Kristyn + Kevin {wedding story}

Roger and I looked forward to this day from the day we first met Kristyn & Kevin.  It was certainly fate that brought us together.  We had a wedding booked for May 17th, and unfortunately they had to move their wedding date to a date we were already booked.  Sad that we lost the chance […]

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Donna Cartwright - Such beautiful photographs

Donna Cartwright - It was the perfect day for the perfect couple!

Tom Towey - Looks awesome!

Kristyn - Karin and Roger, thank you so much for capturing this amazing day. These pictures are nothing short of phenomenal!

The Hollands - Absolutely beautiful!

Megann Kessler - Absolutely gorgeous!!! Such a fun day 🙂

Jess Pool - These are wonderful!

Lauren Fleming - Absolutely gorgeous!! Such a fun day 🙂

Pete Smith - Pictures turned out great! Some good looking people!

Natalie Eglinton - Love, love, LOVE the photos! Can’t wait to see more!

Jill Dimmic - Beautiful wedding! Fabulous couple! Amazing pictures!

Jamie Tedford - Gorgeous pictures to capture your perfect day!

Jess Horsley - Beautiful! Blessings to you both on your new life together!

Joy Tedford - Beautiful! I’m so happy we got to share your special day.

Savannah - These are spectacular photos of spectacular people. I love all the small moments and details captured.

Maureen Green - All of the photos are stunning! I mean, absolutely perfect in every way possible 🙂

Kevin Newbern - Thank you so much, Karin and Roger! The pictures look absolutely amazing. Even better than I imagined! You guys are the best!

Joy Tedford - An absolutely beautiful wedding!

David Bwnnett - Excellent

Mary Cernik - Loved seeing everyone so happy! Gorgeous photos!

Cassandra Walker - These (Hollywood Level) pictures memorialize the joy and excitement of the day. They will remind Kristyn and Kevin of feeling those emotions for years to come.

Janet Bronczyk - You had the perfect day. What beautiful pictures!

Steve Smith - Beautiful photos of an awesome couple !

Mallory Newbern - What a wonderful day! These pictures captured it perfectly!

Rudolph Schmitz - Had an awesome day being a part of all this and the photos do a great job of capturing a lot of the fun moments. The slideshow at the end was a nice touch. Good work!

Debbie Cartwright - These pictures are so beautiful. You can feel the joy just looking at them!

Spencer Gillespie - Pictures turned out awesome! They are very turnt up

Taylor Bronczyk - Absolutely beautiful!!! Such an amazing day:)

Melinda Evens - My beautiful niece and handsome new nephew!! From the moment I meet Kevin and saw the two of you together, I new he was an amazing addition to our family. What a perfect day for a perfect couple. Love you both!!

Linda Legg - The pictures should be set to the tune “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Everyone – especially the bride and groom – look very happy on what was such a lovely day!

SAM OTTENLIPS - The two of you should consider being models!

Raven & Randy {love story}

There’s something pretty magical about a wedding. Love is in the air, and happiness is abundant. So it’s no wonder that when Raven and Randy locked eyes at his cousin’s wedding, there was an immediate attraction. They kept an eye on one another all evening, but it wasn’t until Randy used his 3 year old […]

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Mary Schaub - Beautiful, elegant & enchanting, all wrapped together. Best wishes for a beautiful life together.