Metropolitan Bride Magazine Photo Shoot

Shortly after our trip to Nicaragua, I got a call from the amazing Dawn Shields who is the editor of Metropolitan Bride magazine.  There was this opportunity to shoot with the famous Bambi Cantrell and other photographers for a opportunity for a spread in the magazine.  I’d need to be on a flight to San […]

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christine - You my friend are a total and complete rockstar!! Extremely proud of you!! and the spread is to die for!!

karin - THANK YOU Christine!!!! I really appreciate that so much – especially from a talented girl like you!!

Joel - yowza.

Brittany - Congrats!! Amazing as always!

Dondi - Karin is the all around bomb diggity! (My favorite saying) So I would say she is the bin diggity Rock Star!! Love her!!!

Dondi - That should not say bin diggity! Geez!

Jami S - AMAZING! What an awesome job you have done creating your own destiny! (Loud applause)

Shawna - AWESOME!!! No doubt that they would pick yours….Your work is never less than AMAZING!!!!

Lisa H - What a cool opportunity, and you certainly did a fabulous job! Great work!!

Lisa - Soo proud of you and all you have accomplished (so far 😉 )! Love you ❤️

Michelle & Tim {married}

From the first moment meeting Michelle, I knew I liked her.  I mean, she did tell me I look like Justin Timberlake’s wife.  While I question her judgement, there is still something very promising about that. 😉  But it all honesty, it was her desire for a nice wedding day where the most important factor […]

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Andrea - Stunning photographs. Love the slideshow song!

A new adventure

As some may know, this summer we were a part of a humanitarian photography project in Nicaragua.  I had listened to one of my photography idols at a workshop Dawn Shields speak about giving back to the photography industry and yourself by taking on personal projects for growth not for money.  She then showed images […]

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Lisa - You two are amazing and inspiring!! Looking forward to following you on this awesome adventure!!

Morgan Buck Keese - So excited for you guys! Can’t wait to purchase some art 🙂

Heather - 🙂 This is wonderful! So proud of you two!

Alyssa - What an awesome project! I just sponsored a camera in honor of my photography loving mother. She will be elated! Thanks for all that you do!

karin - Thank you SO MUCH Alyssa!! We are so excited to share the experience with you and your mom!!! You’ll be getting more info via email soon!! Thank you so much for your support!!!

Sara - Karin this is simply amazing. What a blessing you will be to so many people! I wish you well on this new journey in your life and look forward to seeing your work from this adventure!