Megan & James {Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina Wedding}

Wilmington North Carolina is where the river meets the ocean with quaint boardwalks, bicycles made for 2, beach cottages, sailboats and ships, and historical walks along the river.  And just incase you want even more trivia info – it is where Dawson’s Creek was filmed as well as One Tree Hill.  But on a balmy (and by balmy I mean hot) Wednesday afternoon – it’s also where Megan & James got married.  When Megan called me during the winter and asked if Roger and I would accompany their friends and family to North Carolina to shoot their wedding I sank in my seat.  Our July was already full and I was disappointed we’d miss out on such an amazing opportunity.  And when she told me the wedding was on a Wednesday and she’d fly us out early Monday and have us back on Thursday so we could be ready for our Friday wedding that week – I said “Count us in” and nearly peed my pants.  (I can feel Roger questioning wether or not the blog is the appropriate outlet for the term “peed my pants”, but I’m trying to convey my excitement in a honest to goodness, bona fide way.  And frankly – peeing ones pants is dead on.)

Megan is my cousin, and even though Kansas City – where she and James call home – isn’t THAT far, I rarely see her.  Like I still think I’m going to see a 3 foot tall girl with blonde curls jumping around and I have to do a double take every time I see her.  (And she probably still envisions a 4 foot tall girl with big glasses and incredibly awkward sense of style… but I hope not.)

Megan turned into this amazing young lady who is smart, beautiful, funny, and as well put together as they come.  And James – who we were meeting for the first time, was warm and handsome and genuine and had a way of putting Megan at ease simply by being near her.  Apparently the two have been friends for a very long time, and that friendship turned slowly into love.  One day, James took Megan to North Carolina for a vacation and while walking along the Riverwalk got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.  In their eyes there was no other place they wanted to be married, so they invited their family and friends to join them at their special place… where the river meets the ocean and where they would vow to be one another’s forever.

Enjoy Megan & James’s Wrightsville Beach Wedding.Megan – you are beautiful in a ponytail and a T-shirt, but on your wedding day… you were breathtaking.And James…ain’t nobody mad at you for being so dang handsome.  Something Megan & James incorporated into their wedding was having their mothers talk about their growing up years.  I’m a firm believer that if you really want to find out about someone – ask their mother.  Listening to them so eloquently tell Megan & James’s individual histories was so touching and personal.  It was by far my favorite moment I’ve ever seen from a wedding.  And yes, I cried.Seriously – aren’t they great looking?
Awww snap.  This is both Roger and my favorite.  Usually we differ on which photo is our most favorite, and even though it was tough we both agreed this one was the hotness.

I really must mention that Megan and James’s special request was to shy away from “romantic” type photos i.e. kissing and overall making love to the camera.  And while I wanted to abide by their requests… there is NO WAY this girl is not telling someone to kiss on the beach for some sexy photos.  How many opportunities does a person get to make out in front of total strangers with expensive cameras?  Not nearly enough I say, so pop on your Chapstick and get ready for your close up because if I am near you on your wedding day… your making out.  Period.

That’s another one of my cousins – the sweaty guy with no shoes on breaking it down like it’s no one’s business.  Apparently my passion for dancing (and the occasional cocktail) runs in the family.  Who knew?

I can’t quite put into words how blessed we are to have the job we do.  How priveledged we are to have couples bring us with them to other parts of the country to be a part of their amazing days, how fortunate we are to capture the joy of family members, friends, and a young couple embarking on a new life together, and how blissful we are to capture images of a day that will one day be shown to children and grandchildren who will marvel at how beautiful their grandparents were and what love looked like in years past.  But finally – how delighted we are to capture a family that just happens to be our own and giving them the gift of seeing their wedding day through someone else’s eyes.

Megan and James – we are thankful to call you family, and even more thankful to call you friends.  Cheers!

To see more of Megan and James’s amazing wedding day enjoy their slideshow!!

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Amanda Zika - Oh how I love me a destination wedding! You and Rog captured every detail perfectly. I bet the couple is going to love looking at each and every one of these photos and remembering their special day 🙂

MK Loeffler - Awesome pictures!! THis is from where we used to live at! 🙂

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