Melissa & Dan {Wedding Day}

Melissa and Dan’s day was greeted with warm sunshine, a cool breeze, a blue sky, and a lot of purple and pink.  It was one of those days.  The weather, the church, the people – all easy on the eyes.  Melissa thought of every detail, and did not miss a beat when planning this wedding.  And Dan did what was asked of him – which lets be honest – makes him the Cadillac of grooms.  Especially when your bride has big hopes, and big dreams for this day.  And at the end of the day I know she looked back and realized that she’d just gotten everything she’d wished for.  A beautiful day filled with sunshine and laughter, perfect details and no disasters, and marrying the man of her dreams surrounded by family and friends… and a lot of pink and purple.  Enjoy Melissa & Dan’s wedding day!

Stunning.  Absolutely, positively, stunning.  studmuffin |ˈstədˌməfin|: a man perceived as attractive, typically one with well-developed muscles.  Check to the mark.And Melissa defines “pretty.”  If you look it up in the dictionary – this is what you see.

The girls were flawless…and the boys… well some of them may have had A.D.H.D, but hey – I ain’t mad atcha.

Especially when you can work it out, and awwww snap – they did.Dan is a large guy – I talked about his ability to bench press people on their engagement session.  So when Melissa said someone was bringing their dog to where we were taking photos, I am envisioning a 200lb raging, wild, barbaric dog with fangs and ginormeous paws that is going to jump on me and devour me in one bite – camera and all.  And then “Killer” showed up.  I enjoy the fact that if Melissa is taking to long or chatting too much, Dan can just throw her over his shoulder and take her where he wants to go.  Roger – after seeing this – has been doing calisthenics and drinking protein shakes every day.  It must HURT to be so damn good looking.A sea of purple and pink.  I am telling you, you would not have BELIEVED the decorations at their reception.  It was absolutely breathtaking, and almost brain overload for me personally.  I am a detail fan and I can honestly tell you that I O.D.’d on details.  I witnessed this hall the night before and I can safely tell you – that it looked NOTHING like the posh venue it had become.  It’s like on Extreme Home Makeovers when they yell “MOVE THAT BUS!!” and the kids are jumping, and the people are screaming, and then Auntie Ree Ree – that adopted her sisters 7 kids and works 14 jobs to support them even though she has Chronic Pulmonary Disorder from saving kittens from a burning building – stone cold passes out.  Yeah – I was like Auntie Ree Ree.  From the candy buffet that was completely purple and pink (did you know they make pink and purple Tootsie Rolls?) to the little cakes on each table (yes, I said cakes on each table.  This is where they get Auntie Ree Ree the smelling salts), to the pink and purple can coolies…

If you are planning a wedding and need a decorator – call Jenny Hailstone.  She is the Ty Pennington of wedding decorating – sans the bull horn, annoying voice, and spiked hair.
OK – everything up to here has been very seductive.  The pink and purple boas, the good looking people, the choreographed first dance… But every once in awhile you get that one shot.  That one photo that was taken in the mili-second where the planets aligned, and the heavens opened up, and the Almighty allowed you to push down your finger at that very nano second and click the shutter in order to provide the best possible image – the irreplaceable, one of a kind, priceless shot.  This happened at Melissa and Dan’s wedding… during the cake cut.

I am so, so sorry Melissa, but there is NO WAY that I could NOT put that photo on here.  To be perfectly honest… I’m considering getting a wall portrait of it.

Thank you to Melissa and Dan for letting us document your special day!  We hope that you two enjoy life together hand in hand.  Or – in your case thrown over Dan’s shoulder.  Best wishes!

You can view all of Melissa and Dan’s photos on Saturday and their slideshow will be up tomorrow.  Become a fan on Facebook and be the first to see all the slideshows and pics and have the ability to tag yourself – or your friends –  in the photos!!

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Laura Ranger - Melissa…your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Karin, you did it again! Love it!

Melissa - OMG! Karin I am speechless!! I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much and I’m so glad you photographed our PERFECT day! I LOVE THEM!! I LOVE THEM!! I LOVE THEM!! Can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks again 🙂

Erin Reich - These pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Melissa and Dan you are gorgeous! This was a perfect day for the perfect couple. I wish you both the best! And, I must say that the picture with Dan’s finger up your nose made my day 🙂

Stephanie - Ok, first that Auntie Ree Ree paragraph was hilarious. Got a good laugh from that. And I feel for these two because picking from all of those amazing pictures is going to be difficult. You are extremely talented!

Mary - I was wondering if you guys had any connections to the decorator Jenny Halistone. If you do, could I please get her contact information. Thank you very much

Mary Brune

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