megan + jake {love story}

Technically, they met in the second grade.  But it wasn’t until high school that they became friends.  She was the cheerleader and he was the football player.  They always said they’d date at some point, but neither were in a hurry.  Eventually some time in their Junior year of high school, “friendship” was no longer enough and Megan and Jake started dating.

8 years, a home, a daughter, and many memories later Megan and Jake were still going strong.  They’d spent plenty of holidays together, but little did Megan know that this Easter would be special.

Their daughter Olivia had gone through her Easter basket, and Jake was going to go outside and hide some eggs for a Easter egg hunt. He was gone for a long time, so Megan started to look out the windows searching for him. She didn’t see him, nor a single egg in the yard. Anxiously, she called him to see what was going on and he said something to the fact that this hunt was for her and hung up the phone.

When he walked into the house, Jake told Megan to start the hunt at her mom’s house.  When she arrived there was an Easter basket with a verse of a poem he had written that started way back in high school and had a photo to go along with it. There was a trail of Easter baskets with poems about the two of them and their love story,  and photos from her moms house through the park they both live in, and then ending at their house. When she walked inside, he was down on one knee and Olivia stood with her ring and was wearing a shirt that said “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?”

They’ve done things a bit “out of order” so to speak, but neither would change a single thing about the past 9.5 years.  They look forward to a lifetime of memories together as they say their “I do’s” this October!

Enjoy a few images from their engagement session!!



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