Meghan + Cade {wedding story}

To say Meghan & Cade’s wedding day was highly anticipated would be an understatement.  There are a zillion reasons as to why.  Like for instance, the fact that we photographed Meghan’s sister’s wedding a couple years ago and captured some of our favorite – if not THE favorite photo – of all time.  In fact – go check it out HERE. (But COME BACK!)   When we photographed Ashley & Ben’s wedding in Davenport IA, we were treated like family the entire time, and we truly have a special place in our hearts for their families and them as a couple.  So when Meghan and Cade got engaged and contacted us, we could NOT have been more thrilled and honored.  Meghan always has a kind word to say, always cares about others before herself.  Kind and selfless, Meghan is truly one of the nicest people you could ever meet.  Although we hadn’t met Cade before, we knew if Meghan loved him – he would be fantastic.  And he most certainly was.  Charming, genuine, considerate – and a wicked sense of humor, Cade won us over in a heartbeat.
We made the trip up to the Quad Cities, and were greeted with warm hospitality and graciousness.  We knew without a shadow of a doubt – Meghan and Cade’s day was going to be fanatically memorable.  I’m sure you’ll understand once you feast your eyes on their stunning photos!  Enjoy Meghan and Cade’s wedding day!

The fantastic-ness of the shoes and the salon had me intoxicated from the moment I laid eyes on them.  Seriously.  Unreal.mc002mc003mc004
I mean seriously – you already like Cade don’t you?  His smile – you just cannot not like a man with a sincere smile like that can you?mc005mc006

Hello naturally gorgeous!  Who has skin that flawless??  Meghan – truly – you are so beautiful.  Absolute perfection.


Do you love the way she looks at him?  I do.


The way he looks at her isn’t so shabby either!  😉

WARNING – If you are done having children and want no more little ones, close your eyes.  Because I guarantee after seeing this level of cuteness you’ll be aching to reproduce.mc012mc015mc016mc017mc018mc019mc020mc021

Now, I’ve cried at a few weddings before.  Moments will hit me here and there, and I’ll shed a couple tears.  However I have never in my lifetime WEPT like I did at this wedding.  The entire day.  Just moment after moment of pure, raw emotion.  And love.  I’m a sucker for love.  Having a tight lens on, you get to be pretty up close and personal during some very intimate moments during a ceremony.  I could see Cade fighting it.  Trying to hold back his emotions.  But the words that were being read were too powerful, and meant way too much.  But shouldn’t they?  A wedding day is one of the biggest celebrations you’ll ever have for your love for someone else.  It should be filled with tears, emotion, and happiness.  I wish moments like this for every couple.  Moments that sweep you up, that take your breath away, that you’ll someday marvel at because they were your story – your legacy.  And your legacy isn’t just a run of the mill, average love.  It’s the kind John Legend writes songs about.  So get swept up in the love by all means!  Shed some tears, kiss, dance.  That’s what a wedding day is all about!


If you’ve been hanging around our blog very long, you may remember that this guy sang to his fiancé at their engagement session.  And he just happened to lend his talents to his sister in laws wedding day too.  With songs that he wrote.  That.  He.  Wrote.  Yep – more tears.


When Meghan’s sister Ashley was married, it was right in the midst of the Royal wedding.  Since Ashley was the princess Kate that day, we referred to Meghan as Pippa – Kate’s sister.  I think I was the only one who called her that the entire day, and likely the only one who still calls her that.  So in honor of my awkwardly calling her by a name that confuses people and has me coming off as completely insane… Pippa, you are stunning.  You are magnificent.  You look like a princess just like your sister.  😉mc029
And of corse every princess needs a prince.
I can’t even discuss with you how much magical light there was this evening at TPC Deere Run.  It’s the light photographers dream of.  I die looking at these, remembering the magical light and the gorgeous couple amidst it.  I.  Die.


I mean dear Lord would you look at that gorgeousness…


I’m speechless.  It’s like a dream.


Isn’t this like a fairytale world of sunsets and unicorns?  (Anyone who has been photographed by us should understand the unicorn reference)


Back at the castle…


After toasts that made me cry, there was the first dance that made me cry.  The tent was PACKED with people.  Everyone surrounded the dance floor to get a closer look.  And you could hear a pin drop.  It was as if these two were in a world of their own.  More magic for an already magical day.mc049mc050

And then I cried again…

Ben (see above) sang a song That. He. Wrote. for the father/daughter dance.  Meghan’s dad had never heard the song before and again – you could hear a pin drop.  Which makes crying so hard you can’t breathe really embarrassing.


And then the celebration began – and I swear to you – this group knows how to party.  There was not 5 inches of space on the dance floor and a good time was had by all!mc052mc053mc054

Meghan and Cade – what an honor it was to be a part of your wedding day.  You know how excited we were to be with your families, and in the areas you grew up.  You knew how excited we were about the locations, the details, the light (dear Lord the light!!!).  But I don’t think you could have know how excited we were that we were able to witness your true, magnificent love.  To marvel at two people so obviously made for one another.  To be a part of something unforgettable.  Thank you doesn’t even convey the level of gratitude we feel, but we hope you know that we were privileged to be chosen to capture your day and pay tribute to your day with your photos.  Cheers to you both and many congratulations!!!

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