Michelle Rocks The Dress

Michelle got married last year on a cold Novemeber day.  So as we scheduled a Rock The Dress session, we were thinking warm and a rural setting – the polar opposite of her wedding day.  Well somehow it managed to be a cold day in August.  If it weren’t for the leaves – you would have sworn we were right back in November.  Regardless of temperature and the cold looking sky – Michelle rocked it.

Here’s a few that at least look warm…



When Michelle wanted something rural I explained she should come to my neck of the woods because I live in the country.  When I say that I think people think – oh it can’t be that in the middle of nowhere, I’ve seen corn before.  Well, ask Michelle.  I think she thought she was on another planet.  She had several questions as to how different it is here than St.Louis.  And she got very familiar with the bugs and wildlife that live in the country with me.   But she wanted rural… so she got it.


I was so happy to have my friend and one of our talented assistants Dawn along.  She is amazingly talented and keeps me in stitches all day long.  Although her photography business isn’t concentrating on brides as much as it is families and children – she came along to have some fun and also got some great shots to boot.  Her website is in the works, and when it is up I will link it to here so you can see more of her amazing work!


Michelle – way to be a trooper with the weather, the bees, and our lack of lines in the roads… you were just as fun on this day as your wedding day and I loved getting this completely different look in your wedding dress!  One day is just not enough to wear a dress that fabulous.  Especially with tennis shoes!

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Michelle - They look great! Thanks girls I had a ton of fun. Dawn, you did an awesome job too! I can’t wait to see them all.

Dawn Devall - Michelle~ it’s so funny to bring big city people to “our country” It was fun!!!! I appreciate the opportunity from both of you!!!

T Bran - K&D – Love these! What an opportunity for this bride to get to do something a little different and have alot of fun with the 2 of you – great work! I remember this wedding too!

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