Megan + Justin {wedding story}

Megan is the sweetest little blonde beauty.  She’s a little bit shy and doesn’t love all eyes to be on her, but as you can see she’s such a beauty you she can’t help but draw attention.  Justin has a smile that lights up a room, and is such a warm person and impossible not to like immediately.  The two together are perfection.  She feels safe when he’s by her side, and he is grateful to be her sense of safety.  Together one another are home.
We loved Megan and Justin’s beautiful fall wedding day in Sparta IL, and are so excited to share a peek at their day with you today!  Enjoy!tenSixteen047tenSixteen048tenSixteen049tenSixteen050tenSixteen051tenSixteen052tenSixteen053tenSixteen054Seriously Megan – you are so pretty!!tenSixteen055Justin, you aren’t so bad yourself! 😉tenSixteen056tenSixteen057Wowza.  This little gal rocks my world with those eyes.tenSixteen058And I loved this guy too!tenSixteen059tenSixteen060tenSixteen061tenSixteen062This is so priceless.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the front of the church!tenSixteen063tenSixteen064tenSixteen065tenSixteen066tenSixteen067tenSixteen068tenSixteen069tenSixteen070tenSixteen071tenSixteen072tenSixteen073tenSixteen074tenSixteen075tenSixteen076tenSixteen077tenSixteen078
tenSixteen080tenSixteen081tenSixteen082tenSixteen083tenSixteen084a little sunset love to end the day!tenSixteen085tenSixteen086tenSixteen087tenSixteen088tenSixteen089tenSixteen090Perfect end to a perfect day!tenSixteen091tenSixteen092

Thank you for choosing Roger and I to capture your day Megan and Justin!!  We are so thrilled to have been a part of your special memories!
Enjoy more of this day with the video below!

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