Chelsey & Brad {married}

It’s easy to get caught up in the details. You spend your days leading up to a wedding engulfed in dress colors, what fonts to use on your programs, Pinterest boards filled with ideas and hairstyles, flowers and decorations. But within all the hoopla there is a bigger entity to a wedding that for some people gets lost, and it’s called a marriage. It’s the day you commit to spend eternity with someone, so it should take more precedence than “bubbles or confetti?” but sometimes it doesn’t. That was far from the case for Chelsey & Brad’s wedding.

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Brad Carril - Ten Sixteen is a wonderful company and very professional, I would recommend them to any and everyone. Thank you for a wonderful day.

David Grodzicki - Such a beautiful wedding…and the photographers did a great job capturing it. Congratulations!

Sandy Heepke - I’m so glad I got to spend your wedding day with you guys. These pictures are amazing and your guys looked great that day. Chelsey, that dress fit you like a glove. So beautiful! 🙂

Linda Peterson - Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!! Beautiful wedding and wonderful photography.

Gayle Witt - An absolutely beautiful wedding of my dear niece Chelsey and her wonderful husband Brad!!!! The photos of the wedding, reception, and other pictures were so amazing!!! They brought tears to my eyes!!! So touching!!

Vanessa Mayer - Chelsey I am so happy for you and Brad. You all looked absolutely stunning and the theme was spot on! I’m so glad that your mom shared these with me. Congrats to the happy couple!!

Gary and Linda - Chelsey and Brad, what a beautiful wedding. The smiles showed what is in your hearts and we would have never known it rained if we hadn’t read the blog. You chose wisely, best of luck forever. Also the photography was stunning, another good choice.

Dianna Wells - What a beautiful and memorable wedding.

Deb Reeder - Love, Love all the photos. Such a Beautiful Wedding…& Chelsey, girl, absolutely Stunning!!! Loved see the joy & love between you and Brad. And yep, I got a little choked up when I came across the mother/daughter dance. So happy for you both!!

Nina aka Momma of the Bride - Where do I start…THANK YOU does not seem to be enough to express how much we appreciate your wonderful expertise in capturing the beautiful memories for the Chelsey and Brad. The day was filled with all kinds of challenges and you both came to the rescue and faced these issues with no problems. Or was it knowing there was Ice Cream at the reception?-) I am so touched by the story you created to go with the photos..YES tears of joy enabled me to view the entire section the first time. Thank you both again for…well… being you and all you do.

Maryann Carril aka groom's mom - One word….Amazing !! Amazing bride, amazing groom, amazing wedding and totally amazing photos. I am ready to order ! When can we see the rest of the pictures ?

Beg and Clyde Leggett - The wedding was so Like Chelsey, beautiful!!! Congrats again and wishes for a wonderful life together,

Ken - The pictures are Stunning, I was not at the wedding but could feel the spirit of the event, from these great pictures!!!

Justin - Beautiful pictures

Michlelle - Beautiful pictures! I love the one taken from the top of the church, looking down onto the ceremony.

Larry Carril - Even though she bossed me around “stand here, move this arm, ect..” We still had a wonderful time and the pictures look amazing

Terri Wallace - Wonderful photography, you really captured the eventful day. Chelsey was amazing in her gown,! The love was all around and it shows ! Great job and loved the video too.

Sarah - Very beautiful!! Love the reception speach pics, especially of you both cracking up!!

karin - Larry, you must have me confused with Tara from Peace Love Productions. She’s the bossy one. 😉

Carla - Can’t decide which posed picture I like best….they are all beautiful! But the picture I enjoyed the most was Justin’s toast to the new bride and groom and how the photographer captured their reaction…priceless! That picture reveals Justin and Brad “The Carril boys” I know and love….and now Chelsey too!
I also feel this web-sight has done a great job telling the story of the day to all who view the pictures….Great Work!

Justin Carril - I didn’t think it could be done but you sure do make the groom look good.

Love your brother

Chelsey Carril - Don’t know how much we can thank you for capturing our big day. You have done an outstanding job and you are truly the best.

Jenna - Such a great wedding! Had a great time sharing these moments and having front row seats to it all! Pics look beautiful 🙂

Andra - I wasn’t able to attend the wedding. However after reading the blog and watching the slideshow….I feel like I got to experience some of it. It looks like the pictures captured all of those special moments, regardless of rain. Chelsey rolled with the punches and I wouldn’t have expected anything less. Thank you for sharing! I love them!

Grammy and Grandpa Z - Look Gram at our beautiful girl. The photo’s show how much fun the kids had that day. They sure did a great job. Quotes heard as Chelsey’s Grandparents viewed the blog for the first time. The words of course don’t measure up to the tears that they shared also.

Rico - You have captured some of the best moments. Can’t wait to see more. Thanks for the great shots.

Sylvia Kauhl - Brad and Chelsey I want to wish you both the best life brings forth. I’ve not met your beautiful bride, but I know she’s got a wonderful guy as a husband. I’ve watched him grow up through the years and know he’s got a heart of gold like his parents and brother. May your marriage be one that was made in heaven.. enjoy your new journey together and know I think a lot about you as a friend. Sylvia

Lauren & Tyler {married}

From the moment I met Lauren & Tyler I knew their wedding day would be perfect. After their engagement session, we knew their photos would be perfect because these two OOOZE photogenic-ness. (is that a word?) But after getting to know Lauren over the past year, and more about she and Tyler’s love – it was obvious that their MARRIAGE would be perfect. And isn’t that what this is all about? The wedding, the details, the dresses, the cake – all fantastic. But if it’s not based around a couple who is with every fiber meant to be together, it’s not authentic. So when you get swept away in the beauty of this day, and this couple, we hope you see the most beautiful thing of all, and that’s their love. Enjoy Lauren & Tyler’s wedding day!

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Cassie Beckmann - AMAZING!!! These photos capture the day perfectly! Outstanding job Ten Sixteen!!

Megan & Warren {married}

Upon first meeting him, he’s a bit shy and quiet. But when you dig a little deeper you find that Warren is genuine, caring, with a huge heart. It’s impossible not to like him. At first glance, she’s a blonde bombshell that is positively radiant. But when you get past her beautiful exterior you find that Megan is a down to Earth, simple sweet girl that you can’t help but love. When you see these two together, you may just see this adorable couple, but when you really see Warren and Megan as a couple – when no one is watching – you see best friends, a solid foundation, trust and respect. You see everything you should see with a couple embarking on a new life together, as well as what you expect to see in a old gray couple walking handing hand after years of being with one another. Enjoy the beginning of Megan & Warren’s life long story!

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Megan Lambert - O.M.G!! I love every single picture! Thank you guys so much for capturing every moment so perfectly! You guys are the best!

Tina Friedel-Hughes - What beautiful pictures! You guys looked stunning & your photographs capture them perfectly! Love you guys & I thank you sooooo much for sharing your day with me! Love, Aunt Tina

Trisha & Ryan {married}

You could tell by watching her get ready she was excited. Maybe anxious. The butterflies were getting the best of her and she was ready to get the day started. Hustling to make it all come together, he worried about how to fold pocket squares and how to get his tie perfect. You could feel the anticipation growing. Separated by only a few yards, Trisha and Ryan both were ready to start their day. When she walked up to see him, he turned to her and every ounce of stress melted away. You could see the exhale, the weight lifted from their shoulders, and the beginning of something fantastic. Enjoy Trisha & Ryan’s wedding day!!

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Trisha Tonnies - Karin and Rog – You guys never cease to amaze me (and make me cry with tears of happiness ☺ ) time and time again! Thank you so much for doing what you do! I love that you captured all of the feelings felt throughout the day so that we can relive them every time we see our pictures! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Kate Frerker - Honestly I don’t think there could be a more beautiful wedding than Ryan and Trisha’s.Everything was perfect from the setting,bridal party and of coarse the photography.We had a great time and feel lucky to have been a part of their special day.

Callie Terveer - Karin and Roger these are incredible! Trisha was absolutely stunning! Awesome work, per usual 🙂

Danielle & Josh - Thank you Karin and Roger for such beautiful photos of Trisha & Ryan’s wedding day…we had high expectations after such an awesome experience at our wedding 4 years ago, and you did not disappoint!! 🙂 It was so fun to see you guys, and we really need to plan a date night soon!! Xoxoxo

Lynn - These are truly beautiful pictures. Way beyond and better than “traditional” wedding pictures. Great job!

Danielle Mazander - Just looked at these pictures again for like the 20th time…just gorgeous! To Karin & Roger – thank you for giving my sister beautiful photos of her special day! We had high expectations after the great job you did at Josh and I’s wedding almost 4 years ago, and you did NOT disappoint!! 🙂 Trisha & Ryan make a beautiful couple, and that shows in the photos. What an awesome day! Let’s not wait until my brother gets married (who knows when that will be!) to see each other again. We must plan a date night! Love, Danielle

Crystal - These pictures are simply amazing!! Love, love, love them!!! What a fantastic day! 🙂

Hannah R. {H.S. Senior}

There are a million adjectives out there that reflect positivity and light. And every single one of them would be used to describe my new high school senior friend Hannah. She is sweet as the day is long, and is one of those people that lights up a room. There isn’t anyone who would’t admit that she’s one of the nicest people they’ve ever met. And I haven’t even mentioned yet that she is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. How one person can be that total package I do not know. But I do know that when you have something new you are offering as a photographer, THIS is the girl that you want as your VIP. And when Hannah contacted for senior photos, we knew THIS was the type of session we HAD to have with her!!

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Dondi - There is only one word to describe these…BREATHTAKING! Also a huge round of applause to Karin and Roger of course! Beautiful photos of a gorgeous girl!!

Amy Hoffman - Holy COW – these are flipping ADORABLE!!!! Great work K&R..makes it easy with a beautiful model to photograph 🙂