Michelle & Eric {Wedding Day}

We started off the hot July Saturday of Michelle & Eric’s wedding at Michelle’s parents house.  There was a buzz in the room where all the bridesmaids laughed and got ready for the big day.  Michelle anxiously watched the weather which had the same news of every day this summer… hot and humid.  The weather was not a damper on Michelle’s mood though.  The excitement was billowing from her – with every laugh and every glance there was no mistaking that today was the day she’d marry her best friend and there was no mistaking how much happiness this day would enfold.  Enjoy Michelle & Eric’s happy day.The green and purple color scheme with bright yellow accents were incredible.  I know I’ve said it before but you can tell when someone has went above and beyond for their wedding day when you look back on the day and it consistently has a certain hue from start to finish.  It makes it fun for us to put the images of the day together in a way that showcases how well the tones all flowed.Michelle – you are major in your photos.  Why didn’t you mention you were a supermodel?and that Eric models too!?!One of my favorite church shots of all time.  Just yummy.Photographers scout locations to photograph at.  When we do we are looking for charater, textures, uniqueness, and most of all – awesome light/ consistently shaded areas.  We didn’t have time for a scouting trip because we were shooting Ashley & Nathan’s wedding in Florida, so I explained to Michelle what we needed and sent her on a mission.  And – she nailed it!  Way to find such a gem Michelle!  You rocked it!At weddings, I am the director.  While talking, trying to make jokes, and awkwardly laughing loudly when people don’t laugh at my jokes – I move people around and tell them where they should stand and sometimes how they should stand.  Roger then gives me a nod to let me know it looks right and assures me that I am doing a good job (or corrects my mistakes without me knowing it while I’m trying to tell jokes again).  But this time Roger came up with the posing and the location for the guys.  I don’t know what you think, but I think I should stick with the jokes and let him do the posing.  100% my favorite groomsmen shot ever.
Thank you Cassie for getting Michelle to laugh – and Roger for capturing it!  I love this series! We lucked out on the sky that day!  And on the hot couple to stand in front of it.

Michelle & Eric – It’s 100% obvious that the two of you are best friends first and foremost.  We loved watching your day unfold and how much the happiness grew when you two were finally side by side.  When you two are together there is something fantastically complete about they way you are.  It’s as if true comfort exists when the other is by your side and without it a piece of the puzzle is missing.  We were so glad that you two chose us to spend your wedding day with!  Congrats for finding your piece of the puzzle!

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Ashley Gwin - Beautiful! And it looks like Michelle did a great job of scouting places while we were in FL! Awesome work. 🙂

Michelle - ah!! I am SOOO in love with you right now! I’m at work and I can’t get anything done because I keep looking at the pictures! You are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for capturing our special day with such beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to see them all! 🙂

Amanda Zika - If I had half your talent I would be one happy girl. These are amazing and that bride is breathtaking. A classic beauty!

Cassie - Hands down, the most gorgeous bride ever! Amazing job Karin and Roger, I think you have outdone yourselves. Now I just wish I could get something accomplished instead of starring at these pictures all day.

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