Melanie & Dan {Engaged} – The importance of a nice jacket, music, and Tom Petty

Music has a way of bringing people together.  Like the fact that Melanie and I met one another in Jr.High as we both played clarinet in the band.  I can’t say for sure, but I’m fairly certain that we were cool.  Like “I’m in the band and I love it – cool”.  Or like “Hey – stop messing with my clarinet case you big bully!” as I push up my glasses and adjust my training bra – cool.  (Sorry Melanie – the training bra thing was just me.)

But music also brought Melanie and Dan together – only in a less awkward way.  Melanie went out with her friend Danya to see her husband’s band one night.  As fate would have it – there was Dan.  They didn’t know one another, but there was an attraction, but both were in relationships and unavailable.  But something was there that you couldn’t put your finger on.  Something that didn’t let each of them forget about the other.

Fast forward a bit… single and fabulous Melanie has tickets to a Tom Petty concert.  It’s a weeknight concert and her friend that was supposed to go – backs out.  Melanie did what any grown up does, and had her friend Danya call Dan for her – to see if she could ask him out.  You can tell how smart Dan is – because he obviously thought it was a great idea.  Tom Petty – conecting people’s lives and changing them forever.  Rock on.

Fast forward once again… after enduring a long day at work, Melanie showed up at Dan’s house to a fire in the fire place, chocolates, and the latest version of Rock Band.  Dan tells Melanie he has something else for her and goes into the other room.  Wether it was the long day or the peaceful fire – Melanie nearly falls asleep, only to wake from the sound of rustling in the other room.  As Dan walks in he has a nice dress jacket on and she wonders if Dan is trying to get her to go out or if he bought a new jacket that he wanted to model for her.  When she explains she doesn’t understand why Dan has this jacket on – clearly she’s too tired to go out, Dan gets down on one knee and tells her that “When someone proposes to someone, they ought to have a nice jacket on!”

Dan and Melanie have a July wedding this year.  It’s sure to be filled with friends (Danya and her matchmaking self I am sure!), nice jackets, music, and perhaps if we are all lucky… a little Tom Petty.  (Melanie, I’m pretty sure I can still bust out some “Free Falling” on the ol clarinet.  Walking down the aisle??  First Dance???  Think about it and let me know.)

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Amanda Zika - This session is awesome! I am digging all of these Forest Park photos. Great job! Love them all!

Melanei Lancey - Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures! I cannot wait to get the disc! And again, thanks for the free music offer, but I think we’ll stick with the d.j., just to keep things simple. ; )

Pudge - Beautiful pictures! The “look of love” is what you have. Congratulations to you both.

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