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2 years ago, Roger and I embarked on our first project with our new nonprofit organization The Big Picture Project.  We had been on a humanitarian photography trip to Nicaragua in the summer of 2013, and left knowing our work wasn’t done.  We knew we needed to help, and we wanted to find a way to use our talents to do give back.  3 months later we applied for our 501c3 application to become an official nonprofit.  When we put our mind to something, we are all in.
In case you aren’t familiar with our organization, the cliff notes version of what we do is: Teach basic photography to impoverished individuals across the globe who have never held a camera.  We then sell their images and give 100% of the proceeds back into their community to provide lifeline needs.
Our first project we went in with a ton of hopes sprinkled with a heap of worry.  We didn’t know what the end result would be, but we knew we had to try.  As we handed cameras off and watched  individuals who live in a 10×10 one room home with dirt floors and no power or water see their world through the lens of a camera we were filled with joy.  I mean ALL THE FEELS.  We cried almost every day, and smiled more than we’ve ever smiled.  It was so fantastic to see why photography is so important, and I’ve never felt so connected to the art.
2 projects later we are leaving on our third project taking place in Kenya Africa tomorrow, and will be gone for a month to work with the Maasai tribe.
Is a month a long time to be gone?  It sure is, but luckily we have the most kind and supportive clients who understand why we will be gone and can rest assured that when we return we will be more inspired and refreshed than ever.  Luckily, the month of February is our slowest month of the year, so it coincides perfectly to use that time to give back with our gifts.
For those of you planning a wedding and considering TenSixteen, we hope you find us worth waiting for.  We hope you forgive us for the inconvenience while we do our part to make a difference in this world, and can appreciate that we hold love and compassion in the highest regard  – feeling that everyone across the globe deserves it.  We look forward to hearing all about your day when we return!!
For our beautiful clients who are getting married this year, we are so grateful for your support and patience and look forward to returning to a fantastic year of incredible love stories to witness and capture!!

If you’d like to follow along on our journey, you can follow us on Instagram, as well as following The Big Picture Project on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and as of recently Snapchat at bigpicproject.  We can’t wait to share this adventure with you and appreciate your understanding and support.


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