Nicole & Zane {married}

In one word?  Charming.  But one word, would never encompass who Nicole and Zane are individually.  As a couple, in one word?  Adorable.  But a million words could never encompass who Nicole and Zane are as a couple!  We see plenty of people who are in love, and all of them show that love in different ways.  But Nicole and Zane have the love that songs are written about, novels are created for, and movies are based on.  It’s one of the best loves I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.  They know what they have is special, and are thankful and appreciative for finding something so special.  They are truly, wholeheartedly, soul mates.  And they have IT.  The thing that everyone searches for and prays to find.  We love them for nothing more than their authentic-ness, because their fearless open hearts make them so genuine.  They inspire us.  To be better, to be kinder, and to project the love and happiness that they do.  How awesome is it to inspire two people in love, who see love daily, to be better at love??!!  But they are just that… in one word – inspiring.  But one word would never encompass all that this couple is.  And just like their love, their wedding day holds so much more than words – a million words – could ever say.  You have to see it and feel it.  So enjoy this visual glimpse into one of the most amazing days ever…

A special thanks to Amanda Zika from Dreaming Tree Photography for shooting with me while Roger was out of town.  It felt so great to have her by my side when my sidekick was across the country!!Zane is just as charming as he is handsome.  If he smiles at you (and he’s GOING to smile at you) you are done.  You love him immediately.  But what will REALLY get you is when you see the way he treats his momma.  And after that he is the favorite man you’ve ever met!!  No question why Nicole is so very in love.And NO question why Zane is so in love.  Pure beauty inside and out, Nicole is breathtaking.  And so amazingly sweet.  She’s pretty much my idol!!Beyond sexy!!OMG – the prettiest couple in the universe.As if the day wasn’t great enough – Nicole got her hands on tis GORGEOUS old, blue truck.  And we were in HEAVEN!!In case you haven’t seen the amazingness of Peace Love Productions – this video is a MUST SEE!!  Tears were shed by all!

Nicole and Zane – I don’t know what else to say but we love you.  We’ll always hold you dear to our hearts, and we hope that our friendship doesn’t end here.  Just like the hundreds of people you call friends – we feel happier just being around you.  You make us optimistic.  About love, and friendship, and life.  We are thankful for your business, but forever grateful for your friendship and kindness.  XOXO

Just a blog of photos could never encompass all that this wedding day was, so look at more images in this slideshow!  You won’t want to miss it!!!

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Kelly Park - BEAUTIFUL wedding, fabulous job Karin!

Mr. & Mrs. Gray - Karin! You made us cry all over again watching the slide show and reading your blog! You are so sweet!! What an amazing job you and Amanda did! You captured everything thing perfectly,we truely feel so blessed to have found you to share this day with us. Thank you, Thank you a million times for everything! We will cherish these photos and our new friendship with you, Roger and Amanda forever!
Love you!
Zane and Nicole Gray

Brianne Moeller - You guys look so amazing!!Loving all these pictures!

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