Missy & Dan {Wedding Day}

Melissa & Dan have a unique kind of love.  First – they have a love that is like teenagers.  Giddy in the other’s presence, blushing when he compliments you, and the inability to be without the other for more than 20 minutes without missing them terribly.  Then – they also have the kind of love of a couple that’s been married for 50 years.  And understanding of the other person’s needs, a quiet look when no one is watching that says “I love you to the depths of my soul.”, and a genuine respect and admiration for one another that is so mature and wise beyond their years.

I enjoy watching people on their wedding day when they don’t know I’m watching.  And while that sounds like perhaps that could also be considered a “stalker”, I mean it in a much less offensive way.  You can learn alot about a couple when you quietly sit back and watch them interact together.  What I learned about these two is that there love is special, deep, distinct, and real.  I fell in love with them the very first time I met them.  So, if you haven’t met Melissa & Dan – be prepared to fall in love as well!!  If you are here because you already know them – you’ll recognize why you loved them in the first place.  Simply – it’s impossible not to love them, so enjoy Missy & Dan’s wedding day!!

Many of you know I have a little problem with shoes and details of a wedding.  It’s my crack.  So when Melissa told me she’d gotten pretty much all of her wedding day items from Etsy.com, I knew I’d be in heaven… and I was.  Please be prepared for gratuitous shoe shots throughout this post.  I have no excuse other than infatuation.

LOVE THIS HANGER.  Seriously future brides – if you don’t have one made you are foolish.  (no judgement)

THIS speaks to me.
Dan.  Dan.  Dan.  I’m not afraid to say that you’re fiercely handsome.  MA. JOR.
And Melissa – You are all that a bride should be.  Elegant, composed, and gorgeous enough to make other girls feel envious.  (Yeah,

your THAT good)Dan’s son was a very special part of the day.  I love to see not only two people make a commitment, but to become a family as well.  Melissa was the missing piece of the puzzle that makes their family complete.See that?  That is the look of love.Big puffy heart this gorgeous church.  SO pretty.If I was forced to only show ONE photo of Melissa & Dan’s day to tell the entire story… this is all I’d need to show you.Every girl has a inner model yearning to come out.  Melissa found hers in this alley.  If you want help finding your inner model, let Melissa be your inspiration and rock it!Spider Man hands were a big part of the day.  But seriously… why wouldn’t they be?Timeless.And again I have another addiction to mention… food.  And candy.  And cake.  I don’t just go at something halfway, people – if I love something I am OBSESSED with it.  So between the shoes, and the details, and the candy… well I needed the smelling salts again because I nearly passed out.Melissa & Dan…

You two are so special and I love and admire your kind of love.  Nothing is more satisfying than watching two people so meant to be vow to be one another’s life long partner.  Thanks for making us love our job even more!!

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Melissa McLaughlin - I%20have%20said%20it%20a%20dozen%20or%20more%20times%20and%20will%20continue%20to%20say%20it%20to%20anyone%20and%20everyone%20who%20will%20listen%20(and%20hell%20maybe%20even%20those%20that%20appear%20not%20to%20be)….YOU%20ARE%20AMAZING!%20%20I%20cant%20not%20thank%20you%20(and%20of%20course%20%22your%20crew%22)%20enough%20for%20being%20so%20incredible%20and%20for%20capturing%20photos%20of%20our%20day%20and%20making%20them%20what%20you%20have….like%20something%20from%20a%20bridal%20magazine!%20%20As%20I%20told%20you%2C%20you%20were%20able%20to%20capture%20pics%2Fmoments%20of%20things%20I%20loved%20and%20was%20excited%20about%20and%20also%20took%20things%20I%20was%20disappointed%20in%20and%20made%20them%20appear%20so%20much%20better!%20Your%20kind%20words%20make%20me%20beam%20and%20I%20can%20only%20hope%20and%20wish%20for%20everyone%20we%20love%20that%20have%20and%20feel%20what%20I%20do%20with%20Dan!

Melissa McLaughlin - oops…hopefully you can delete that…I am SO computer illiterate at times! What it says is:

I have said it a dozen or more times and will continue to say it to anyone and everyone who will listen (and hell maybe even those that appear not to be) YOU ARE SO AMANZING! I can not thank you (and of course “your crew”) enough for being so incredible and capturing photos of our day and making them what you have…like something from a bridal magazine! As I told you, you were able to capture pics/moments of things I loved and was excited about and also took things I was disappointed in and made them appear so much better! Your kind words make me beam and I can only hope and wish for everyone we love that they have and feel what I do with Dan!

Okay – sorry about the mess up!

Ashley Bywater - Ok…from where did she order that hanger?!

Emily W. - I am in love with those earrings!

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