Megan + Justin {wedding story}

There is something so special about a New Year’s Eve wedding.  We have never photographed one that wasn’t memorable, exciting, filled with optimism and love, and just an absolute blast.  Every single guest, family member, and even the people hired to make the day perfect like us can feel it.  It’s palpable.
Megan and Justin are seriously as adorable as it gets.  They are gorgeous with the sweetest, kindest, most genuine love.  They care SO much about one another and it show in every glance, and every word.  We looked forward to this wedding the entire year knowing that it would not disappoint – and it certainly did not.
Despite the fact that we’ve had some weather challenges in the past on NYE – like a snow storm or a tornado – this day was fantastic weather for December 31st!  Low 50s, sunny, low winds… absolutely perfection.  Couple that with the most beautiful couple and settings, and add in a mix of excitement and anticipation and it just doesn’t get any better.
We are completely excited to share this amazing day with you today, so please sit back and enjoy Megan and Justin’s wedding day!
tensixteen_1858These Kate Spade shoes though.mj_tensixteen_088mj_tensixteen_089Justin is a manly firefighter, and he brought his manly firefighter friends with him to get married.  mj_tensixteen_090Justin is also a remarkably great gift giver. Like incredibly. After getting engaged he started an email account for her with her new name and sent emails throughout the year, starting New Years Eve 2015 – exactly one year before their wedding.  She was given the login info the morning of their wedding day.  Like Megan said “He is so good.”
mj_tensixteen_091and continuing the thoughtfulness – he even had a sweet message for Megan’s daughter as well.mj_tensixteen_092mj_tensixteen_093mj_tensixteen_094mj_tensixteen_095mj_tensixteen_096mj_tensixteen_097mj_tensixteen_098Seriously so handsome.  Justin’s sister Heather mentioned Justin looks like Bradley Cooper – which I can totally see.  And Justin – even Roger knows that’s a compliment. 🙂mj_tensixteen_099This photo is completely different than our typical editing style, but we just thought it was so perfect for the photo.
mj_tensixteen_100Megan is that all American girl beautiful.  She looks so vibrant and sweet, Cover Girl model, beautiful.  She and Justin just make the most adorable pair.mj_tensixteen_102And don’t worry – there’s those crisp colorful images to show off Megan’s eyes and classic red lip! mj_tensixteen_103SO Megan is amazing, and Justin is amazing, but my word it runs in the blood because Justin’s sisters are AH-MAAAAZING.  The most amazing.  Erica and Heather gave their brother the sweetest, sentimental gifts and no one in the room – including myself – had a dry eye.  Love to see such fantastic sibling love.mj_tensixteen_104A perfect maid of honor.mj_tensixteen_105mj_tensixteen_106Megan and Justin didn’t have a first look like your average first look.  They had a blindfolded look lol.  But even though Justin couldn’t see his bride, she still managed to take his breath away.  The most emotional first look without the look ever.mj_tensixteen_107Really these kids though.mj_tensixteen_108mj_tensixteen_109mj_tensixteen_110mj_tensixteen_111mj_tensixteen_112mj_tensixteen_113mj_tensixteen_114mj_tensixteen_115Married!mj_tensixteen_117and a family!!mj_tensixteen_118mj_tensixteen_119Being a fireman, Justin had a vintage firetruck for photos.  Of course he’s not going to have some average prop.  He’s going to have the coolest prop in the world!mj_tensixteen_120mj_tensixteen_121Seriously these two.  I mean how cute are they!?!mj_tensixteen_122mj_tensixteen_123mj_tensixteen_124
mj_tensixteen_126tensixteen_1857mj_tensixteen_128mj_tensixteen_129mj_tensixteen_130mj_tensixteen_131mj_tensixteen_132mj_tensixteen_133mj_tensixteen_135mj_tensixteen_136I really can’t get over you Megan. You are just perfection.mj_tensixteen_137mj_tensixteen_138mj_tensixteen_139mj_tensixteen_140mj_tensixteen_141mj_tensixteen_142and then the sunset, and the reception began…mj_tensixteen_143mj_tensixteen_144mj_tensixteen_145mj_tensixteen_146mj_tensixteen_147mj_tensixteen_148mj_tensixteen_149This.mj_tensixteen_150mj_tensixteen_151mj_tensixteen_152mj_tensixteen_153mj_tensixteen_154mj_tensixteen_155mj_tensixteen_156mj_tensixteen_157mj_tensixteen_158The dance floor was packed all night and it was such an incredible celebration.  And when things didn’t seem like they could get any better, the countdown began.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…mj_tensixteen_159HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!mj_tensixteen_161mj_tensixteen_162mj_tensixteen_163mj_tensixteen_164tensixteen_1859Megan and Justin, we can’t think of a better way to end 2016 and start 2017.  Your day, your love, your world is so endearing and perfect and we are grateful to have been part of it for your wedding day.  We really adore you both and are so happy that the universe conspired to bring you two together.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness!!  CHEERS!!!

Even after all those photos there is plenty more to see!  Check out the video below to see more of Megan and Justin’s day!

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Erica - Thank you, Karin and Roger for capturing these incredible images of such a huge day for our family- we gained so much with this powerful, yet purely sweet love. These are just amazing!!

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