Melissa & Bret’s Wedding

Some days, everything goes right.  The weather is good, you’ve got plenty of time for photographs, great locations, great lighting, and attractive people.  Well, Melissa and Bret’s day had all of that.  I cannot stress enough how important ample time for photographs is on your day.  Brides tell me all the time about the amazing shots they want, yet when it comes time to schedule they haven’t allowed the time it takes to get those great shots.  If you are wanting great photos at your wedding, play it safe and throw in an extra hour – and in that hour, don’t try to squeeze in some location that is either a popular one where 10 million wedding parties go or something that is far away and you could get caught in traffic.  We’ll talk more about locations later, for now, lets get to the details of Melissa and Bret’s wedding. 

The BIG details – don’t you just love the bigger sizes?  They showcase photos so much nicer than those itty bitty ones on the old site!21

Like a Coach Bag and a cammo hat, some things don’t go together in theory.  But Melissa and Bret are the definition of opposites that were made for one another.  They complete one another and keep each other grounded.  Seperately they are great people, but together they are amazing.121Melissa you are so darn gorgeous.  I just can’t help but stare at this photo of you and feel average looking because your so striking.img_3267b-copyAnd Bret.  Honestly Bret, I enjoyed your sarcasm a little.  And after looking through all your handsome photos, I even forgave you for all your lens cap comments.  You pretty much rocked it in your photos despite hating being photographed.  I’m proud of you!29

24The lighting in this church made me happy for days.  I know the average person never thinks about light.  Until about five years ago I don’t know if I ever even noticed it except when I was looking for a good place to get tan.  Now, light consumes my thoughts.  And when you get good light like this – you don’t pass it up.  Especially to photograph a flawless, angelic face like these sweet girls have.  I LOVE these girls!27


56No seriously…wow.  This is my favorite photo of the day.  Melissa – you rock my world.

mb_071I LOVE me a tunnel.  This is by far my #1 fave place to take a photo.  I love every bit of this small space located in good ‘ol Edwardsville IL.  I’ll take this spot over Keener Plaza any day!mb_082-1

57When I said the words out loud, I knew it sounded stupid.  So I said “OK, how about we only go there if it rains?”  Thank you God for the 5 minutes of rain!!!  Because this bus station was all that I dreamed it would be. 62



99Besides loving the larger photos and the great look of this new blog, I ask you – what lesson can be learned from Melissa and Bret’s wedding?  Put down your Coach bag and cammo hat combination, that isn’t it.  And don’t bother looking at lighting wherever you go because believe me – you’ll never get it.  The point is this – you can make a bus station and a tunnel with grafitti look hot when you put two people in love in front of it.  Don’t add stress to your day by going to the BIG, popular locations for photos.  Keep it simple and let the photographs reflect YOU, not where you are.  Because it doesn’t matter where you are, it matters who you are with.  Your new husband, your best friends, your family.  Celebrate what matters on your wedding day. 

Congrats Melissa and Bret!

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T Bran - karin & Roger – love the new site and love,love, love the new wedding pics –

Amanda Zika - Also, her wedding dress is so classic! It reminds me of something from a glamous Hollywood film. Oh, I love it! You are the best wedding photog in STL. I swear!

Morrisa - OMG I love this new blog!! Love the colors too 😉

Rainy - Love the new blog and so proud of you!!! These are amazing as always!

Melissa - Thank you so much Karin and Roger! Everything was captured perfectly! You guys rock and will definately be used again!

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