Megan & Brandon {Engaged}

She’d recently gotten out of a relationship, and one day while on Facebook came across his profile and went ahead and peeked around at his pictures.  “He’s cute!” she thought.  They’d never even crossed paths that they knew of, but she decided to change that one day when Brandon wrote a status about having a bad day.  “Well, at least the sun is out and it’s nice outside… hope your day gets better” she posted.  And she waited.  And waited.  And a couple days passed and he never said anything.  3 days later, he messaged her.  He’d been on the road with the baseball team he played for and it was the first opportunity he had to respond.  They messaged back and forth and one night pacing a hotel room floor while on the road again, he called her.  From that moment on, they’ve created a love story.
The love story continued, and they both knew it was time to take the next step.  Megan dropped hints left and right, and Brandon’s response was “the conditions have to be perfect and it will happen”.  One random Friday they grabbed some lunch, and headed towards St.Louis.  Megan had no idea where they were going, but was enjoying a day off on such a gorgeous day.  While in a parking lot, a van pulled up beside them and Brandon got out and spoke to the people in the van.  Having no idea what was going on, Megan was worried.  He asked her to come out of the car, and explained that they were going on a hot air balloon ride!  The owners of the balloon explained to her that conditions have to be perfect in order to be able to fly, and it all came together in her mind… “the conditions have to be perfect and it will happen.”
They enjoyed the beautiful ride and just before deciding where they would land, he nervously got down on one knee in the little balloon basket, got out 2 sentences of a page long speech he’d prepared, pulled out the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen and asked her to spend forever with him.
Afterwards, he asked her to have a celebratory drink with him at a winery.  She could not wait to show her ring off to her family and friends, but reluctantly agreed to celebrate alone first.  Little did she know Brandon had one more surprise up his sleeve.  As they walked into the winery, a group of people yelled SURPRISE!!  Brandon had organized their family and friends to meet them to celebrate their engagement.  And indeed – everything about the day was perfect.
The couple are planning a wedding for this October and are looking forward to a life where the conditions will always be perfect- because they have one another to spend forever with.
Enjoy Megan and Brandon’s engagement session!!

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Amanda Zika - I love every single photo! Not only are they both beautiful people but they have the best engagement story ever. My dream was to get engaged in a hot air balloon. I am still waiting for it to happen 😉

Jess - These pictures are amazing! I love the one on you two in the fountain. So fun and unique!! Congratulations!

karin - I love their story to Amanda! Maybe Brett will take you on your 10 year anniversary! That would be awesome!

Cindy - Wow – This mom couldn’t be any prouder of these two!! Love you two and the pictures are simply amazing.

JoJean - One of Megan’s mom’s YaYa’s from New Jersey…
Dear Megan and Brandon: your story is truly a “love story” and your pictures are
beautiful! Everyday be sure you help your “partner” have a smile on their face…just like the ones you both have in your pictures! Love is easy if you do not make life complicated! Best wish I have for you….allow your love to grow each day!
JoJean xo

Lori T - These pictures are amazing! Wish the happy couple all the best

JOANN NETEMEYER - Brandon & Megan…these pictures are absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait for the wedding and to see the wedding pics. Love ya both.

Kassi Buehne - Awesome pics!!! Cannot wait for the big day! Brandon, you sure have a beautiful bride to be!!!!

kelsienet - they are amazing! love the story!! ahhh can’t wait for the wedding!!

Cindy W - Your pictures are fabulous! Congratulations! Wishing you a perfect wedding day!

Crissy T. - Your pictures are beautiful! Congrats! We look forward to celebrating with you!

Betsy Buehne - Gorgeous couple. Loved the pics and reading the love story! Can’t wait for the big day!

Nicole & Karl - These are awesome pictures Brandon and Megan! We are so excited for the wedding!!

Cindy Zurliene - What gorgeous pictures! You two make a perfect couple & I wish you both all the happiness life has to offer…Cindy

Carol Imming - Beautiful pictures and a wonderful couple! Can’t wait until
the wedding!

Dan I - Super cool couple & awesome story. Glad your “engagement flight” had no weather delays! 2 great “kids” with wonderful parents. Best wishes as your journey continues.

Karen - Brandon & Megan pictures are awesome!!! Can’t wait for the big day.

Peggy F. - Beautiful story, beautiful pictures, beautiful couple! Congratulations! We wish you all the best.

Britni Holtmann - Love all the pictures! Ten-sixteen did an awesome job! I knew Megan would look beautiful, as always, but they did an exceptional job getting Brandon to smile (a sometimes diffcult task!)

sheryl - Great story. Cute couple.

Elisha - Amazing

Dayna - These are awesome!! Especially love the one with both of you in cards jerseys with the fountain in the background!!!

Leann voss - What a beautiful story! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Wishing you two the best! 🙂

Peggy Rakers - WOW – you showed these to me on your phone and I thought they were awesome… Now,looking at them here – even moreso! And, I must be PMS because I got teary eyed reading your story 🙂
Wishing you an awesome wedding day, and a life filled with happiness – it will be here before you know it!

Carol Hustedde - Love the photos, it looks like it was a perfect day! Neil will especially like having another Cowboy’s fan in the family.

Donna Hegger - What an adorable couple…both of you are beaming! The pictures are amazing and really capture just how much in love you are with each other. Absolutely stunning!!!

Carmen - Awesome pictures guys! It will be hard to pick which one you want. Just make mom buy all of them! 🙂 What a great story as well, I wish you the best of luck. Carmen

karin - Carmen!! They get all these and about 10″+ more on a disc!! No need to have mom buy! Aren’t they lucky!?!

karin - That’s 100+. Sorry for my iPhone error!

Beth - what great pics!! love them all and can’t wait to celebrate the big day with two very special people! love you both!

Tina - You guys are so cute! I don’t know how u will pick one ! Can’t wait for wedding. Hope you have a reserved table for the yaya’s we will b on our best behavior!

Mary Zachry - Love the pictures they are awesome!! Such a cute couple best of wishes for the future!

Monica Hellmanm - Loved the pictures. You two are a picture perfect couple. Enjoyed the love story…what a romantic engagement. Truly a Romeo and Juliet…

Megan & Brandon - Thank you everyone for your such kind words! Brandon and I are so very excited to start this new chapter in our lives! And we get to spend that very special night with all of you.. our friends and family! Much love to all of you!! Thank you so very much!

Bryant Holtmann - Can’t wait for the big day to spend it with two amazing people! Im so happy for my big brother love you two ready to come home for the wedding! The pictures are amazing!

Angie - Absolutely gorgeous!!!! What a great story too! Can’t wait for the big day!!!!

Shawn Miller-Krausz - We love every picture too !! They deserve this !! Megan is an awesome pediatric nurse who devotes her time and caring nature to kids with cancer … we love her !!!
Good Luck and GOD Bless you both !!!

Kami Buehne - Love the pictures! They are beautiful and so are you two!! Love you guys and can’t wait for the wedding!

Savahna Voss - When I saw that these two were a couple on Facebook, I was suprised. But once I thought about it know both of them, couldnt have thought of a better couple! Very happy for both of them. The pictures are so bright and wonderful just like both of their personalities.

Lori - Well aren’t these adorable! So pretty! Love the colors!

Kayla - Megan, you have such a sweet love story and these photos are awesome! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

Allie M. - Absolutely beautiful pictures! Love you Meg!! <3

Molly Brinkmeyer - Beautiful pictires, Megan! Congratulations to you both! Wishing you a life full of love and happiness together!

Emily - Beautiful pictures!! Congrats!!

Cassie Imming - These are soooo adorable guys! You are such a cute couple! I love all of them. Megan, your dress is so pretty too! Love the colors. Never heard the story before now, and it is truely a beautiful one! Best of wishes guys 🙂

Emily - Beautiful Pictures!!!!! Yall are so cute!

Jane Bango - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple–inside and out. We love you both and can’t wait for the wedding. Btw, I think it is EASY to get Brandon to smile!

Brittany R. - I love all of these pictures Megan! Can’t wait for your big day!

Donna Hustedde - Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love you guys!!

Wingman mjh - Minus the Cowboy shirt absolutely perfect pictures…Megan and Brandon the start of your relationship will carry you forward forever…enjoy life with the enthusiasm shown in the pictures…have fun!

Laurie - Beautiful pictures enjoy your life together and make each day better for each other.

Kyle Norrenberns - Awwwwww. Can’t wait for the wedding!

Alicia Richter - Such beautiful, amazing photos! I’m so happy that the two of you found each other & hope you enjoy a lifetime of happiness together.

Alicia - Megan and Brandon…your pictures are absolutely beautiful 🙂 Karin and Roger you did such a great job!! Can’t wait for the wedding day and to spend the most wonderful day with you!!!

Brittany - Soo freakin adorable meg! Congrats!! They are all so cute!!

Kelly - The pictures are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! You both book so happy. Looking forward to sharing your special day.

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