Megan & Tyler {wedding story}

Megan was nervous and emotional on the days leading up to the wedding.  Would everything turn out perfectly?  Would everything go as planned?  However the day of the wedding she was completely calm, cool, and collected.  She knew that this was the day she was marrying the man of her dreams, and when push came to shove – the details really didn’t matter.  Tyler was equally as cool.  Enjoying some laughs with groomsmen, giving hugs to family members.  There was not a thing that could go wrong on this day.  And not a thing did.  Every once of the day was perfect, even when a soft drizzle came down during outdoor photos – just enough to bless the two with a little luck.  But it would be easy to say that luck is already on their side, because these two have found their soul mate in one another.  Their home is in one another’s arms and their love is enough to move mountains.

Enjoy Megan & Tyler’s beautiful wedding day!



Megan you looked spectacular!!  So at ease and in love!!


I don’t think Tyler enjoys being photographed, but you’d sure never know it by his photos!KB__2147

Now the one person that did get emotional, was this man.  Megan, the love your father has for you is completely endearing.  You were so fortunate to learn what love should look like from him first.  Every girl should be loved like that!!


Love this!






There is SO much more of Megan & Tyler’s day to see!!  Be sure to enjoy a bit more of this day in the sweetest  slideshow below!!  Love is sweet, and so are these two!!

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Jan Fuhler aka Mom - This is priceless! I couldn’t be happier for Megan and Tyler. I am so glad you were able to capture the true love between these two! Love mom and dad Fuhler

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