Megan & Jake {married}

We have been SO excited to share this one, so you may want to get comfortable because it’s going to be a long post with too many OMGs and an overuse of exclamation points.
When I met Megan and her mom I adored them within 10 seconds. There are some people you meet in life and walk away wondering – how do people that nice really exist!?! They are thoughtful and complimentary, respectful and gracious all in one. To be all these things is already a gift, but then you add the little fact that they are incredibly gorgeous to the mix and you have something uniquely special. They are the kind of people who you look forward to being around and make the world a bit brighter.
Megan and Jake live in Atlanta, so we didn’t have the privilege of meeting Jake until the wedding day, but we knew that if Megan chose to spend forever with this guy – he must be special too. So as the day approached we grew more and more excited, and needless to say it did not disappoint!! Enjoy the wonderfully vivacious wedding day of Megan & Jake!!

Oh hello favorite wedding shoes of all time!!!
Megan and her dad had a tearful first look that was so heartfelt.  The bond between these two is so heartwarming!!Megan looks like a movie star.  She is just mindblowingly fierce and gorgeous.  Sure we could have chosen one of the 200 supermodel shots, but we just couldn’t get past thing image of who she really is – just a funny, vibrant, gorgeously happy bride.  Every girl should feel like this on her wedding day!!  Jake is so stinking handsome.  Seriously – can you even stand it?Yep, even the kids are picture perfect!Our favorite church to just add to the perfection of the day!Can you even believe these two are real life?  WAY too pretty to be reality!!these boys…  You know when you have a child who won’t listen and does something to irritate you to no end, yet you look at them and laugh because they are just so cute?  That’s them.  You just give into their A.D.D and embrace it because they are far to funny to ever be mad at.  STOP IT.  Megan you are FAR too sexy.Megan – from your dress to your shoes to your jewelry – you are so incredibly well put together and gorgeous!!! Gah!  Megan’s dress makes my heart palpaltate.
The reception at the Renaissance Grand St.Louis was seriously the icing on the cake.  It was so flawless, stylish, and chic – just like the couple. Megan’s dad incorporated a recording of Megan singing “Here comes the bride” when she was little.  There was not a dry eye in the house I assure you!Heart. Melted.Megan – you, your tambourine, and your dance moves rock my world.  I love your fun, passionate spirit.

There are some weddings that are filled with so much love that they are electrifying and make us so happy and fulfilled to be photographers.  This was one of those days.  They fill you with hope, the fill every ounce of your heart with joy, and they make you feel blessed.  Not every wedding can have this, but this one did.  These two are so wholeheartedly, passionately, undeniably in love.  Who doesn’t need a little more of that in their world?  Megan & Jake – we ADORED you and your families!!!  Getting to be a part of this day was a privilege we will always be thankful for.  Cheers to you both and your love!!

Please check out more of Megan & Jake’s wedding day on the slideshow below!!!

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Ash Forrest - Great images of a perfect day! It was great working with you guys again!

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