Meredith & AJ {Wedding Day}

They are indeed perfect individually, so as you would assume they are even better together.  Enjoy what two amazing individuals look like when they fall in love and say “I do”.

Meredith certainly gets her sweetness honestly.  Upon walking into her parents home we were offered food, drinks, a little background into their home, and smiles and friendly people were everywhere.  It was so obvious that Meredith is amazing because her family is amazing.  And speaking of amazing…

You know Roger always wins the battle of “who can take the prettiest photo of the bride.” but I will say, it’s very easy to win with someone as gorgeous as Meredith!

Oh AJ… your so damn handsome.  I can barely stand it.  (Roger would like me to make sure everyone knows he did not write that.)

Yes indeed, even the kids were remarkably good looking.  The genes here are phenomenal.  (Meredith has sisters and a brother that are not married.  Just sayin)


If you are incredibly great looking, with a personality that outshines your looks (which who knew was possible?), what are you going to have for your wedding day?  Um – just an amazingly great looking wedding party!!!  They were ALL incredibly sweet and nice and good looking too.  I’m telling you – you don’t walk away from this day without feeling pretty darn average.  I thought people like this only existed in urban legends, but they are real!!

My Lord Meredith – you look like a model.  Just AMAZING!

Roger’s mad lighting skills strike again.  I kissed him on the mouth for this amazingness.  One of my favorite shots of all time.

If you saw where this was taken you’d be extra impressed.  I got several odd looks while shooting it.  I typically know that if people are looking at me like I’m wacko that I’m doing something right.  Not when I am at Wal-Mart or living my regular life mind you.  Just when a camera is in my hands.  Meredith and AJ – you. are blessed.  And you deserve everything wonderful that life has in store.  You are two amazing examples of how someone so beautiful should act.  The inside should outshine the outside no matter how gorgeous the outside is.  You have that.  You make people happy just by being yourselves and you two are cut from the same cloth.  We are so thankful you chose us for your wedding day and even more thankful to know you.  MANY wishes for a lifetime of happiness!!!

A must watch video of more of Meredith and AJ’s day!!  ENJOY!!



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