P.Diddy did it twice. Prince changed his into a symbol.

The cliffnotes version of the very long explanation that was sent to our clients (new and old) and our friends is this…

Starry-eyed Studios was originally the business that I (Karin) started on my own.  At the time I did videography and photography separately, but people started requesting these services all in one.  Not one to decline the requests of the masses, we figured out a way to make that happen, and at that point Roger came on board part time to help, giving us the ability to offer both services all in one.  If you build it they will come… and they did!  We had more work than one person could possibly handle – and Roger’s part time help had no choice but to turn into a full time job.

So Starry-eyed Studios continued to prosper, but because the business was based on Karin’s ideals and brand – the business never really felt like it was “our’s” but rather still Karin’s. Roger is definitely the more low key, behind the scenes guy – but it was growing more and more difficult to feel like this business was just as much him as it was Karin. He puts in just as much sacrifice, input, and blood, sweat, and tears – but was disconnected to the brand. Starry-eyed Studios just simply wasn’t “us” .

We started throwing around the idea of changing the entire branding and marketing and renaming the business to better represent our combined vision and our personalities.  Because this business became a combination of us – our dreams, our love, and our passion – we wanted a name that represented a union, a merging of 2 people, a blending of ideas and lives. Our business is not only based on that concept only because of us, but because of you! Your promise, your vows, your love, your union. The day we created our union of marriage was October 16th, 2004. That date represents us better than any word we know – two people becoming one. So what better name for a business built on the same concept?

Now that you know the story, we hope that you will understand why we are making the change. We’ve come to understand that change isn’t a negative connotation if staying the same means you aren’t evolving and growing and letting your true selves shine. We hope you will proudly support our redesign and vision.  (And what we’ve been pouring our heart into the last 4 months – hence the lack of action on the blog!)

We have so many new things to share it’s overwhelming, but I think for today you’ve probably got enough excitement!  Please head over to our new website and take a look around, and bookmark both it and this new blog.  Our old web addresses will redirect to the right places, so you should be able to still find us without any trouble!

We hope that you will continue to support us and check out our work.  Our new design puts alot of emphasis on the “story” behind the photos.  We find it to be the most important aspect of our work, so we hope that you come back and share in the beauty of a wedding day, the joy of an engaged couple, and the hopeful ambition of a high school graduate.  And from time to time – a little “us”.

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Jan Wagner - Hey Karin and Roger…congratulations on your new name! I love it! That happens to be my birthdate, so I won’t have trouble remembering it. I’ve gotten to know your work through Donna Heeren and Lyndsey Stayton. I loved what you did for Lyndsey and Derek!!! Looking forward to keeping track of your future endeavors! Again, Congratulations!!!!!! Jan

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