Nicole & Brent {Wedding Day}

Looking out the window in my office, I asked myself where the fall color went.  Did it even happen?  I don’t remember hardly seeing any color this year.  And then as I gathered the images for Nicole & Brent’s blog I found it!  The magnificent colors of autumn.  Hallelujah!  Not only was the colors of their day fantastic, so were the details of the day as well as how smoothly everything thing went.  The day was relaxed, colorful, warm – but not too warm, fun, and carefree.  Just like a day in autumn should be.  Enjoy Nicole & Brent’s spectacular fall wedding!

First things first – I have a small crush on the flowers at Nicole & Brent’s day.  Grimm & Gorly always does an amazing job, but the flowers this day were mind-blowing!  LOVE them!
Nicole & Brent – you are both so darn pretty.  I can’t imagine the gorgeousness you will have on your hands when you reproduce!Did I mention the flowers?AYKM?  GORGEOUS!There is that yummy fall color that was so brief this year!  The sun in the fall is a photographers dream, and coupled with warm yellow and orange hues… we’ll it’s just smooth like butter.

Just when I think I have another wall portrait picked out for the office – another shot comes along saying “Pick me!  Pick me!”  I think I’m gonna need a bigger office!
The golds and the purples outside followed us inside!  I love when a day has the same tones throughout – from the dresses to the flowers to the ambient light to the decor.  It’s magical when it all comes together.Speaking of magical… mullets.  There’s something really magical about mullets.  Dontcha think?
If you go to enough weddings you can pretty much call it on how the day is going to go.  Sometimes Roger and I will put a wager on the first dance song, whether or not the couple will smash cake on one another, which groomsman will be inebriated first, you know – typical wedding day bets.  But one thing we can always guarantee, is that during the bouquet and garter toss – there will be an all out battle for the bouquet, and the garter will be treated like a repulsive piece of trash and will hit the floor.  This is a great example… the crowd of guys even parted so no one had to even come in contact with it.

One thing that we could have not predicted however was that there would be a full blown dance off between the groomsmen and the bridesmaids.  I don’t think the groomsmen knew what they had bargained for!  Check out Nicole and her bridesmaids work it out!  (You don’t want to miss it!!)

Single Ladies from Starry-eyed Studios on Vimeo.

Nicole & Brent – everything you worked hard for, dreamed of, and envisioned materialized on your wedding day.  And this time – I’m not just talking about your flowers, or your dresses, or your details.  I’m referring to your love and the beginning of your new life together as husband and wife.  We hope that you two have a wealth of happiness growing old together and that you make lots and lots of babies!

Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your day!

Special thanks also to Laura who assisted us!  Thanks for helping us out and saving the day!  You were a pleasure to work with and we can’t wait to watch your talent continue to flourish!

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Laura Ranger - Thanks Karin and Roger…I had a great day with the both of you and what a Beautiful day for a wedding! Nicole and Brent Congrats, your pictures are Gorgeous…Awesome colors and Nicole your dress was Beautiful!!

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