bride!!

Nicole Gleason - I loved the pictures! Amanda, you looked so beautiful… as always! I’m so happy for you two. Congrats again!

John Watermeier - Fantastic job catching the spirit and emotions of a wonderful day! You guys are amazing!

Barb McDaniels - Amanda and Mike the pictures are beautiful!!!

Jamie Sanders - Amanda!! Your pictures turned out amazing! You look soooo beautiful in all of them!! πŸ™‚

Amber - You never disappoint, these pictures are GREAT! I’ve shared them with anyone who’ll look at them!

Kim Stoops - So many beautiful pictures! Gorgeous!!

Stacy - What a beautiful couple who I got the opportunity to sell some beautiful rings to!

Cody Branson - Great job on the pictures. Your big day was a blast!

Karen Geninatti - Just stunning!!! Amazing beautiful photos and Amanda is breathtakingly beautiful!

Kristy Fenton - Great pictures!!! Congrats and best of luck!

Joni - Awesome pictures! They turned out beautiful!! Congrats!

Diana Daniel - Gorgeous, Amanda and Mike!! My favorite is the one where you are laughing : )

Carolyn Watermeier - Can hardly look at these without tears! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Mary & Tod

Mary & Tod are each separately endearing, charming, relatable, kind, and gracious. Together, they are all these things plus respectful, courteous, and supportive to one another and to all they meet. They are inspiring. There are plenty of types of loves out there – puppy love, love/hate, young love, past loves, crazy love. But what Mary & Tod have is what I would define as true love. It’s not flashy, its not in your face, it’s just real, and deep, and the kind of love you wish for anyone you care for in life. Because that love is truly never ending.


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Amanda Zika - Okay, every shot is amazing from this wedding but…jaw drop to the floor….oh my garsh…that last one is sooooo amazing. It may be one of the most gorgeous shots I have ever seen. Way to take advantage and have an artistic eye on a wedding day. Seriously talented folks!

Stacy McPeek-Smith - WOW! WOW! WOW! I mean really… what else is there to say? WOW!

Jen Cato - Amazing and beautiful shots! I LOVE the last one especially! Well done and congratulations to the gorgeous couple! πŸ˜€

Lisa Kuhn - Roger & Karin – The last photo is absolutely amazing! It really shows your talent and artistic skills! That photo is definately a prize winner or magazine cover!! Keep up the great work!

Melissa & Pat {engaged}

She couldn’t have known she’d meet the boy she would marry one day when she embarked on the bus her freshman year of high school. He’ll say he felt something immediately when seeing her for the first time. She’ll say she was clueless. He’ll explain how he pursued her throughout the rest of his high school days – asking her to homecomings, dates, and proms. She’ll say she wanted to remain friends and turned him down every single time. But after several years passed and she was having a hard time while in college, he was the first person she wanted to call.


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Melissa Meyer - Love them Karin! Thank you so much for traveling to Peoria for this! We appreciate it so much! You and Roger are amazing, and we are looking forward to working with you on our Wedding Day! I can’t wait to get the disc in the mail!

Lindsey - Well, you did it again. GORGEOUS!!!! SO glad we could help send Melissa your way. She’s such a sweetheart and these pictures of the two of them are GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Congrats Melissa PS….Melissa, I need an update on school….haven’t heard from any of you in awhile πŸ™‚

Scott Rauch - What a great couple you are – blessings to you – love the pics!

Amanda - You look gorgeous and the photos are beautiful! Amazing!

Stacey Bunting - Gorgeous photos! Captured some beautiful moments!

Ryan Fairchild - Great Pics. Congrats!

Jane Rytter - Wow They are all grown up and absolutely perfect for each other.
The pictures are gorgeous!

Tiffany - Lise, you look BEAUTIFUL! Pat and you look so happy! Congrats to you and best of luck!

Krystal - What a wonderful story and even more wonderful pictures! I wish both of you never-ending happiness!

Amanda Zika - These are gorgeous!!!! I love her outfit too. See this is how people should dress for engagement photos. And my favorite picture is your favorite!

Patti Vollmer - I LOVE the pictures! You are beautiful and your love shows through!!

karin - No worries Dorthy – Melissa and Pat have over 100 more photos headed their way – plenty with Pat smiling at the camera. We just chose a handful to showcase that we as artists enjoy. There is plenty more that you will like too!

Aunt Nancy - Great Photos – you both look very happy!

Debbie Meyer - God made you for each other….He brought you two together in His timing…you can see the love! Karin & Roger, love the pictures.:)

Linda - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you both!!!!!!

her little brother - Sis you look HOT Pat you look darn SEXY haha. πŸ™‚

Lauren - Love the pics. You guys are such a cute couple. πŸ˜€

Grandpa & Grandma - Great pictures! They really show your love for each other.

Grandpa and Grandma - These pictures are great. You show so much love to each other.
Your wedding pictures should be gorgeous. You picked a good company.

Bethany Peters - I love the pictures! You guys look great. Robert and I couldn’t be happier for you πŸ™‚

Lisa Thomson - Melissa and Pat, you look awesome. I do love the mix of pictures you took. You both look GREAT !! Your fun and love does shine through in every picture!!! How will you ever decide? We love you both! Aunt Lisa and the boys

Alix - You two look absolutely amazing in all of these pictures! I am so happy for you! πŸ™‚

Brittany Cacciottoli - Awesome pics!!! Congrats!!

Nanno - Melissa, My sweet Sa is soooooo beautiful!!! I can’t believe how fast time has flown. You will be a beautiful bride!!
Pat, I am so glad that God has brought you into Melissa’s life, and in turn, into our family. We look forward to many years of family get-togethers.

The pictures and your story are absolutely beautiful!!!!! I can’t wait for the wedding!

Love you both tons!!!!

Uncle Chris - My favorite pics are of you both by the train!! Pat, don’t worry about Grandma. She also told me to smile more and show my teeth at my wedding. Of course, I complied πŸ™‚

Adam - The pictures look cool!!

Sarah Atkeson - You two look AMAZING! Love the colors and the boots, Melissa! These capture the moment so well!



Sarah Sorenson - Love them!

Li Wiles - Nice pics!^^

Dad Meyer - Love the pictures. They are awesome! Makes a Dad want to cry. πŸ™‚
Melissa, do you think I really did? Love you both!

Noel - Great photos! Too bad I cannot enter them in the camera club competition. I am really excited about Melissa being my future daughter-in-law. Good catch son.

Melvin - Nice!!

Melissa Meyer - Dad,
I don’t know what you are talking about?!? You never cry ;)Love you!

Tamata - BEAUTIFUL pictures! Congratulations to the both of you πŸ™‚

Pat Altorfer - Love the pictures of them walking on the bridge. Beautiful setting. It couldn’t be more perfect.

Alison - Great pictures, you two look so cute.

Alex Clayton - The pictures look fantastic! I’m so happy for the both of you!

Stephanie - Awesome pictures, Melissa! You look beautiful!

Becca - So beautiful! πŸ™‚

Jessica - I love these so much and am so happy for you both πŸ™‚

michelle sahm - these are fantastic!!!

Dayle dillon - Melissa I hope I look half as good as you when I get MINE done. These photos are stunning!

Kerry Spiewak - Absolutely gorgeous engagement photos πŸ™‚ So happy for you!!!

Becca - Wonderful pictures!

Theresa - Beautiful pictures and a beautiful love story. So happy for you both!

Sarah - Congratulations!!! What a wonderful beginning πŸ™‚

Gemma Williamson - Stunning!!! Absolutely stunning!!! Made my heart glow, I am absolutely thrilled for you both. Your love and the raw emotion was captured beautifully. You two are going to breed good-looking babies ;p

Lynn - Bellissima!

Anna - You two look absolutely perfect together! Wonderful pictures. I’m so happy for you both πŸ™‚

Emily B - Lovvvve the pictures Melissa. You look gorgeous! πŸ™‚

Emma White - You guys look so BEAUTIFUL πŸ™‚ perfect couple !!! Im so happy for you both and cannot wait to see you both soon in AMERICA xxx

Shauna - What a beautiful, awesome couple!!! Love the pics and y’all! Miss you Mel!

Bill P aka Total - You two look great together! Gorgeous and future-focused lady you are engaged to there Pat – do it right. Great guy and a big heart you are engaged to Melissa – do it right. Looking forward to the wedding πŸ™‚

Bekki - Love the pics! You guys look so happy together!

Jessica & Kevin {Wedding Day}

Walking into her Grandma’s house, the hallway to get to Jessica was lined with photos. Memories of grade school, birthdays, high school, graduation, the big moments that when all put together make up a lifetime. Voices floated through the rooms, and laughter filled the air. It could have been any of those days that were proudly displayed on Grandma’s walls. But this day was different. This day would change that hallway of memories forever and add to it with a new family, a new commitment, and a lifetime of new memories where the pattern would repeat. It’s an honor to have captured images that would adorn Grandma’s walls and add to the story – the story of Jessica and Kevin.


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Jessica F - AMAZING! Simply amazing! I cannot stop looking at all of the photos. I am not kidding when I say you guys are MAGIC! Thank you SO much for capturing EXACTLY what our day was like! TenSixteen Photography, Karin and Roger…you have rocked our world yet again. I cannoy thank you enough πŸ™‚

Leslie U - Gorgeous!!! The bride was absolutely beautiful…and Kev wasn’t so bad either πŸ™‚

Amy P. - Beautiful ! Jessica & Kevin looked amazing.

Tamar Kutz - Absolutely amazing!! I wouldnt be able to choose between them! Awesome job!!

Kelly C - BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love all the pics!!!

Abby Deppert - You truly captured the love between these newlyweds! Amazing couple, beautiful wedding, and exquisite photography!

Danielle - The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!! Everyone looks AMAZING!

Dana A. - OMG these pictures are amazing!! I can’t wait to have them at our wedding!!….. *Hopeful*

THERESA MOORE - Well of course they would be fabulous!

Amy M - These are all gorgeous! What a beautiful day!

Mom (Teri H) - Absolutely Beautiful!!! Fabulous job. Thank you for capturing the true beauty of my gorgeous daughter and handsome son in law and their perfect day!

Kelly C ( the original) - So I will totally be using this photographer at my wedding! Now all I need is a ring. These pictures are gorgeous! I’m sure the couple has something to do with it. Best pictures I have probably seen.

Dylan Carter - The pictures are amazing, Jessica you looked so beautiful on your special day.

Lisa Smithenry Holland - These are absolutely stunning!! Congrats!! I’m very happy for you!

Sarah Moore - Absolutely stunning! You both look amazing!!!!

Boo - The wedding and reception were beautiful, and to capture those special moments has to mean so very much to Jess and Kevin. These pictures not only captured the people and objects, but also the emotions that were being felt by all of us.

Megan H - Gorgeous pictures!!! Love them.

Jolee Franks - Amazing pictures! I even teared up a few times! Just awesome!

Kendra - These pictures tell the story of what the day was all about!!! Amazing photos and couple!!

Kristie A - y’all are absolutely adorable. i loved every single picture. esp the chapel ones! AMAAAAZING!

Paul - Great Pictures!

Kevin Foran - thank you for these great pictures. we have a great day. thank you again.

Aunt Tab - Jessica and Kevin—your pictures are beautiful!! I am so happy that we could share your day with you!!!

Nicole E - Beautiful! They are all so amazing!!!

Ashley A - Awesome pictures! Love them!!!!!!

Cutie (Devin) - Great pictures! Love you Jess and Kevie!

Ashleigh G - BEAUTIFUL reception!

Brian M. - Great pictures!


Trimella J - Gorgeous!

Tonya T - Phenomenal job! Loved them all!

Wendy L - Excellent job!!!

Kris - Can’t stop looking at them! SOOOOO GOOD!

Justin - NICE JOB!

Susie Foran - I may be somewhat biased, but I do believe that these are the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. Thanks to the wonderful photographers for capturing Kevin and Jessica’s “once-in-a-lifetime” day!!!!!

JoyceCooper - What beautiful pictures!!! They have collected a wonderful memory of a very special day. Love them all….. Grandma Cooper would be so proud. TEARS OF JOY!!!!

Frank - Great weddings, great pictures, great food, great bride and groom. Cheers.

Roger Cooper - OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys are movie stars! Love the pixs and how the presentation was done! What a perfect moment and day for both of you! Great job photo crew!

Uncle Roger

Jackie Aper - Simply stunning. Love all of the Pictures!!<3

Renae Krueger - Soooo happy for the two of you!

NICOLE ARMITAGE - Jessica, you looked beautiful! Love the photos….they’re amazing!

Jill U. - Fantastic pictures!

Cheri Gieseke - Great pictures! It was a beautiful day for a wedding.

Laura Opperman - BEAUTIFUL!!!

Lindsey - Stunning!!! I Love them all!!!

Megan Allspach - Great pics!!!!

Erika Metz - Absolutely amazing pictures! Some of the best that I have EVER seen! WOW!

Laura - Awesome

Tom Foran - Tom Foran

These pics are FIRST CLASS! My son and his beautiful bride sure knew what they were doing when they selected you guys to do their wedding photos. They are AWESOME! It was such a gorgeous day celebrated by so many friends and family. Kevin and Jessica—-We are so proud of the both of you!

Justin - Amazing photos and so happy to be a part of a wonderful day! Two words, “Love Them!”

Rachel - These are some of the best wedding pictures I have ever seen. What an amazing couple and beautiful wedding.

Angela - These are by far the most gorgeous, beautiful and stunning pictures I have ever seen. Perfection! JESS AND KEV ROCK!!!!!

Alayna - Jess you look like a princess! And Kevin looks like a prince! I want to be as pretty as you when I grow up.

Lisa Fink - Beautifull!!! I just keep looking at your pictures, you had a perfect day, perfect location, and of course the perfect couple…no wonder your pics are amazing.

PENNY THOMPSON - Phenomenal pictures!! Fantastic job!! Stunning couple!!

Ronica - Every single one of these pictures are AMAZING. The couple prolly helps! πŸ™‚

Pamela Carter - Jessica and Kevin, Thank you for sharing your special day. Everything, though simple was beautiful and elegant. I visit several this a year so I know the place quite well. I have never had the chance to see inside. Though, I was aware weddings are held there. I just didn’t realize what a beautiful church it truly is. Best wishes for many happy years together.

Michelle Peifer - Beautiful church and stained glass window! Love everything! The Mason jars with flowers….so sweet!