Andee & Ryan {engaged}

Although they were from different towns, during high school their circles of friends would sometimes hang out. Andee and Ryan knew one another, but that was the extent of it. 5 years later while home for winter break from U of I, he called her on a whim. He would come sit with her and chat while she was working and they completely hit it off. One day he asked her to meet his parents over dinner, and from that day on, they were an item.

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Cathy Hudspeth - These are really lovely photos! Can’t wait to see more! Andee is such a lovely person – I’m so happy for post of them.

Bet Hegger - I love the pictures! They are beautiful and I can’t wait to see more! The big day is almost here!!!

Whitney & Kurt {married}

Sometimes it’s immediate. There is a spark right off the bat. There is an easiness about the relationship, and it feels like you’ve known the other your entire life. Soul mates if you will. At this point, I’m sure you think I’m talking about the relationship between Whitney & Kurt. Although those things would certainly apply, I was referring to the relationship Roger and I have with them. That’s what you want to know about, right? How much WE love them? I’ll bring this all back to them eventually I swear. For now, let me tell you about why we adore them so much.

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Kim - Karin. Ohhhhmyyygooddnesssss! This wedding is beautiful! I don’t even know these people and this post made me cry. You, Roger and Becky did a phenomenal job! Gorgeous couple, gorgeous images, gorgeous flowers, location, details. Wow!! I’m also glad I’m not the only one who goes back to check on the straightener. Thank you for the confidence boost. 🙂 And seriously … I really cried when I saw these. You are all amazing!

Kim - P.S. I’m sure Becky automatically liked him because his name was Kurt with a K. No joke, I thought that before I even read your post. Kurt and Whitney … our brother and our cousin. Again … thank you for putting that out there. 🙂

Connie Carpenter - Wow…there are no words to describe how moving this blog and pictures are for a mother and father! I wasn’t expecting tears to flow as I viewed this. The pictures are absolutely amazing! They are both beautiful/handsome inside and out :).

Courtney - Speechless, absolutely stunning. I would in a heart beat recommend TenSixteen for any sort of wedding, engagement photos or special events. Y’all did such amazing work and the wedding party loved working with Karin & Roger. 🙂

Katey Stream - What a gorgeous wedding! So happy for you and your beautiful bride, Kurt. 🙂

Beth - Gorgeous pictures!!! I’m so glad you asked me to be a part of your big day! The pictures look amazing and I’m so happy for you two!!

Hannah - By far the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen! Congrats to the both of you!

Cyndee Rapp (MOB) - HOLY S…T!!!! Breathtaking!!! Thank you guys for allowing me to see every little detail I missed, (and there were plenty), of our special day, through your beautiful and captivating photography. You two are truly the BEST in the business!!!

Jenny Sveum - Sooooo beautiful!!! Congrats to the couple and what an amazing job on the photography!!!! Love all of these!

Ashley - Soo cute! And excellent photography!

Chris Wooley - Wow! These pictures are amazing! Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be a part of your big day! You two are such great people, and I am honored to have you as very close friends! Hope to see you again soon!!

Jackie K. - Absolutely stunning!!! Loved reading the blog as well. Too sweet!!!

Megan - WOW! These are amazing!! I love, love, love all of them. You look beautiful Whitney and I am so happy for you and Kurt!

kera - Beautiful pictures!! Photographers you all are awesome!! Whitney and Kurt thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day!!

Katie Love - These pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Whitney and Kurt are such a beautiful couple and their very special day was captured perfectly in these images for them to cherish forever!! Thank you for asking us to be part of your wedding day.

Amber T. - What beautiful pictures and an exceptionally beautiful wedding! Love the blog and love you both, Whitney and Kurt! So glad to have you as friends!

Jodie Toft - Great pics! Sorry I missed the party….

corie - Congratulations to you both. The pictures are amazing!!!! Such talented photography….and a beautiful couple!

Becky - I was so honored to be a part of this day. Whitney you made such a beautiful bride and Kurt you clean up pretty good too. Haha I love you both and I’m so glad you both are a part of my family, jake has two wonderful people too look up to.

emily stursma - So awesome! You guys look so beautiful and I was so thankful to be able to see your special day!

John C. - Great pictures! And best of luck to you both!

Katie - Beautiful pictures!! You two look amazing 🙂

Andrea R. - These pictures are stunning! You both look amazing and there is so much love in the photos! I’m so incredibly happy for you both 🙂

rhonda - Stunning pictures. It was an honor to be present at this joyous occasion. So happy for you both.

Ashley - Congrats!!!!! Best wishes!!!!!

Ashlee R. - I love the pictures! The day was amazing and the photos capture the best moments!

Michelle Bryson - Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Sandy P - It looks like your wedding was beautiful! Great pics.

Mary - Amazing pictures of an absolutely beautiful wedding! So thankful Natalie and my family could be a part of such a wonderful day. Love you guys!

Jen P. - These pictures turned out absolutely gorgeous!! I especially love the night photo!!

Maggie Chance - You two are freaking awesome together! Love, LOVE the photos! Beautiful!!

Amee - Very gorgeous photos. You both look great together!!

Kelci M - Love all the pictures! They are awesome! 🙂

Susan - OMG! The pictures are just beautiful, you did an amazing job. Kurt and Whitney that you for letting your Uncle and I be part of your special day. Love you both.

Katie - Awesome pics! What a beautiful wedding!!! Congrats!

Annie L. - Beautiful couple, and beautiful pictures!!! Congrats, guys!!!!!!

Annie - Beautiful pictures!!! What a fantastic story you guys look amazing! Congrats!!

Sarah T - Prettiest wedding I’ve ever been to! <3 you both and your pictures are amazing! <3

Sandy Heepke - I’m at a lost for words when it comes to these pictures…completely gorgeous. I am SO blessed for two wonderful friends. I’m so thankful for being a part of this wonderful day and can’t imagine life without the both of you. You’re two beautiful people, inside and out, and am so glad you found each other. Love you both oodles! <3

Evander D. Shubert - I only like the ones I’m in.

Erin - Gorgeous pictures! So glad I was able to help with your wedding day! Congratulations!

Dad - Great pictures.The tractor ones are my favorite.

Coleen - Truly the most beautiful pics I have ever seen! So innovative and ‘wowsome’….you’ve captured the heart and soul of my favorite people. Thank you for allowing me to take a peak!

Patty - What a beautiful way to capture a most special day. What a beautiful wedding for a very special couple!

Tiffany - these pictures are amazing!! congratulations!!

Brad - awesome pictures from an awesome day

Ackerley - your pictures are beautiful!!! we are so happy for you two!! love you!!

Erika - These photos are stunning and what an amazing day it was!! So blessed to have been a part of it! Love you guys 🙂

Dustin Nash - These pictures are awesome! Had a blast at the wedding

adam - Great pictures !!! Great job by all …

Brandus - Whoever said true love is hard to find has never seen you two and it shows in your pictures. Glad I was part of this from the start and I can’t wait for years to come. YOU TWO ARE BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER!!!

Katie - I am absolutely in love with your pictures!! How are you ever going to decide!! You guys are an amazing couple and I’m sooo happy for you two!

Lauren & Justin {Wedding Story}

He’s her provider, her protector. He’ll defend, support, watch over, go to bat for her. She is his champion. She admires him, respects him, appreciates him. She cherishes him. Lauren & Justin know just how to love one another the way they need to be loved. When Justin walks into a room, Lauren lights up, and when she holds him in close he feels at peace. It’s a beautiful dynamic that makes this couple radiate with love. The weather on their wedding day may have been a bit gloomy, but there was enough true love to make it shine. Enjoy Lauren & Justin’s wedding day.

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Dondi - Done up just right…Karin and Roger style!

james brown - Beautiful couple , beautiful photography!

Katie & Brad {Wedding Story}

When the forecast called for snow I got chills. (Pun intended) The only better than Pere Marquette State Park, is a snowy Pere Marquette State Park!!! Located in Grafton IL – Pere Marquette is just one of those magical places that come equipped with unmatched views and lots of charm. So as we headed to the lodge with the sunlight dappling through the snow covered trees, the excitement grew. Katie and Brad could not have asked for a more perfect day to promise forever to one another. Enjoy their wedding day!!

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