My Birthday – why yes – I am only 25

I had the greatest birthday this year.  There were flowers, and cake, and hundreds of people there.  I felt so special.

(My hair wasn’t fab OK – it rained and my hair + rain = a big humid mess)

IMG_7059b copy

Look how dressed up these people got for my party!  That’s me telling them what kind of present I wanted.


Me and my dressed up party guest.

IMG_7147 copy

I got to do my favorite past time too!

IMG_7645 copy

My pretty cake – it was delish too!

IMG_7652 copy

OK – so maybe this was pretend.  I guess this party wasn’t really for me – although I kept trying to tell people all day that it was to no avail.  The real way I spent my bday was at Brandie and Steve’s wedding, and I wouldn’t want it any other way!  Post coming soon!

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Amanda Zika - Girl, you crack me up! I am glad you had such a wonderful party and such a big turn out! LOL!

Dawn Devall - Ha! too funny! It was a great birthday party, thank you for inviting me!!!!

clary - Has anyone told you how hilarious you are? Happy 25th birthday lady!!

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