Molly + Kyel {Wedding Story}

You sometimes need to get to know a couple before you can understand their dynamic.  How their lives intertwine and their relationship is built.  You can carefully observe, and watch for the subtleties and maybe catch glimpses of their story together.  And then there are couples – couples like Molly and Kyel – where their very essence is their love for one another.  Where you can see how they are together, how they love one another so visibly that you don’t even have to observe it – you feel it.  With every fiber of their being you can see how madly in love with one another they are.  How with a gentle glance the entire world melts away and it’s just the two of them.  It’s relatively rare to see a love so passionate and deep, so when you see it – you know.  You know that this couple will still be this same way 70 years from now as they hobble down a street arm in arm.  When they look back on their lives together they’ll know their love never wavered.  That they never lost the magic that they had on their wedding day.  And it is magical my friends.  Truly magical.  We are so excited to share this true love story of Molly and Kyel today.  Enjoy a look at the day they became husband and wife…MK_TENSIXTEEN_001MK_TENSIXTEEN_002The flowers truly made my heart skip a beat.  So gorgeous.MK_TENSIXTEEN_003MK_TENSIXTEEN_004Molly – I’m so blown away by your beauty.  You are so sweetly gorgeous in every way!MK_TENSIXTEEN_005MK_TENSIXTEEN_006Kyle – you are so charming and handsome.  I swear you should wear that suit every day.MK_TENSIXTEEN_007MK_TENSIXTEEN_008MK_TENSIXTEEN_009MK_TENSIXTEEN_010MK_TENSIXTEEN_011MK_TENSIXTEEN_012MK_TENSIXTEEN_013Molly and Kyel read their own vows and they were so beautifully heartfelt.  It is incredible to watch two people who have poured their hearts out on paper, read those words in front of a couple hundred family and friends.  One of my favorite wedding moments.MK_TENSIXTEEN_014MK_TENSIXTEEN_015MK_TENSIXTEEN_016I believe you can learn the most about a couple in one moment during the wedding day.  It’s not the way the groom looks at the bride as she’s walking down the aisle, it’s not the vows or the first kiss.  It’s what happens during those 60 seconds after a bride and groom walk down the aisle when there is no one else around.  That moment right there tells me everything I need to know about their love.  And when Molly and Kyel had that moment – everything I believed about their love was true.MK_TENSIXTEEN_017MK_TENSIXTEEN_018MK_TENSIXTEEN_019MK_TENSIXTEEN_020MK_TENSIXTEEN_021Molly & Kyel had the perfect amount of time built into their day for photos, so when you wonder why there are so many images from this day, you can thank the bride and groom for being so gracious with their schedule.  It was a dream come true and yielded a colossal amount of beautiful images!  They also had a perfectly sized wedding party who were fun and corporative and made the day perfection!MK_TENSIXTEEN_022MK_TENSIXTEEN_023MK_TENSIXTEEN_024MK_TENSIXTEEN_025MK_TENSIXTEEN_026MK_TENSIXTEEN_027MK_TENSIXTEEN_028MK_TENSIXTEEN_029MK_TENSIXTEEN_030MK_TENSIXTEEN_031MK_TENSIXTEEN_032MK_TENSIXTEEN_033MK_TENSIXTEEN_034MK_TENSIXTEEN_035The way Molly and Kyel melt into one another can’t be recreated – it’s so natural and graceful.  MK_TENSIXTEEN_036MK_TENSIXTEEN_037MK_TENSIXTEEN_038MK_TENSIXTEEN_039The new Jefferson Ballroom at Moulin is exceptional!!!  As you can tell, Molly and Kyel have great taste, and this event space was perfectly tailored for them.  MK_TENSIXTEEN_040MK_TENSIXTEEN_041MK_TENSIXTEEN_042MK_TENSIXTEEN_043I’ve seen a few first dances in my time, so at this point – even though I’m a crier by nature – it takes a lot to make me cry at a first dance.  And this one GOT ME.  I don’t think there was anyone there that wasn’t moved by this.  It was as if no one else was in the room.  You could feel every bit of their love.MK_TENSIXTEEN_044MK_TENSIXTEEN_045Molly & Kyel – what an incredible day you had.  We had ugh an incredible time capturing your love and your wedding day.  We couldn’t move the following day we were so sore, and that is the sign of one awesome wedding the day before!!  We cherish your images, are grateful for you choosing us, and will never forget the strength of your love.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Some details about the day:

Church – The Gathering Methodist Church
Florist – Walter Knoll
Make Up –  Emily Miller
Reception Space – Moulin Events, Jefferson Ballroom (this was the second wedding in the new space!)
Intro song – Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band
First dance – The Luckiest by Ben Folds
Last dance – December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) by The Four Seasons

From Molly & Kyel:
Special shout out – We had a lot of family and friends drive hundreds of miles to be there, which meant the world to us.

Molly’s favorite moment – I had a number of favorite moments… The first was getting the sweet card from Kyel before the ceremony began. The second was that my dad walked me down the aisle, which was something I had been looking forward my entire life. The third was Kyel and I serving our guests communion – that was very emotional for me.

Kyel’s favorite moment – Literally in his words, “You coming down the aisle.”

Anything they would change – The only thing I would change is out of my control and that would be the fact that the day flew by. I wish I could’ve stopped the day in its tracks.

Advice to other brides: To enjoy every minute of the day, and really take it in. All of the planning and hard work pays off on that day, so really be grateful and appreciate the day you have and who you are marrying. Also, don’t obsess over those gorgeous wedding magazines! They are helpful, but can also be hurtful so be careful!

Molly and Kyel’s gorgeous day was all done with no wedding planner – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding pulled off that well that didn’t have a planner taking care of it all.  But on the day, nothing mattered except that they were getting married.  So whatever advice Molly is giving, brides need to listen!!  🙂

Of corse there is more to see from Molly & Kyel’s day!!  Enjoy the video below of more of their wedding day!

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