Meredith & AJ {engaged}

Senior year of High School Meredith had her mind made up that she’d be headed to college at Bradley University the next fall.  Her dad had other plans.  As a Millikin University graduate, his goal was to persuade her to go there as well.  To no avail Meredith wouldn’t budge.  It was time for him to pull out all the stops, so Meredith’s dad devised a last ditch effort that couldn’t lose… he called his old Millikin football coach and explained the situation and asked him if he could enlist the football team’s best looking player to show Meredith around to campus.  That player was AJ, and Meredith fell hook, line, and sinker.  That next fall she headed to college…at Millikin.

Her first 2 years of college she never ran into A.J. until one night at a party and from that exact moment on, the two have been inseparable.

Some time later the couple were enjoying a weekend in Chicago.  AJ had been telling Meredith about a fundraiser at his law school where students could buy Cracker-Jacks boxes, and there were prizes and gift certificates for movie tickets inside. She begged AJ to get a box for her so they could go to a movie.  About an hour before dinner Meredith got hungry so A.J. dug out the boxes of Cracker Jack from the fundraiser and gave her one.  She immediately opened her’s to see the prize.  Much to her dismay it was a terribly tacky ring from Claire’s. She threw the ring down, apologized to AJ that he wasted 10$ on such a hideous ring, turned around and started shoveling in the Cracker Jacks.  AJ said softly “What about this one?” and when Meredith turned around he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen.  His next question was “Will you marry me?” and the answer was a heartfelt YES!

Next September Meredith and AJ look forward to saying “I do” and starting their lives together.  Enjoy AJ & Meredith’s engagement session!

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Amanda Zika - I loved every photo and every part of this story! What an amazing couple and amazing love story. And they are both gorgeous!

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