New look…

My house is neutral.  The walls are beige, the carpet is beige, the outside is khaki and white.  Neutral.  Boring.

I’m not a biege type gal, btw.  So why in the heck would I live in a beige house you ask?  Because I am a creature of  the moment – loving something now, but changing my mind quickly.  So Roger vowed as we painted our entire house ourselves that I could change my mind on decorations, but the paint would have to go with everything.  Nothing trendy.  Nothing popular.  He calls it timeless – I call it boring.  (I did get to pick the bathroom colors – one is red and one is silver – and they were the hardest colors to paint and he cussed the entire time.  True story.)


So, I bring up this story – not to bore you – but to explain why this blog and the website will get revamped alot.  Because as Roger will tell you – I’ll love the colors and the way it looks for awhile – but ultimately, I’m gonna change my mind and want something new.

So enjoy this new look and know one thing…  this blog will never, ever, EVVA – be beige.

Something new you’ll want to look at – a page has been added called ALBUMS (it’s up at the top) that I will post recent albums on.  I think it’s great to see people’s finished products.  Speaking of which – the VIDEOS tab will be updated much more frequently with clips from recent films we’ve completed.  Don’t forget to check that tab out!

We also have some huge news coming soon.  A little project we’ve been developing.  (I feel like I always need a disclaimer interjected after saying something like that because everyone automatically thinks pregnancy.  So for those of you who think that way – it’s nothing THAT earth shattering.  ~I feel you wiping the sweat off your brow, mom.)  I can’t wait to talk about it and share something exciting, something new, something unique, something… not beige.

Don’t be lame  – pipe up and let us know what you think about the new look!  We love when people comment!

And because this blog is better with a photo with it – enjoy 2 rooms with color! (Silver is a neutral – isn’t it? OK – one room with color.)bathrooms

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T Bran - Love it! Absolutely love it!

Ruth Gierer - Well, I think your blog rocks!! And while I am shocked to learn that you live in beige, I really enjoy all the color you bring to the world thru your creative talent!

Danielle Mazander - Great new look guys!!! Way to keep us on our toes 🙂 Oh, and I LOVE the new photo of you, Roger, and your camera equipment. Who is that smokin hot couple in the background???? 🙂

Ashley Bywater - Although I did like the pink b/c it’s my fave color, I love the stars on the blog now. Nice work! 🙂

Kim Caserotti - LOVE the new look!!! And you are far from being boring Karin:-)

KathyLott - I can’t believe that when I had my maternity photos done at your house, I didn’t have to pee (I was 18 months pregnant, or it felt like it anyway). But it is probably best that I didn’t, or Harrison and I would still be living in that bathtub in your AWESOME silver bathroom!

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