Morgan & Bill {engaged}

The text came over Morgan’s phone… “Morgan… I like you.”  She texted him back – “I like you too Bill, you’re like my best friend.”  The sound of another text alerted her.  “No… I really like you.  As more than a friend.”  She search for a response in her mind and frozen in her tracks she finally replied “Oh…”  It was Bill saying this to her.  Her friend from college that she studied with, hung out with, was just good friends with.  She didn’t see him that way, but apparently he did.  She gently let him know that she just didn’t share the same feelings, but was determined that they wouldn’t loose their friendship.  And they didn’t.

They continued to talk everyday during that summer break.  And she started noticing things.  Like how every time he would text she was excited to hear from him.  Like how he would make her laugh like no one else could, and if she was having a bad day – a text from Bill would be the only thing to make it better.  And how out of all the people in the world, he was the one she wanted to spend her time with the most.  Why hadn’t she considered dating him?  He was her best friend, but isn’t that what the person you are dating and in love with becomes anyway?  He told her that when she was ready to be his girlfriend he’d be waiting.  2 weeks later – the stayed best friends, but became boyfriend and girlfriend as well.

Having such a solid foundation, when Morgan decided to attend a different school all the way in Chicago – leaving Bill all the way in Miami, they both knew their relationship could handle the distance.  On her birthday, Bill had let her know he wouldn’t be able to travel to celebrate with her.  He bought her a massage to use on the morning of her birthday, and even though she was down about not seeing him she headed out to the spa.  On the train ride home, she got a text from her roommate CJ to meet her at the beach afterwards.  They could have a picnic and Morgan could look for her presents that she’d hidden in the rocks at the beach.  When she arrived, CJ was no where to be found.  She called her and asked where she was at, and CJ replied to look for her presents by the beach.  On the rocks in the distance she saw a red rose, so she walked through the sand and picked up the rose.  She recognized it as the same silk rose Bill had given to her on their first Valentine’s Day together.  Behind it was a tupperware container with an iPod in it and a message that read “Read first then press play”  She read the love note Bill had written – still trying to figure out how it had even gotten there.  But when she put in the headphones and heard “Wedding Bell Blues” she knew what was about to happen!  She looked all around for Bill and finally saw him in the distance, walking towards her on the beach.  She ran towards him crying and right there he got down on one knee and proposed.  And she said yes!

The couple are planning a wedding at Chandler Hill winery near Morgan’s hometown for September of 2013.  Enjoy a few of the photos from their gorgeous Chicago engagement session!!!!

(The engagement location, and the rocks where Bill left the rose and iPod.  Gutsy, that Bill.)Bound and determined to get a shot with the Chicago skyline, we made a couple parking violations and grabbed some shots right as the sky was at it’s most awesome.  We walked away with some amazing shots and without a ticket.  (even though it was close!)

Morgan and Bill – thank you for showing us some of your favorite Chicago spots and throwing caution to the wind to get some where we asked!  We had a wonderful afternoon with two amazing people, and cannot wait until your wedding day!!  XOXO

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Kristen - I love the one with Morgan laughing! And the one with Morgan over Bill’s shoulders! And the one with the wine glasses and the skyline! And the other skyline one! And the one with just the bottom halves and the ring! !!!!!!!!

Kristen W - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!!!!! Great job TenSixteen Photograohy. They are all so beautiful. My favorite picture is the one in front of the mosaic piece and the piggy-back one!!

Mom and Dad (Buck) - We are speechless! Awesome job with the pictures. Cannot wait to see the rest!

Joyce Hildebrandt - I love the way that the pictures look more candid than posed. Morgan and Bill are such a cute couple and these photograps truly reflect that.

Amanda Rutter - Gorgeous pictures, Bill and Morgan! Your story is amazing, and I feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to meet you both in college! Congratulations, and I wish you so much love and happiness in the years to come.

CJ Tiso - These pictures are so stunning!! You both look so perfect together- the pictures bring out the absolute best in you both. Congratulations, and thank you to Karin and Roger for giving my best friends such amazing photos to have for the rest of their lives.

Pamela Liguori - The pictures are beautiful!! Congratulation to You and Bill!!!

Morgan & Bill - Everything turned out better than we could have even imagined! Thanks so much Karin and Roger for your dedication and amazing creativity! And of course for making a trip to Chi-Town 🙂 We are thrilled to have 10/16 as part of our experience!

Jen McCarthy - Morgan- these are amazing shots! You look stunningly beautiful! I’m so glad we’ve become so close over the past year. You were the first classmate I met and turned out to be my favorite. Can’t wait for next fall! You’re going to be such an amazing bride! Love, Jen

Uzma Manzoor - These pictures are simply BEAUTIFUL! props to the photographers…Perfect couple!

Muhammad Abbasi - Great pictures!

Sara LaMontagne - The photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love the ones with the skyline in the background. You can truly see how happy these two are together!!

Diana Baum - Chicago skyline and 2 close-ups are my favorites! Awesome!

What a beautiful couple!

Amy S. - The pictures are incredible! So happy for the beautiful couple! congrats!

Cristina Franco - BEAUTIFUL PICTURES, BEAUTIFUL STORY! I almost cried reading your story. It’s like a fairytale come true. Bill, you set the bar pretty high there. Good luck to the both of you!

Danny - I wish you both the best. The pics look great.

John Bowe - Morgan and Bill Congratulation! Love the pictures, especially the black & white one by the rocks and the one on the pier. Outstanding!!! Just keep the MoJo going. John Bowe

judi miller - The pictures are absolutely beautiful as is their love story. Both very fitting.

Diana - Morgan you are a beautiful lady, just like your Mom. Though I haven’t met you in person, I feel as I know you. Bill is a very lucky man. I really thought the pix sitting on beach with wine, and Chicago skyline is background was my favorite. Congratulations to you both. Diana (Mom’s Trainer at LIFEFIT)

Angie Gellner - Congratulations. Awesome photos!!

Rita Eglish - What great pitures, I love the ones with the city sky line.

rhonda marzinelli - BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL!! Best always!!

Jean Cyr - Morgan & Bill, All the photos are absolutely awesome! My favorit is the close-up of you looking into the camera. I wish the best for both of you always.

Michael Inzirillo - Great pictures guys! The photographers did an excellent job. Can’t wait for the big day!

Laura & Stan Crawford - We loved all of the pictures! They truly show how much in love Morgan and Bill are. We are so proud for both of them and sincerely hope all the best that life has to offer.

Judie and Roland Tiso - Beautiful pictures! Congratulations to you both!

Julie Buck - The pictures turned out perfect. They are reminiscent of my own back yard. How fortunate I am to live so close to these beautiful views and the two of you. You make a great couple & I wish you much happiness in your future endeavors.

Julie Buck - Your pictures are perfect. They are reminiscent of my back yard. I am very fortunate to live so close to these beautiful sights as well as the two of you. I wish you much success in you future endeavors together.

Ruchi - The skyline is definitely my favourite!

Kim - Great pictures!! Congratulations to both of you.

Erin Cavanagh - These are BEAAUTIFUL! I love the colors!

Laura Cullen - Great pictures and story.

Jim and Cyndi Frichtel - Wow what great pictures. Such a cute couple and your future together is going to be such a great adventure!

Charlotte Buska (Nanny) - The pictures are beautiful! I’m so glad you make each other very happy and I’m so proud of you! Love, Nanny

Beverly Watts - Morgan and Bill, congratulations! Your pictures look beautiful. Best wishes to both of you. 2013 will be here before you know it!!

Fred and Lillian Buck - Morgan and Bill the pictures look wonderful! We are so happy for both of you, Congratulations on a happy life together!

Mom Keese - Great pictures! Love them all. Very hard to pick a favorite. Cannot wait to see more.

Riley Rock - You guys are awesome! Love the pictures!!

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