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I sit here speechless.  I’ve had this blog written already in my head for about 6 months.  I knew what I’d say and knew how I’d say it.  And now – there are no words.  How do you articulate a day as big as this?  I knew first hand the effort and heart that went into planning this wedding, as I’d been in the midst of it for over a year.  So then the day finally comes and you just pray that you do justice to this day.  Capture every second and every moment and tell their story the best you can.  I hope the we reflected the beauty that we saw, and I hope the friendship that came along with these “clients” last as long as the images… forever.



Morrisa – you are so beautiful!  So strikingly gorgeous.  Your beauty is breathtaking.


Chet – you aren’t so bad yourself.  Very handsome in every way and such a gentleman.


You have never seen a more beautiful group of girls – inside and out.  I’m happy to have gained several new friends in my life with this group.  And the dresses – my favorite bridesmaid dresses I’ve ever seen.  I only wish I had one of my own!


And not to be outdone by the girls – all the guys were pretty snazzy too!


Chet & Morrisa chose to see one another before the wedding (does anyone see a pattern here of great photo opps when you do this?) and in the midst of taking some gorgeous photos at a gorgeous place, Chet sat down slowly next to Morrisa and took a box out of his pocket and softly said “I want to give you something” in a way that conveyed excitement and  not being able to wait another minute.  As tears fell gently down Morrisa’s cheeks, Roger and I stood back quietly and took it all in.  This moment was the best moment I’ve ever been a part of at a wedding.  These two for a while forgot we were there, and just lived in this moment of love.  We were so honored to witness it.


I know this pic is a little out of focus, but you have never seen a kid move this fast.  The sweet little flower girl picked up his pillow had he had thrown and continued quietly down the aisle wondering what in the world just happened.


This one’s for you T-Bran!blog3blog5

Have you EVER seen a couple this adorable?  Ever?114blog11162123133152143

Uh, yeah… that’s hot.108blog9202232172242

And while most couples spend the evening dancing and partying with friends, these two decided to sneak out a little early.  I think this symbolizes what this day was to them.  While it was still a celebration, the main thing they wanted was to be married.  And the celebration of that didn’t mean dancing the night away or talking to guests for hours.  It meant cherishing a day and a love that was much more than being a bride, or throwing a bouquet – it was starting a life together, taking on a new last name, and being enfolded in the arms of the person you’ll grow old with.  That is what these two looked forward to – the life, not just the day.  Their love is so mature and strong for a couple so young.  I’ve yet to see a couple more at peace when giving their vows to one another.  It was as if they’d been waiting their entire life for those words, and so ready for the journey ahead.

Morrisa and Chet, we are so proud to have documented the beginning of your journey together.  Your love is so strong and so solid and refreshing.  I’m honored to call you not only my friends, but my family.  I can’t wait to watch you grow old together!

I must say a special note to someone else.  My dear friend Tammy (Morrisa’s mother) who is Starry-eyed Studios biggest fan.  I can’t do this post without saying something directly to you.  I did not shed 1 tear at this wedding until the moment you walked down the aisle on your new son in law’s arm.  I knew how much you’d looked forward to that moment and how significant it was.  And watching you – knowing your excitement – it made me truly happy.  You are an amazing mother and an amazing person.  When I took a minute to look around at the reception I saw smiling guests enjoying their dinners and their conversations, a bride and groom gazing at one another without a care in the world, families brought together in joy.  And I saw you – making sure it was all coming together.   I want to publicly let everyone know that a single mother put on this wedding.  She did the leg work, the details, the stress, and shed the tears so her daughter and new son in law didn’t have to.  Because while she was helping to plan a wedding, she was also putting the bride through pharmacy school.  There is no strength on earth like that of a single mother.  Tammy, you inspire me to be a better mother, a better photographer, and a better friend.  Morrisa is so unbelievably lucky to have you for a mother.  And I to have you as a friend!253

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T Bran - My Dearest Doolins – Where do I even begin on commenting? Absolutley AMAZING photographs taken on their special day. How long I have I waited to read a blog about M&C – and how many blogs and recent sessions did I go thru and check my fav’s just to share with you what I liked, because I too, enjoy AWESOME photography. – Plus, I feel too, like I know your clients just through your blogging. I am so glad that we found and chose you – so glad it brought us more than just TOP NOTCH photography of that day…it brought us new friends, just like they are really more FAMILY. Roger & Karin are a SUPERB team – in the business and in their own personal life – they are a good example to us of how to love and be loved. I must close with saying that only Karin truly knows what this blog has meant to me…and I – will FOREVER be grateful to her.

With sincere apprecation for all you have done for Morrisa & Chet, and me – thru this whole process. Love ya, T Bran

Laura Branham - UN-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!!!! Gorgeous photos – I can’t say amymore than that – but THANKS!!!

Dondi - BREATHTAKING is the only word that comes to mind right now! I am here at work and get this text from T Bran and all it says is”BLOG”! I was so exctied for I too have been checking at least twice a day on this blog! I am looking at these photos and reading the blog with tears in my eyes. SERIOUSLY! What a gorgeous couple and so much in love it is bursting out of them. You are right Karin Morrisa is so lucky to have a mother like “T Bran”. I look up to her so much! Thanks for the wonderful photos! ~Dondi

T Bran - Ha – just one more thing….I love how you started their blog M&C, I want to think we started that simply from all the emailing back and forth to shorten it up – and it stuck (sorda like M). Ha LOL. Am I going to have some CUTE grandkids some day or what? Thank you again – Karin & Roger!

Amanda Zika - Karin and Roger – I am sitting here at work with tears over these GORGEOUS photos. I see from the comments how happy the family is and I can’t blame them. This is my favorite wedding yet. The Knot should be calling you over this one! This is definitely and “it” wedding in STL. This is an example of why you guys are booked out over a year in advance. Love you guys and can’t wait until our next wedding together. But your next blog entry better not make me cry again!

Morrisa Reynolds - Let me just first off say, that ever since this magical day came and went, I’ve said over and over again how I wish I could re-live it, slow it down, watch it all over. You, Karin (and Roger), have allowed me to do this. You have given us our special day back! You captured everything so beautifully, so perfect, so Starry Eyed Style. I could read this blog a million times over – I’ve waited so long to have “our” post. It’s been a long journey, a long time coming, and you were there every step of the way. Thank you for pointing out to everyone that will look at this post, that it’s all thanks to my MOM (and a few helpers) that this day was so perfect and everything we could have ever dreamed it would be. Thank you Karin, for everything – for amazing photos, for an amazing friendship, and for being an amazing “sista” WOOT WOOT to that! Love ya girl!

Morrisa Reynolds - P.S. – did she really say this was an “it” wedding?! OH YEAH!!!! You worked it out!

Chet Reynolds - Thank you so much for being there all day to take these photos. Everything looks amazing. I especially like the one of my nephew running down the aisle. That moment is a little bit funnier now than it was when it happened. Thanks again. You made us look great!

Amy Halpin - K-Dizzle….these photos are off the charts!!!! Words can’t even describe how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G they are. Just seeing the expressions on Morrisa and even Chet’s face as they watched the video, I know that they are thrilled and truely love the photos. You hit a home run girly 😉 You are such a great person inside and out and it is obvious in your work how passionate you are about your profession and many people don’t get to experience that with their occupations. Thanks for making this such a great day for the Branhams. I love ya girl and am so glad to have met you and have you in my life over the past year!!!

cindy harper - Karin,
I’m crying all over again. It started when I saw my best friend (Tammy Jo)walking down that isle at m&c’s wedding.I don’t know if i have ever seen a bride that absolutly radiated happiness like Morrisa. Chet, not so bad himself. you and your husband captured every bit of that happiness in all of those beautiful photos. I’m so glad for the branham, reynolds family for the treasure you gave them in photo, and in friendship.
cindy harper

Dawn Devall - ok GREAT, thanks for making me cry at work while reading this!!! WHat an awesome day:)

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