Silvana & Mike {engaged}

It was just merely chance that Silvana opened the door when Mike knocked on it. He was having a party two doors down, and wanted to let neighbors know to call him if things got too loud. Struck by her beauty, Mike invited her to come over. Although she never showed up, she did text him “accidentally” a couple days after. Their first date was flawless, and unable to sleep that night Mike text her that she was beautiful and sweet and he couldn’t wait to see her again. Luckily before he knew it, we was doing just that – seeing her often and falling head over heels for her.

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Ranim - Very Nice :))

Jackie K. - Yay! These make me wish we got engagement photos!

Gloria Cruz - Ahhhh y’all look so cute =)))

Joan Deuschle - These pictures are beautiful!

Alexander Meiler - Amazing couple. I love Silvana as my sister and best friend. I am happy for her and Mike. He is a lucky guy!

Alla - Great Pictures!

Lucero Flores - Estan hermosos en las fotos hijos. Se ve muy bellos. Que Dios siempre me los bendiga. I love you!

Karla Geimy Guzman Arbildo - Que bella pareja. Mi hermana querida con mi cunado adorado. Estoy contando los dias de la boda. I miss you

Erin - You two look great!

charlie - Great pictures! (y)

Karlo Abel Guzman Arbildo - Mi pequena hermanita. Las fotos estan muy buenas. salieron muy bien. Estoy feliz por ustedes. Nos vemos pronto hermana. Los quiero!

Linda Davidson - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple.

Sanders - Mucho goodo! I’m crashing the wedding!


Natalia - God Bless you guys!!!!!!!!

JR - You two look amazing! Whoever your photographer was they did a fantastic job. They should use your pics as a promo! Congratulations!

dmariem doza - una bellisima persona ,se ven tan encantadores ,mucha suerte querida amiga besos 🙂

carolina veloza - te vez super linda Silvana,los dos se ven muy bien,pero la mejor foto para mi es la tercera,en blanco y negro acostados en el pasto,felicitaciones espero que tu compromiso y tu matrimonio sean inolvidables.

Amber Killam - You two look amazing in all your pix I wish you all the best of luck on your journey as husband and wife. These pictures turned out phenomenal! You all are just two peas in a pod. Love these pix…ive found my photographer!

Ana Kimbel - Wow Silvana is beautiful!!

DAFNE - i wish u the best,,, u guys look amazing together <3

Michelle Mullins - Just beautiful!! <3

emiley pickett - I never knew the story of how you guys met. That is priceless! Im sorry i.missed your engagement party, but i hope to see you guys soon. I wish you both the best and look forward to.making many memories with you guys in the future! I cannot wait for halloween!!!!
Love you guys

daniela - hey guys congrats!!!! i wish u guys the best!!!!!!!!!!! love D..

Denisse - vana congrats!!! u guys look amazing together !!! im waiting to see the lovely kids!! 🙂

antonella - beautiful couple !!!

chilenita - silvana and mike u guys are perfect each other !!! love D,..!!

Alessandra Tapia - Pero que lindas fotos! se ven tan bien juntos. Felicidades!

Lourdes Melissa Chavez Villavicencio - Felicidades Amiga, Hacen una bella pareja!… Dios los colme de muchas bendiciones…. 😀

carlos - Great pictures!!!!

bruno melgar delgado - Estoy muy contento de ver a mi amiga Silvana, comprometida con Mike, la felicidad se puede reflejar en sus rostros, muchas bendiciones en este paso muy importante en sus vidas

Dshawn a - Awesome! Congratz silvana

Luciana - Very nice pics!!

Alicia Underwood - Congrats guys!!! Both of you look beautiful!!!!

Jessy Alvarez - Q adorable!!! Las fotos están increíbles. Muchas felicidades <3

daniel - very nice,,, 🙂

Jessy Alvarez - Q adorables! Las fotos están increíbles. Me encanta sobre todo, la del besito. Muchas felicidades! <3

Siaylee - Tus fotittos estan hermosas, muy profesional y con muy bonitos paisajes, siempre te dije que tienes mucha creatividad y te felicito por que las imagenes reflejan lo mucho que se quieren los dos . MUCHAS BENDICIONES TU CHINA siaylee

Jason Diaz - You guys look like soul mate definally meant to be together

Marvin - Very Nice!!! Love the photos … I also like how the history of you two is attached!!! Very Nice!

Diego F - muy linda pareja muchos exitos para uds! espero verlos muy pronto

Adam & Julie Sass - You guys look so happy. Great pictures for a great couple!!

Elizabeth Leon - The pictures are so beautiful!! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Heather McCarron - Beautiful pictures you two! LOL! Poor Mike was turned down on the first invitation. Seems to have worked out, though 😉

Chim - aww. I love them all, especially the sepia toned ones!
You both look beautiful! 😀

Sady - Beautiful pictures guys !!

Chris K. - I’ve never seen a cuter couple! Congrats guys!

aldo altobelly murillo - tan lindas las foto amiga les deseo suerte para lo que bien

sarah e - love is in the air! <3 beautiful picx!

claudita - muchas felicidades que sean muy felices . y que siempre reine el amor y la armonia en sus nuevo hogar

JAIME LEON - nice pic and awesome story about you guys, greetings

Keysy - que bonitos!!!!! Felicidades!!, les deseo lo mejor del mundo!! que Dios bendiga su matrimonio! 😀

Karl & Diana Bohn - Great pictures you guys, you both look so happy! Can’t wait for your wedding day, it will be beautiful! Congrats again!

irma rosenberg - I am so happy for you Silvana and Mike, May you have the best life ever! I love u guys. Stay Happy!

Karl & Diana Bohn - Great pictures you guys, you both look so happy! We can’t wait to celebrate your wedding day with you both, it will be absolutely beautiful! Congrats again!

Pam Middendorf - Wow!What a beautiful couple. Blessings!

Mike Deuschle - Baby, you are so beautiful! I love all our pictures. You made my Christmas unforgettable. I can safely say your love is the best present of all.

Carolina - Son hermosos!!! Toda la felicidad del mundo para los dos!!!!:) besitos

Rossana - You look so perfect and happy together 🙂

Shaina Rich - Your makeup looks AMAZING and you are one of my most favorite clients! Congratulations to you both and I can’t wait for the wedding! <3

Alia Delapaz - Just fabulous pictures!! You both look great & I love the story about how you all met :))

seven - really great photo, both look great and the angles is perfect, together look fabolous , succesful silvana , hug from Peru 😀

Lydia - I love the Picture. You guys look s great together!!!!

Odell Mitchell Jr. - Nice photos.

Sergio - hermoso! las fotos are awesome especialmente tu y mike en frente de la puerta porque se ven muy bien y es bonito verlo junto al parafo de como se conocieron porque mike se enamoro de “the girl next door” Felicidades!

Nicole & Zane {married}

In one word? Charming. But one word, would never encompass who Nicole and Zane are individually. As a couple, in one word? Adorable. But a million words could never encompass who Nicole and Zane are as a couple! We see plenty of people who are in love, and all of them show that love in different ways. But Nicole and Zane have the love that songs are written about, novels are created for, and movies are based on. It’s one of the best loves I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. They know what they have is special, and are thankful and appreciate for finding something so special. They are truly, wholeheartedly, soul mates. And they have IT. The thing that everyone searches for and prays to find. We love them for nothing more than their authentic-ness, because their fearless open hearts make them so genuine. They inspire us. To be better, to be kinder, and to project the love and happiness that they do. How awesome is it to inspire two people in love, who see love daily, to be better at love??!! But they are just that… in one word – inspiring. But one word would never encompass all that this couple is. And just like their love, their wedding day holds so much more than words – a million words – could ever say. You have to see it and feel it. So enjoy this visual glimpse into one of the most amazing days ever…

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Kelly Park - BEAUTIFUL wedding, fabulous job Karin!

Mr. & Mrs. Gray - Karin! You made us cry all over again watching the slide show and reading your blog! You are so sweet!! What an amazing job you and Amanda did! You captured everything thing perfectly,we truely feel so blessed to have found you to share this day with us. Thank you, Thank you a million times for everything! We will cherish these photos and our new friendship with you, Roger and Amanda forever!
Love you!
Zane and Nicole Gray

Brianne Moeller - You guys look so amazing!!Loving all these pictures!

Josh S. {h.s. senior}

We have known him since Kindergarten. I distinctly remember this boy walking up to me and starting a conversation with me like an adult would. When my son Curtis walked up a little later I asked him “What grade is that boy in?” and he looked at me confused and said “He’s in my class Mom!” and grabbed his lunchbox and walked away from me annoyed. He’s always been the mature one. When my son was burning microwave meals, Josh was grilling steaks. He’s always been the tall one and my son the short one. Kind of like The Odd Couple, their contrasts have created a beautiful dynamic that has made their friendship last throughout the past 12 years – even when we moved an hour away. I’m so lucky that my son has a friend like Josh in his life, and if I could design someone to be his friend throughout life – it would certainly be him. Now a senior in high school, he’s grown up to be even more amazing than we expected him to be and we know that his future is filled with happiness and success. Now before I start crying – enjoy a few of our favorites from Josh’s senior photo shoot!!

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Erica & David {married}

The rain was light on the windshield as Erica’s bus slowly made it’s way down the lane to Hidden Lake Winery. She’d gotten ready at her parent’s house and now with bridesmaids in tow, she was ready to start the wedding day. While Erica and her family and friends were being photographed and laughter and joy were filing the air around them, David sat stranded in the middle of a crisis. 100 feet in front of his bus while on the way to the wedding, a horrible car accident occurred in front of their eyes. The entire interstate had to be shut down, helicopters flown in, and as David and his groomsmen helped remove injured children and parents from their cars the only thing he could think of was how badly he needed to get to Erica.

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Joel Conner - Amazing set! This was the day we saw you and Roger while we were doing an engagement session there. you rocked it!

Gerrie Haukap - Beautiful pics. Beautiful people!

Katie Minks - Congratulations! Wow! Absolutely breathtaking! What a beautiful couple, family, day and celebration! The pictures are amazing! All the best! The Minks Family!

Adam Haukap - Phenomenal photos. The rain shot is artwork I would hang on my wall. So proud of my beautiful sister. What a day.

Jesse Matthews - These are awesome pictures!! Congrats to Erica and David!

Danielle D. - Those rain pictures just gave me chills- WOW! LOVE THESE!

Rita - How beautiful! Wish I had been there to share in the magic!

Jody Schortye - Erica, David, stunningly beautiful wedding pictures. Brought a tear to my eye.

Dana Farris - Was thinking “these are absolutely amazing pictures” and then I came to the rain pics and words can not describe the beauty these captured. I got chills as I looked at them. Congrats Erica and David! I feel so blessed to get a peek of your special day!

Ingrid Howarth - Wow, what a day! You look stunning! Your pics are great! Love the rain shots, rings on the corks, Estelle of course, Sisterly love and Daddy giving away his girl. Your flowers were so colorful…Thanks for sharing, now I have a great visual of your wedding.

Lee Griffin - So fun to see the pictures, what a great weekend!

KC Griffin - These pictures are amazing! So beautiful! I especially love the ones in the rain at night. Miss you guys!

Kelly Zurliene - Absolutely beautiful pictures for an absolutely beautiful couple! Excellent work. The picture with the couple’s dog, Estelle, is my favorite!

Lauren Haukap - Absolutely stunning!!!!!

Zach C. {high school senior}

Zach is a adorable high school senior from Collinsville High School. I don’t know how we get so lucky, but we definitely get to photograph the most amazing seniors! They are always a joy to be around, and they always leave Roger and I asking the same question – how come we didn’t have it that together when we were seniors? Zach is incredibly sweet and intelligent, and his future is extremely bright. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Zach while capturing his senior session! Enjoy a few of our favorites!!

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Amanda - These are so fabulous! I love how Karon and Roger can capture so much personality with a piece of glass. That is true talent my friends. True talent.