Nikki & Brad

I will say it right now.  Nikki & Brad’s wedding was the most meaningful, heartfelt wedding I’ve attended since my own.  And I’ve been to a few since then.  I’m not down playing any other wedding, because each and every wedding we do has a special place in my heart.  Each couple is unique and sacred to me.  But there was something about these two that brought back all of the emotion of my own wedding day.  Something very familiar.  And it was respectful love.  I think Kelly our assistant said it best at our own wedding when during a toast she said to us “The two of you are an example to all of us how we should treat one another”.  I’ll never forget her words or the way I felt when she said that.  And it resonated with me watching Nikki & Brad on their wedding day.  Because the love these two share is deep, visible and admirable.  They are one another’s best friend.

And have been one anothers best friend since… the 3rd grade.  No, I’m not kidding.  They have been boyfriend/girlfriend since the 3rd grade.  Do you remember the 3rd grade?  I remember making fake finger nails out of dried Elmer’s glue and secretly still loving Mr.Rogers.  I certainly can’t imagine meeting the man of my dreams (Besides Fred and his sexy sweaters…mmmm it IS a beautiful day in the neighborhood!) that I would someday marry!  But here it was, the day that this couple had wondered about since the 3rd grade.  And I’m betting it was more than they ever had dreamed.





Brad.  My definition of a gentleman.  And he is the I gotta tell ya.  He is handsome, he would totally kill a spider for you and open your car door, and I guarantee he is a handy kind of guy who could fix anything – a Macgyver of sorts.  And he loves Nikki so much it radiates from him. 


And Nikki.  Gorgeous, sweet, easygoing, and the most likeable human on the planet.  You can’t help but be mesmerized by her.  I must have said 1000 times that day that she is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.  You can tell alot about a person when they don’t think anyone is looking.  And no matter what, Nikki is genuine and kind.  She is my definition of beauty.


Best programs I’ve ever seen EVER.  For more info on the genius that made these, please contact me.12-1

And here is where I lose it.  There is nothing better at a wedding then the moment the groom sees the bride for the first time.  It tells the entire story of the day.  And this is why you can’t not love this man.07-1



This ceremony was filled with tears…05-1

and laughter.04-1

and some sneaking and hiding behind the ferns when the priest wasn’t looking.


And as if all that wasn’t enough to make for a perfect day… then we went to my newest, most favoritest place in the world. 






And here is my favorite from the day, and a definite addition to our office wall.  I dare you to tell me this isn’t hot.  I dare you…




At the wedding ceremony, I cried when I looked at Brad.  And during the toast, my eyes welled up a bit with tears.  And during the mother/daughter dance, I hyperventilated and made noises from crying so hard.  The strength of a mother’s love is like no other love out there.  And everyone in that room felt it.  You could have heard a pin drop.  Or, me whimpering behind my camera.


An awesome bouquet shot by our assistant Kelly


And an awesome serenade my the groomsmen.


And there it is… happiness.



Brad and Nikki – your day will never be forgotten by us.  Your day touched us deeply and wholeheartedly.  Your personalities are infectious and there isn’t a person who doesn’t love being around you both.  I am honored to have captured your memories and to tell your story, because the two of you are an example to all of us how we should treat one another.  Enjoy your happily ever after!

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Bubbles - Wow!! I swear Karin you are the best photographer ever! The pictures just in the blog are awesome!! Get ready to venture out to Cali when I get married.

Dondi - Karin, Just so you know I did gasp when I seen that picture you say is your favorite! I mean come on! Those some of the most GORGEOUS wedding photos I have ever seen. What a beautiful couple. AGAIN great job Karin!

Amanda Zika - Wow, wow, wow, wow!!! These are beautiful. Absolutely stunning! They look like they are straight out of a magazine!

Morrisa - Fabulous as always, and beautiful subjects I might add!

Leah Emig - OMG … amazingly amazing! and that’s all i can say ! 🙂

T Bran - Love these photos – what a gorgeous couple….

Nikki Emig - How do you thank the most talented and wonderful person in the world? Karin, I cannot imagine how my wedding would have went without you, Roger, and Kelly. Brad and I are so in love with you guys and our photos. You totally captured the day! I am so glad that you are in my life and you will never be let out:) Thank you again, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I am so beyond happy. Oh by the way I am going to keep pimping you out!!

Dawn Devall - Karin, seriously!!! I can’t keep looking at these at work and crying over people I don’t know! Love is a beautiful thing, that is fo’sho! You are more talented than you give yourself credit for. You inspire me!

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