Nicole & Brent’s E-pics

I’m guilty of it too.  The incessant chatter about rain.  I have found this fall to be quite annoying.  Between the non stop rain, the ladybugs (Please – don’t get me started on this), H1N1, and that dang Lady Gaga and her Paparazzi video…I’m downright pissed.  Another for instance – Nicole and Brent’s engagement session.  It was a perfectly decent Sunday afternoon.  I’d already shot Jenny’s senior pics and was off to a really good day.  Nicole and Brent had an afternoon engagement session and the weekend was peak for color.  Everything was in line for a rocking good day.  (PS – I also knew that Brent and Nicole are hot, so I KNEW it’d be good)  SO – we pull up to meet these two and I calmly say to Roger “OMG IS THAT A SPRINKLE ON THE WINDSHIELD???”  He matter of factly said he’d watched the weather and they didn’t say anything about rain.  Someone just must have spit on our car I figured, so I calmed down.  I no longer got out my camera and it started.  Slow at first.  Just enough to make me mad.  And then a steady wet mess of it.  So we switched locations.  3 times.

Now – I’m not gonna lie, I went ahead and told Mother Nature off (Oh no she diinn’t!), and figured I’ll show her… we’ll just make this session rock.  And the rain – was a blessing in disguise.  Because it made us work.  Made us think.  And made us use locations we wouldn’t normally.  But that we should use more often!  Enjoy these photos – this couple worked their booties off and endured rain to get them!

This bridge – I love it.  Never photographed a couple there.  But gosh darn… I loved it.


I am not going to sit here and act like I’m not pumped about this image.  I looooove this building that is down the street from my house and loooove the sky and the way the light hit it.   It is by far – one of my favorite images of all time.  The right place at the right time, and we never would have been there if it weren’t for the rain.  Funny how life works isn’t it?


and this old metal building that is on our property that I drive by every day and look past because it’s just a hunk of old metal – look how awesome it looked!11

The moral of this story is – everything has a way of working out.  Mistakes and hardships are disguised as lessons, and sometimes what you were looking for was right in front of your face the whole time.  Right Nicole & Brent???

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T Bran - Awh – these are superSWEET! Another great job! They should just fall in love with them – love how you tell a story too!

clary - I agree with everything about this post, from the ladybugs to make the best of the worst! Adore you:)

Kyle - bowmp-chika-wha-wow with ocf!!!

Dawn Devall - HOLY COW!!! Talk about perfect timing!!!! That is AWESOME!!! Love them!

Kelly Ross - Beautiful couple!! Love you Brent & Nicole!! Love the pics!

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