On the radio…whoa oh oh on the radio

’cause they said it really loud.

They said it on the air.

On the radio, whoa oh oh

On the radio, whao oh oh

On the radio.

Donna Summer?  On the radio?  Am I showing my age?

Well, if you’ve listened at all to Y-98 FM you may have heard our name a time or two.  Yes, as a matter of fact I do laugh and smile every time I hear it.  I mean – seriously – this may be as much action as Starry-eyed Studios ever sees of the airwaves, so I am loving it.  Keep an ear out and if you hear it you can shamelessly tell people “I know them!”

The radio spot is about a give away we have provided for the Gateway Bridal Show this Thursday – more info on that coming soon!

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