Mollie + Jordan {love story}

It all started with a casual date at his house.  It was Christmas time, so they tuned into ABC Family to binge on low budget Christmas films like “Holiday In Handcuffs” starring Mario Lopez.  If you can make it through that I guess you can make it through about anything.  😉  Mollie and Jordan continued to go out on dates, but Jordan’s shyness began to be read as “He’s just not that into you”.  Mollie figured if he wasn’t interested that she’d just call it quits, but Jordan was having none of it.  The very next day he sent flowers to her at school and refused to let her dump him.  For as much effort as he was putting into keeping her, she figured she’d gotten the wrong signal and maybe it would work.

Some time down the road it became pretty apparent that this was going to last forever.  The couple had a big Hawaii trip planned, and Mollie hoped that maybe this would be the time Jordan asked her to marry him.  Any time they talked about the trip she would subtly bring it up.  Well, not EXACTLY subtly.  Like when Jordan would ask “What’s something you definitely want to do when we are in Hawaii?” she would respond “Get engaged.”  or “What souvenirs should we buy?” her response was “A diamond ring.”.  So even though she said it in a playful manner, Jordan was pretty aware that she was ready for the next step.
Little did she know that step was so close.
About a week before their trip while at his house before going on a dat, Jordan asked Mollie to come sit on the back porch with him.  When the conversation moved to their upcoming trip, Jordan told Mollie that they would not be getting married in Hawaii.  Her heart sank, but she didn’t want to seem like a crazy girlfriend so she totally blew it off like she wasn’t even expecting it.  He then went on to say that they weren’t going to be getting engaged in Hawaii because he wanted to ask her to marry him at the place they had there first date and where all their memories were made.  So right there on that back porch, he got down on one knee, told her she is his best friend and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  She cried and said “yes.”

Enjoy a peek at Mollie and Jordan’s beautiful winter engagement session!!



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