Funky Fresh New Option

Video has an impact that photos alone cannot convey.  When “the right moments” are edited in a dramatic way the result is the heart and soul of a person, a couple, and their day.  Weddings as we know them are changing – the needs of a bride and groom are different than what they were […]

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Ruth Gierer - SUPER DE SUPER EXCITING!!!!! You were right, this is perfect for us and exactly what we want to have for our wedding! I was getting ready to contact you today to raz you about waiting all week for your announcement. Well, this was definitely worth waiting!!! I am so excited!!! Thanks for the new option and thinking so much about what we as the bride and groom really want for our day! I LOVE IT!!!!

Theresa Dambacher - Hey guys, I just wanted to say I watched this video and I also attended this wedding and I got “teary eyed” while watching it. This couple is a true example of what love is about and you captured that on their special day. It also helps that you two are unique and like to have fun at the reception and thereafter.LOL.Keep doing what you are doing-I love it!

Preston – 1 year

I hadn’t seen Preston in almost a year, but as he greeted me at the door – I knew he remembered the connection we once had.  He played coy – holding on to his mom’s leg, but he was just toying with me I knew.  Because I was keenly aware, that when his mom left […]

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Ashley Bywater - You guys have a true talent for photographing kids! I know, I know…you’re not doing it anymore. I just wanted to tell ya. 😉

Dawn Devall - Good Job Karin!! Emmy, he’s a doll:

Amanda Zika - He is a doll!!!!! YOu have a talent for family photos and kids 🙂

New look…

My house is neutral.  The walls are beige, the carpet is beige, the outside is khaki and white.  Neutral.  Boring. I’m not a biege type gal, btw.  So why in the heck would I live in a beige house you ask?  Because I am a creature of  the moment – loving something now, but changing […]

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T Bran - Love it! Absolutely love it!

Ruth Gierer - Well, I think your blog rocks!! And while I am shocked to learn that you live in beige, I really enjoy all the color you bring to the world thru your creative talent!

Danielle Mazander - Great new look guys!!! Way to keep us on our toes 🙂 Oh, and I LOVE the new photo of you, Roger, and your camera equipment. Who is that smokin hot couple in the background???? 🙂

Ashley Bywater - Although I did like the pink b/c it’s my fave color, I love the stars on the blog now. Nice work! 🙂

Kim Caserotti - LOVE the new look!!! And you are far from being boring Karin:-)

KathyLott - I can’t believe that when I had my maternity photos done at your house, I didn’t have to pee (I was 18 months pregnant, or it felt like it anyway). But it is probably best that I didn’t, or Harrison and I would still be living in that bathtub in your AWESOME silver bathroom!

Stacy & Kevin {Wedding Day}

One day she told me – “We are already a family.  We are already together in our hearts.  But I just can’t wait to say “I do”.  I can’t wait to make it official.  I can’t believe I get to become Kevin’s wife.” I remember before Roger and I tied the knot feeling the exact […]

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Ruth Gierer - A beautiful wedding! Karin, you have a way of capturing people! It looks like it was a gorgeous celebration!

Sherree Schneider - Karin…I really really LOVED the way you did their wedding rings…something different from the “norm”. You guys just do amazing work…I so love looking at your photo’s.

Amanda Zika - Girl, we rocked this one! What a beautiful flawless day! And nothing is more fun then doing what you love with dear friends 🙂

Kevin and Stacy, thank you for letting me part of your special day. Your wedding was so much fun and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

Blessings, Amanda

T Bran - Love, Love, Love the pics! Love, Love, Love the RED – and the caKe…..BEST EVER I SEEN TO DATE!

Tiffany - I Love this wedding- and of course T Bran already said it- the cake – the red- LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

clary - These portraits are awesome!

Dawn Devall - I love the one of them in front of the window, and the flowers in front of that window. LOVE that look!!! Good job guys!