Nikki & Tom

*NOTE – Sometimes I get long winded on my story that goes along with my posts.  While most of the time I get it that you may go straight to the photos, but this long winded post – you are going to want to read. It was a Sunday last May.  I got an email […]

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Morrisa Reynolds - You are by far, the most talented person I have ever known. No one tells a story like you do, no one takes a photo…like you do. I will keep Nikki in my prayers! Beautiful photos Karin…such a beautiful day for them and their families – and wonderful memories in photos you have given them!

April - Karin,
now that Ive blown my nose and wiped my eyes so i can see the computer screen to leave you this are one of the most touching writers Ive ever wrote..the way you tell your couples love, life and wedding stories always makes me smile and laugh..this time you made me cry, but I am inspired to immediately live my life to the fullest..thank you Karin..thank you Nikki and Tom.

Nikki and Tom,
My prayers are with you!
Your story is amazing and inspiring!


Amanda Zika - Karin and Roger, the two of you have outdid yourselves! These are absolutely fabulous. I love all of the locations too and the outdoor wedding is stunning! You guys better book 100 weddings off of just this one! Great job 🙂

Amanda Zika - Also, most importantly, this story is amazing. What an amazing couple and I am sure anyone in their presence can feel their love. May God bless you Nikki and Tom!

Shannon Ruwe - The thing that makes you so wonderful is that your tremendous photographs are enhanced by the words you pair with them. I have yet to see another photographer who can tell a story the way you do. What a wonderful couple! How lucky they are to have you to capture their love in this way..and how lucky you are for having met them! Prayers and well wishes to Nikki and Tom.

Mary - Karin, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and such a beautiful love story. As a bride to be it definitely puts some things into perspective for me.

Rose & Bud DuPont - Photos of Nikki’s and Tom’s wedding are wonderful – we are Tom’s uncle and aunt and could not make the wedding – so these photos have enabled us to enjoy vicariously from afar.

T Bran - I don’t even know where to begin on how I want to comment on this. One thing I want to say first – God gave you the ablility to give a story to others thru your words. Never, ever – let that go. It’s what we look forward to along with your photographs. I – was lucky enough to meet Nikki at a Bridal Show…and better yet, snatch a quick photo of you and her. Wow! She looked totally amazing on her wedding day – full of love. I continue to keep Nikki and Tom in my prayers and thoughts and know, that alot of my friends, who do not even know them, but know their story will want to check out the blog. Keep smiling…..all of us!

Dondi - Karin, you are so amazing at telling your stories. I also, don’t know what to say. I think the posters have already said what I was thinking. I too will be praying for them and wish I could have just half of Nikki’s strength! Good job Karin and Roger!

Ashley Bywater - Dang Karin!! Thanks for the sob fest! In all seriousness, you told a great story with those pictures and you truly have a gift for what you do. I can’t wait until you capture our day too. 🙂

Dawn Devall - Karin, when you have down time…… need to write books! I’d be your #1 buyer! I’m wanting to leave work now and go hug and kiss my husband! What a BEAUTIFUL day for them. God is GREAT!!!

Kari Hannah - Karin,
What a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE & GROOM! She is definitely one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen! I will keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

Kari Hannah - P.S. The picture of them in the wheat field needs to be on the cover of Modern Bride Magazine! You really need to send it in to them!

wish upon a wedding » Starry Eyed Studios - […] am especially excited for this after being a part of Nikki and Tom’s wedding last June.  Many people were touched by their story.  Nikki continues to fight her […]

Jessica & Todd {Wedding Day} » Starry Eyed Studios - […] Jessica initially contacted us to shoot her wedding we were booked.  She had seen Nikki & Tom’s wedding at the same location last year and felt we would be perfect for her day, but unfortunately […]

Nichole Williams Chennell » Starry Eyed Studios - […]  For those of you who don’t know about our personal relationship with her, please click here and for those of you willing to go a step further and get to know her better, please click […]

Jessica & Carl

This month is a busy – yet awesome month.  There have been such great weddings – all so unique and all so wonderful.  And I knew Jessica and Carl’s wedding wouldn’t be anything less than fantastic.  Some of you may remember Jessica and Carl from their engagement session because quite frankly – they are hot.  […]

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Amanda Zika - Yay! They are up! I love them!!!! Jessica is so gorgeous! I had so much fun that day!

T Bran - WowZA! How stunning are those? Very stunning. You – are one talented young lady!

Dondi Lechner - G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!! Another wonderful job Karin!!

MOG - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures, I am all weepy. My son is HANDSOME and My Daughter-in-law is BEAUTIFUL. Love ya guys

Linda MOG - What stunning photos. My son is HANDSOME and my Daughter-in-law is beautiful. The wedding was great

Dawn Devall - I Love them!!! What a beautiful wedding party!!!!

Video Samples

I’ve been told alot of people miss it, but be sure to check out the VIDEOS tab above.  See it there?  It says “VIDEOS”  There are some samples on there of past weddings, and we try to add more every now and then.  Although the video editing process is a long one, it is so […]

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T Bran - I have seen two that Roger created – priceless!

Vanessa and Brad

I’m just going to tell you right now – this isn’t a photo shoot with models.  It is in fact Vanessa & Brad’s engagement session.  And it is by all means – hot.  How is it that people this attractive exist in the real world?  And how is it fair?  I am stunned by their […]

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Amanda Zika - Karin, these are fabulous! I love the first one and the one of him kissing her cheek. I am definitely saving it in my inspiration folder! Love it!!!!!

Katelyn - LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

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