Michelle & Tim {married}

From the first moment meeting Michelle, I knew I liked her.  I mean, she did tell me I look like Justin Timberlake’s wife.  While I question her judgement, there is still something very promising about that. 😉  But it all honesty, it was her desire for a nice wedding day where the most important factor wasn’t the linens or the shoes, but the fact that she was marrying her best friend.
Her plans became a reality on December 7th.  The weather outside was cold, but inside the church was warm and cozy.  There is something special about a Christmastime wedding.  There is a heightened excitement in the air, and a happiness around every corner.  The glow of the candles and the sunlight falling from the stained glass warmed the church, the sounds of the wind blowing the wreaths against the front door were softly drowned out by the guests merriment as they entered the church.  And a relaxed bride and groom who had come to that day for all the right reasons stood in front of close family and friends and promised to be true.  There is certainly something magical about this day.  Please enjoy Michelle & Tim’s wedding day!

If you are going to have a wedding in the month of December, you better rock a Christmas theme, and that is exactly what Michelle and Tim did!

I think you realize at this point that Michelle & Tim made some pretty awesome decisions for their wedding day… but this?  This is my favorite one.

Michelle – you were absolutely stunning on your wedding day.  From head to toe you looked completely elegant and poised.  I know you are not accustomed to having your photo taken, but you absolutely rocked it.

and Tim – you are so handsome and kind.  Also easy to take photos of, you should find yourself in front of the camera more often!! 😉

Michelle & Tim didn’t want a formal first look.  She wanted to walk into the church and just see Tim – no elaborate reveal or event.  And I’m not going to lie – they were just adorable.  It’s so nice to see two people stick to what is authentic to them.  If you aren’t big production people who enjoy the spotlight – then embrace that and just do you!!  I love that every aspect of this wedding, these two kept true to themselves!


You know you have good friends when they are willing to wait out in the cold with bells for you! Michelle & Tim’s reception at JoDanni’s Amore was so well done and cozy.  And even more Christmas decor to boot!
We took a quick trip outdoors to get a romantic evening photo of the couple.  We always love night shots when we can do them and these were exactly what Michelle had envisioned.Michelle’s ring is INTENSE.  I’m fairly sure it goes from knuckle to knuckle.  One thing for certain, Tim wanted it know that his girl is off the market!  😉  And Tim – I can’t think of a better way to do that!!Michelle & Tim – thank you for choosing us for your wedding day.  Your day was warm, inviting, and genuine – just like the two of you.  We couldn’t be more thankful to have been a part of it!

Enjoy more of Michelle & Tim’s day with this heartfelt slideshow of images!!

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Andrea - Stunning photographs. Love the slideshow song!

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