Melanie & Dan {Wedding Day}

Melanie & Dan’s wedding was on a warm (O.K., there has been NOTHING warm about this summer!  It was HOT!) Saturday on the 4th of July weekend.  Melanie, Roger, and I all graduated the same year from the same high school, so it’s always special to photograph someone you’ve know since Jr.High School.  And it’s extra special to see someone you know in love.  Dan & Melanie have a strong, calming, quiet love.  It takes some coaxing for p.d.a., and their love isn’t a “HEY!!  LOOK AT US!!  WE ARE IN LOVE!!!” kind of love.  It’s a glance, or a touch. A whisper or a breath.  It’s deep down soulful love, and something in the visual tones of the day well represented who these two are together.  Enjoy Melanie & Dan’s wedding!

Melanie & Dan – you are both such pretty gingers!  I cannot wait to see your children!

Rog caught my favorite image of the day.  Everything about this photo is gorgeous~

We almost missed this wall of photo opportunity.  Dan – thanks for amusing me and letting me pull you two aside.  As promised, it paid off!
Melanie & Dan – thank you for sharing your day with us!  You two compliment one another so well and make one another smile brighter and bigger than I ever knew possible!  Best wishes to you both!

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Amanda Zika - GOOORGEOUS darling, simply gorgeous! Seriously my favorite wedding of yours. And her dress is fabulous!!!!!

Melanie Kassing - love, Love, LOVE these!!!! Thank you for such beautiful memories!

Melissa McLaughlin - WOW! As always you guys did incredible work!

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