Melissa & Pat {engaged}

She couldn’t have known she’d meet the boy she would one day marry when she embarked on the bus her freshman year of high school.  He’ll say he felt something immediately when seeing her for the first time.  She’ll say she was clueless.  He’ll explain how he pursued her throughout the rest of his high school days – asking her to homecomings, dates, and proms.  She’ll say she wanted to remain friends and turned him down every single time.   But after several years passed and she was having a hard time while in college, he was the first person she wanted to call.

“Hi Pat, this is Melissa” and stunned he didn’t say anything for at least a minute.  But after gaining his composure, they talked and caught up on life.  This girl that he’d tried to get closer to wanted to see him, so the fact he was in South Dakota and it was a 10 hour drive didn’t even become an obstacle.  The entire drive he was determined to hate her after all of those years of being turned down and broken hearted, but the second the door opened he couldn’t.  He made her spaghetti, rented some movies, and they spent the weekend catching up.  It was different this time, and after the weekend was over and they both went back to school – this time they stayed in touch.

That summer, before leaving for Romania for a month Pat asked Melissa to officially be his girlfriend.  And just like those days in high school with his hopes up high, she told him no.  She couldn’t bear the thought of starting a relationship before he was going to be on a different continent, and he couldn’t bear the thought of her telling him no again.  They talked here and there while he was gone, but the time difference proved a struggle.  When he came back, she encouraged him to ask her again, and with fear of rejection in his voice he asked her to be his girlfriend, and for the first time after a series of “no”s on June 19th, 2007… she said yes!

Their dating years have mostly consisted of phone calls, emails, and seeing one another on winter and summer breaks as school keeps them apart – even when she lived in Australia for 6 months their love stayed strong.  They would discuss marriage here and there, and when they did she always insisted he asked her dad for permission first.  He didn’t know which one was more scary – asking the girl that turned him down a couple dozen times throughout the years, or asking her father!  As a pretty good diversion, he teased her that he would ask her dad if she asked his for permission as well.  An ongoing joke, he’d always asked her if she’d asked him yet.   January of this year while home on break they decided to take her dog Bella on a walk down Rock Island Trail.  While on the bridge, Pat began his usual teasing – asking Melissa if she’d asked his dad for permission to marry him.  Frustrated with having this conversation again, she walked away from him with Bella.  “So… you aren’t going to ask him?” he asked, and with that she said “Come on Bella – let’s go!” and continued to leave him on the bridge.  As she walked away from him she heard him call out to her “Well, that’s OK because I already asked yours!!!”  He stopped her in her tracks, and when she turned around to look at him, he was on one knee – asking her to be his wife.  And on January 4th 2012… she said yes!!!

Melissa and Pat are planning their July 2013 wedding in Peoria IL.  Enjoy a few of their engagement photos from their gorgeous session where we started on the same bridge he’d asked her to marry him on!!!

Melissa – you are so gorgeous and in love in this shot it makes my heart skip a beat!!  Our favorite!

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Melissa Meyer - Love them Karin! Thank you so much for traveling to Peoria for this! We appreciate it so much! You and Roger are amazing, and we are looking forward to working with you on our Wedding Day! I can’t wait to get the disc in the mail!

Lindsey - Well, you did it again. GORGEOUS!!!! SO glad we could help send Melissa your way. She’s such a sweetheart and these pictures of the two of them are GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Congrats Melissa PS….Melissa, I need an update on school….haven’t heard from any of you in awhile 🙂

Scott Rauch - What a great couple you are – blessings to you – love the pics!

Amanda - You look gorgeous and the photos are beautiful! Amazing!

Stacey Bunting - Gorgeous photos! Captured some beautiful moments!

Ryan Fairchild - Great Pics. Congrats!

Jane Rytter - Wow They are all grown up and absolutely perfect for each other.
The pictures are gorgeous!

Tiffany - Lise, you look BEAUTIFUL! Pat and you look so happy! Congrats to you and best of luck!

Krystal - What a wonderful story and even more wonderful pictures! I wish both of you never-ending happiness!

Amanda Zika - These are gorgeous!!!! I love her outfit too. See this is how people should dress for engagement photos. And my favorite picture is your favorite!

Patti Vollmer - I LOVE the pictures! You are beautiful and your love shows through!!

karin - No worries Dorthy – Melissa and Pat have over 100 more photos headed their way – plenty with Pat smiling at the camera. We just chose a handful to showcase that we as artists enjoy. There is plenty more that you will like too!

Aunt Nancy - Great Photos – you both look very happy!

Debbie Meyer - God made you for each other….He brought you two together in His timing…you can see the love! Karin & Roger, love the pictures.:)

Linda - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you both!!!!!!

her little brother - Sis you look HOT Pat you look darn SEXY haha. 🙂

Lauren - Love the pics. You guys are such a cute couple. 😀

Grandpa & Grandma - Great pictures! They really show your love for each other.

Grandpa and Grandma - These pictures are great. You show so much love to each other.
Your wedding pictures should be gorgeous. You picked a good company.

Bethany Peters - I love the pictures! You guys look great. Robert and I couldn’t be happier for you 🙂

Lisa Thomson - Melissa and Pat, you look awesome. I do love the mix of pictures you took. You both look GREAT !! Your fun and love does shine through in every picture!!! How will you ever decide? We love you both! Aunt Lisa and the boys

Alix - You two look absolutely amazing in all of these pictures! I am so happy for you! 🙂

Brittany Cacciottoli - Awesome pics!!! Congrats!!

Nanno - Melissa, My sweet Sa is soooooo beautiful!!! I can’t believe how fast time has flown. You will be a beautiful bride!!
Pat, I am so glad that God has brought you into Melissa’s life, and in turn, into our family. We look forward to many years of family get-togethers.

The pictures and your story are absolutely beautiful!!!!! I can’t wait for the wedding!

Love you both tons!!!!

Uncle Chris - My favorite pics are of you both by the train!! Pat, don’t worry about Grandma. She also told me to smile more and show my teeth at my wedding. Of course, I complied 🙂

Adam - The pictures look cool!!

Sarah Atkeson - You two look AMAZING! Love the colors and the boots, Melissa! These capture the moment so well!



Sarah Sorenson - Love them!

Li Wiles - Nice pics!^^

Dad Meyer - Love the pictures. They are awesome! Makes a Dad want to cry. 🙂
Melissa, do you think I really did? Love you both!

Noel - Great photos! Too bad I cannot enter them in the camera club competition. I am really excited about Melissa being my future daughter-in-law. Good catch son.

Melvin - Nice!!

Melissa Meyer - Dad,
I don’t know what you are talking about?!? You never cry ;)Love you!

Tamata - BEAUTIFUL pictures! Congratulations to the both of you 🙂

Pat Altorfer - Love the pictures of them walking on the bridge. Beautiful setting. It couldn’t be more perfect.

Alison - Great pictures, you two look so cute.

Alex Clayton - The pictures look fantastic! I’m so happy for the both of you!

Stephanie - Awesome pictures, Melissa! You look beautiful!

Becca - So beautiful! 🙂

Jessica - I love these so much and am so happy for you both 🙂

michelle sahm - these are fantastic!!!

Dayle dillon - Melissa I hope I look half as good as you when I get MINE done. These photos are stunning!

Kerry Spiewak - Absolutely gorgeous engagement photos 🙂 So happy for you!!!

Becca - Wonderful pictures!

Theresa - Beautiful pictures and a beautiful love story. So happy for you both!

Sarah - Congratulations!!! What a wonderful beginning 🙂

Gemma Williamson - Stunning!!! Absolutely stunning!!! Made my heart glow, I am absolutely thrilled for you both. Your love and the raw emotion was captured beautifully. You two are going to breed good-looking babies ;p

Lynn - Bellissima!

Anna - You two look absolutely perfect together! Wonderful pictures. I’m so happy for you both 🙂

Emily B - Lovvvve the pictures Melissa. You look gorgeous! 🙂

Emma White - You guys look so BEAUTIFUL 🙂 perfect couple !!! Im so happy for you both and cannot wait to see you both soon in AMERICA xxx

Shauna - What a beautiful, awesome couple!!! Love the pics and y’all! Miss you Mel!

Bill P aka Total - You two look great together! Gorgeous and future-focused lady you are engaged to there Pat – do it right. Great guy and a big heart you are engaged to Melissa – do it right. Looking forward to the wedding 🙂

Bekki - Love the pics! You guys look so happy together!

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